taken with iphone5


So, I had to take some pictures yesterday for a school project and I’m actually pretty impressed how they came out. Seeing that they were taken with just an iPhone5…

Pictured above are my children:

Knight’s Armament SR-15E3 IWS.

Glock 17 Gen 3 EXO.

Ferro Concepts Generation 4 FCPC in AOR2.

SCANDAL; “World Tour” blogpost by TOMOMI☆

“Starting from January we’ve been going about the HELLO WORLD tour, and we’d finally welcomed the final a few days ago. All 9 countries, 41 performances. Everyone who came to have fun, really, thank you very much!”

“Going to all sorts of countries, meeting all kinds of people, touching all sorts of stuff, yet another new goal has came about. Since we’ve spoken plenty to the pursuing music magazines and interviews, it’s a must to check it out yo.”

“Our first world tour, and it’s been very fun. But actually, although this isn’t related to the tour, there was a period in which I was really troubled and down. If a graph were made of my life up till now, this would surely be the lowest valley. Still, there was something that somehow helped me pick myself up, and that turned out to be the past songs that we’ve made. Even though it sounds too good, it’s the truth.”

“Could it be that it’s been predicted that I’ll need these words in future, if I were to become down in such a way. These songs have encouraged me as I did the lives. Even now, when we play our old songs during lives, I feel that there are many positive things. Positive things that’ll help set things right when things go against us. I’d thought that we do possess strength indeed. That is why, above all, I want to continue making songs that’ll save us when all our hearts are giving in, to be able to save the future us. I think such songs are needed.”

“Next year would be our 10th anniversary since formation. Many things have happened, but without denying a bit of our past, I’ll like for us to walk into the future with our heads held high and our backs raised. I say this all in such a serious tone, but when things have happened, I was still able to relax myself naturally during the tour and perform with all smiles. How do I put this, I just felt extremely free.”

“In the way we are right now, we’ve put together a new single,「Stamp!」. I hope you’ll feel the new SCA-chan! Surely one day, I’ll be encouraged by this song. That’s how I feel. It’ll release on 2015.7.22. Please, look over us.”

“And then, the camera that I bought to be used on the tour has gone missing. I don’t know where it could possible be? And I took so many photos too that there’s not much (space) left in it.”

“This (photo above) was taken on an iPhone5. I’ve turned 25 years old. I’m happy for the many messages. Thank you!”

35 hari sebelum 35

Aku mematok fase pertama hidupku pada angka 35. Ketika hari-hari bergulir menuju angka ini, maka kuputuskan untuk melakukan hal itu. Hal yang sudah lama aku inginkan. Mengepak tas lalu pergi selama 35 hari. Ke mana?

KE mana saja. 

Pergi ke mana saja terdengar enak dan gampang. Sayangnya, ini sungguh berkebalikan. Kau bisa bilang ke mana saja dengan mudah kalau kau adalah Doraemon. Punya pintu ajaib yang bisa membuat kau berpindah tempat dengan mudah, lepas dari konsep waktu. Sayangnya, aku yang ingin ke mana saja ini hanya punya 35 hari dan tak punya Pintu ke Mana Saja. Pergi ke mana saja menjadi sebuah omong kosong, sebuah konsep utopis. Jadi, dengan sedikit deg-degan, kuputuskan pergi ke tempat yang kutunda-tunda datangi karena belum menemukan waktu yang pas.

Kataku kepada diri sendiri, 35 hari dan mari mencukupkan diri.

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