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here’s a video of our favourite devil working out 🏋 you’re welcome😈

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This is a commission from @hayame-82 of my favorite trio and a scenario i thought would be super cute ; w ; Thank you so much to her, this turned out great. 

ANY RE-POSTERS PLEASE READ: Do NOT repost this on tumblr as I just did. Reblog it. BUT if you repost on instagram, tumblr, etc, CREDIT HAYAME-82. If I see this reposted without credit it will upset me and I will ask it to be taken down because Hayame is my favorite artist and she deserves recognition. 

It will also be on my Instagram: here

EDIT: Yes it was intentional for her to wear 707’s jacket it’s an OT3 comic. I know she’s wearing it y'all lol.

Instagram photo by Emily V Gordon • Dec 30, 2016 at 7:32pm UTC
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Here’s the caption of this photo on Instagram, in case you don’t feel like traveling: 

I’m not real into writing year end reviews of my life, but I will say this: this year we ended that standup show that had been my favorite and longest ever job. This photo by @jeannette_villarreal is of me standing up to let the final audience in and sobbing like a baby. This year I learned that even good things must end. I learned that putting hard work into something can benefit more than just your career. I learned that @edwardasalazar always looks good in photos. learned it’s ok to cry in front of hundreds of strangers (and some friends). I learned my arm looks no good all folded up against my body. (I had already learned that I don’t really care about that) And I learned how to have a social life outside of a standup show. Here’s to learning.

Art Theft Alert


So my New Year’s piece was reuploaded by this person^ which I had already reported and had taken down. But then they reuploaded it again and even used it as their icon :( 


Please, artists, just check to see if your art is on here. From either accounts (which are unrelated) I’ve already seen art from @edendaphne, @crusanite, @thebirdfromthemoon-art, @huffiestrikes, @australet789, @ceejles, @lunian.