taken trilogy

i just finished reading taken (not based off the movie) and it’s so fucking amazing. It’s by Erin Bowen and you should seriously check it out and read it. I thought it would be mainstream and quite uninteresting but I can honestly say it is by far one of the most magnificent books I have ever read and it deserves so much more fame than it has. You can get it at barnes and noble pls grow this fandom thx

When will your sequel be available in [insert language here]?

I get this question a lot, especially from Spanish readers.

Here’s the thing: authors have little to no control over which territories their works will publish in. When I sold the Taken trilogy, I sold North American rights, which means the trilogy is available in English in the US, Canada, etc. 

A few foreign publishers also snatched up the series. Germany, for instance. But in other territories–Spain, Italy, etc–I only sold rights for the first book. Those publishers wanted to publish book one and see how it sold and how it was received by readers before they purchased the rights to publish the sequel and/or third installment.

So the short answer to when will my sequels be available in your country is: I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t. It could happen soon. It might never happen. The decision is completely up to the publisher in each territory. 

If you’re dying for a sequel to be released in your language (my sequel, or any author’s), the best thing you can do is let the publisher know. This can be by writing them a literal letter. It can be via sales (buy an extra copy of the first book, gift it to a friend, push it on your relatives, etc). Word of mouth is also huge, so tell everyone you know about this great series they should be reading. The more people who know about the first book and buy it/check it out of the library/etc, the more likely the publisher is to see the sequel as a good investment and snatch up the rights to publish it.

I’m sorry you’re stuck waiting to find out what happens next to my characters. It stinks. If I could immediately give you the sequel in your language, I would. But at the end of the day, publishing is a business, and each foreign publisher will act in their own best interest.

That’s probably not the answer you were looking for, but I hope it’s cleared things up.