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the grisha trilogy meme: [3/5] alternative universes - Mean Grisha (credit to @snarkydarkling for the idea & also for going over almost every mean girls scene with me adaksjk)

The Darkling… How do I begin to explain The Darkling? The Darkling is flawless. I hear his hair’s insured for 4 million kruge. I hear he does car commercials… in Shu Han. His favorite movie is Death Becomes Her. One time he met Nina Zenik on a plane… And she told him he was pretty.
Mal: One time he punched me in the face… it was awesome.


books in 2017  46?shadow and bone |  fempowerathon  #2 fantasy

“What is infinite? The universe and the greed of men.”


I don’t think I ever uploaded them on here, but I welcomed Anakin Hedgewalker into my little exotic family a few months ago. He’s seven month’s old now. My little cinnamon bb.

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-Plz ignore the over exposure on his quills . I cant find his edited ones but these are still cute.-

D.Vinity Headcanons

so i made this list mainly for my own usage but i figured i’d share it because d.vinity is pure and wholesome and needs attention

- pale blue/soft pink/white aesthetic. let’s be real. their colors work s o w e l l together
- their first attempts at flirting were horrible and need to be burned from memory
- additionally, they shouldn’t because it was also really cute how hard they tried
- satya really likes classical music so she always has it playing quietly in the background of her room. it calms her down. hana learns to love it, too— its a nice change of pace from the electro-pop she’s more known for
- neither are big on singing. they do, however, hum along to the songs that come up. they harmonize really well.
- and they do it so carefully…… and they talk about little things in quiet voices…….
- they just kind of explore with their relationship because neither of them are experienced aT ALL. and they always make sure the other is comfortable before trying something new.
- they kissed once and decided they didn’t like it, so now how they show affection is through really subtle but really meaningful touches
- bumping foreheads when they’re alone, a touch on the wrist when one or the other has been gone for a while, holding hands when they don’t need to but really want to…………
- and it’s their own private system. nobody else knows what these little touches mean or how much they’re worth. it’s really nice for them both.
- and imagine them having really long, really warm hugs. when they hug, it’s a big deal. they don’t do those quick one-armed hugs with each other. their hugs are MAXIMIZED for comfort.
- both of them are huge cat people i will fight you on this
- hana’s def a coffee person, and though satya also likes coffee (albeit the more expensive brands), she much prefers tea.
- they shower together on regular because water still makes hana nervous
- OPPOSITE IN ALL THE RIGHT AREAS BUT also very similar in terms of backstory. this makes communication very easy!
- hana sometimes spews really cheesy pick-up lines to cheer satya up, especially when she knows the architech’s had a rough day.
- in turn, satya distracts hana from her ptsd by taking her to the observatory at night and talking about the stars.
- satya’s big on astronomy. hana’s eager to learn. both are fantastic listeners.
- hana steals satya’s clothes a lot. like,,, all the time. because they are both very comfortable and hana rocks the oversized sweaters. satya tries to find reason to protests, but hana always buys her new clothes to make up for it.
- they take turns cooking during the week. weekends, they cook together, which usually ends up with hana making really bad food puns just to make satya smile.
- it works every time. every. time.
- hana often spars with the other agents. this leads to many minor bruises and bloody noses. fortunately, satya is always willing to patch her up.
- birthdays are quiet things. they cook each other their favorite meal, get their partner something small but meaningful, and watch crummy old romcoms until athena ushers them to bed
- really respectful of each other’s space, too. sometimes, satya’s autism needs her to have moments of total silence to recuperate. hana insists she take as much time as she needs.
- they started sharing a bed early on because hana doesn’t like waking up alone and satya finds comfort in hana’s warmth
- it’s usually satya’s bed though because hana has a lot of stuff in her room
- both of them having a difficult time sleeping so they just stay up together most nights watching movies n stuff
- and then hana will probably get hungry so they go get midnight tea + snacks together
- and slow dance at midnight waiting for the water to heat up
- adjskfflfl
- d.vinity will kill me, probably

imafluffyt-rex  asked:

Can you do one where the reader is Boba Fett's girlfrend (Human), and is really shy, and cute, and some dudes are hitting on her, so she's freeking out, then Boba comes to rescue her.(In the reader's pov please) (I really like your work btw 😳)

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The locals called it Harvest Day. You weren’t familiar with the tradition or the concept of a Harvest Day, but it was similar enough to the sales and parties that would happen on your planet in the Inner Rim that you got a basic idea of it.

It didn’t explain why they kept giving you hollow vegetables and throwing flowers around your neck. They kept shouting a strange phrase joyously at you, probably a celebratory term, but it just left you more confused.

Boba wasn’t freaking out though or getting angry, so you figured you were safe enough. It was apparently safe enough for him to feel like he could leave you here as well.

“____________!” You didn’t jump this time when a young-looking and slightly drunk couple came up to you, grinning like idiots and brandishing bottles as they shouted that strange phrase again.

“____________.” You made your best effort to copy the sounds back, but garbled the last part badly. You winced, but the couple took no notice of the mistake and chortled as they strode off towards another part of town, singing a very off-key ballad about lost lovers.

“Not from around here, babe?” Distracted by the drunk couple’s singing (and the explicitness of the song; you didn’t know that bodies could bend like that), you had missed people getting this close to you; the words were spoken against the shell of your ear.

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anonymous asked:

hello! can you do a Boba Fett drabble? maybe he's sent to kill you or something but then for some reason he doesn't and falls in love with the reader?? (2nd person pls! human !) xxx

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Among the bounty hunters the galaxy had to offer, Boba Fett was arguably the best. He was calm, efficient and lent his services out to anyone who could pay enough.

He was also the worst conversationalist ever.

It had been inevitable after being stuck in a small ship (his usual ship, Slave II, had been taken from him) in the black void of space for what felt like months, that you would start talking. The initial terror of being taken as a hostage had worn off some time ago, and Force above, you were bored. There was nothing to do; the ship was set on autopilot to some place Fett wouldn’t tell you, and although you couldn’t see his gaze behind the helmet, you could feel it trying to burn a hole in your skin every time you reached to fiddle with the buttons. It was a vast improvement over being held at gunpoint, though the weapon was still in easy reach for the bounty hunter in case you tried something.

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No one underexposes quite like Gordon Willis. The cinematographer is well-known for the thick darkness and amber tones in The Godfather Trilogy, and the best blocked and visually composed Woody Allen films (Annie Hall, Manhattan, Interiors, Stardust Memories, Zelig)

The meticulously lit aesthetic he is renowned for really first took shape with his work on Alan J. Pakula’s “Klute”, with whom he made seven films, three of which comprise the “Paranoia Trilogy”. The above stills are taken from said ‘trilogy’, presented in chronological order. From top to bottom: Klute (1971), The Parallax View (1974), All The President’s Men (1976).

These films deserve attention, not only for Willis' richly textured anamorphic visuals, but also because they are overall very well rounded – written, directed and edited (!) solidly. Attention for 1970s cinema quickly veers towards the likes of Coppola, Scorsese, Bogdanovich, Malick or the usual suspects from Europe. Taking the career of a cinematographer as lead for exploration every once in a while might take you to interesting directors or films, works that might not have caught your attention otherwise.