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A little start of the week motivation! I didn’t even think I had this shirt anymore but I found it this morning so I had to take a pic & the pic on the left was taken late last spring semester so probably some time around mid-late April. If I had to guess I’d say there’s probably around a 20lb difference between the photos (although I’m not sure my exact weight in the first one) & the shirt definitely fits a lot better now!!😂

You And Brad Get Into A Fight
Anonymous asked you:can you do one where like you an brad get into this big fight and something bad happens idc and you can make the ending however you want and your blog is perf omfg:)A/N: Thanks for digging our blog love! And sorry if this sucks. xx“FUCK!" you shouted as you stubbed your toe on the kitchen table. Today just hasn’t been your day. You woke up late, forgot to hand in an assignment, and you missed the bus back home. You were home alone since Brad was recording. Or was it an interview? Either way he was out. As always. He’s gone so much that you’ve become accustomed to the silence in your shared flat. At first it was so lonely that you’d count down the minutes until he got home. Now you do whatever you need to around the house. You’re almost always asleep when he comes home. Come to think of it, he could be out all night and you wouldn’t know. It probably sounds like you’re not supportive enough or that you don’t care enough to miss him but that’s not true. I mean, you’ve been with the boy going on four years now. He’s obviously worth it. Right? Not quite. Today felt different. You missed him. Dearly. And you were angry that he wasn’t with you more often. You didn’t care how selfish you sounded. You heard keys clanging and the door opening. ”Y/N!! Baby I’m home.“ He saw you standing there and gave you a peck on your cheek. You stayed there silent. ”Look, I can’t stay too long. Me and the boys are going out for a few drinks. It was a hard day today at the shoot.“ He was changing into a t-shirt and jeans. ”It was a photo shoot.“ You thought. Anger struck. ”Actually babe, I was hoping you could stay in tonight? We haven’t hung out in a while. I miss you.“ Brad looked at you and smiled.”Aw c'mon babe we always see each other! We live together! It’s just a few drinks. I’ll be home before you know it.“ He tried kissing you but you swerved your head away. ”Fucking hell Brad. Can’t you take a hint? I mean I never get to see you. And when I do, you’re either leaving for work, or you’re leaving to go out with the band. I mean don’t I even matter anymore? Or am I just someone that stays here and cleans up all your shit? That’s pretty shitty, Brad.“ Your voice was raised. You were staring at him. You could see his face turn slightly red. ”Y/N you sound so fucking selfish! You know my job gets in the way of everything! You knew exactly what the consequences were when we started dating. This means so much to me. It’s my dream job! What the hell happened to you being supportive? I mean when was the last time you came to a show? I’m not around is it? Well how do you think it feels to not see the one person you want to see in the crowd? You know I honestly didn’t expect this from you. Fuck it. I’m leaving.“ He got his keys and his phone and slammed the door. You were stunned. In the four years you’d been together you’ve never fought like this. This was big. It scared you. You started to cry. You didn’t want him to break up with you because you were all of a sudden being needy. You knew what you said had sounded selfish. You wished he’d come back so you could apologize. Absentmindedly, you took out an old photo album. The first page had 10th December 2013 written on it. It was your first date. Tristan was your mutual friend, and he’d taken a picture of your first reactions to each other. Brad had always said that it was the look of love at first sight. As the pages turned all of these old flames lit up inside you. You realized how much this man really meant to you. You didn’t want some idiotic fight to be the last of this. You wanted forever with this boy. You’d been looking at a picture he’d taken last spring on a little getaway you guys had taken to a little town in Scotland. You look so happy. You’re laughing at something funny he’d just said. The memories of that day had started flooding back when you heard the phone ring. The caller I.D. said King’s College Hospital. Your nostalgia and the little smile you were wearing faded quickly. Worry set in. ”Hello?“ you said. ”Hi yes is this Ms. Y/L/N?“ a lady on the other side replied. ”Yes. Is everything alright?“ Your voice was shaking a bit. ”No. We’ve got terrible news. This number was first on the immediate contact list, so that’s why we called. Bradley Will Simpson has been in a terrible accident. He passed away today at 12:03. If you’d like to come down and pick up his belongings, you’re more than welcomed to. I’m sorry about your loss.“ The phone hit the floor with a big smack. All you could hear for a while was the sound of your heartbeat pounding in your ears. Your face became cold with the tears that had streaked down. All you wanted was him. Forever. Where did the forever go?

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“i’ve had a crush on you since kindergarten and we’re working on a science project together at my house but when i leave the room you dig through my stuff and find a box dedicated to you under my bed and no those aren’t the valentines day cards you gave me in the 2nd grade” au skimmons please!

This prompt was so cute! Thank you anon!

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Kirkman's Talking Dead Quote

Guys, something stuck out to me while watching Talking Dead, but before I get to that i have something to say. And I apologize for the long post, I’m on my phone and can’t do a Read More but I just have to get this out.

I’ve been a pretty silent Beth Greene fan on Tumblr for about a year now, ever since Beth and Daryl escaped the prison together. I immediately had the thought of, “Ooohh…watching that happen could be very interesting” and eventually became obsessed with Bethyl. I created a Tumblr account to use for one of my business blogs BUT this particular account got put on the back burner and basically became a “I’m going to stalk the Beth Greene tag and Bethyl tag and see what theories are going on in the fandom” type thing. I’ve barely posted anything myself.

With that said, I’ve been a silent Beth Greene/Bethyler but have read most of the posts/theories within these tags over the past year, so I was very well aware of the religious Easter eggs and symbolism pointing towards Beth, and also of the spoilers that Beth dies in the MSF. But when I heard about those spoilers, I never flinched because I thought it just flat out would not make sense to kill Beth now. And despite what my husband thinks, it has nothing to do with Beth and Daryl. Why all of the hype ever since she was taken last spring? Why all of the “Where’s Beth?” posts on social media over the summer? WHAT THE HELL WOULD HAVE EVEN BEEN THE POINT OF HER HOSPITAL STORYLINE IF THEY WERE JUST GOING TO KILL HER??? If you ask me, that’s just a waste of a half season, you know? So when she was shot, I didn’t even cry. I was stunned. I was pissed. I thought, “Are you kidding me?? That can’t be the end of this.” I BAWLED like a freaking baby last year when Hershel died, and then again months later when I saw that his head had turned. And even though Beth had become my baby over this past year, I didn’t shed a tear because I just DID NOT BELIEVE IT. I couldn’t sleep that night because I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that they would just kill her like that, after all of the build up and amazing story line she was getting. I kept thinking of when Aisha Tyler was on Talking Dead, and talking about how weak Beth is and how she isn’t a survivor and probably on the grill at Terminus, basically that she was just another dead girl, and Gimple said, “How dare you??” and was rolling his eyes at her the whole time and shaking his head. I refuse to believe that he would write off Beth so fast after defending her for so long to all of the people who didn’t think she would amount to anything. My first thought to explain all of this was that something had to have happened over the summer to make the writers change their minds. Whether it had to do with a ship or not, it seemed like Coda was just WEIRD and didn’t fit with the rest of the episodes. It was like they rewrote it last minute or something. Even the storyline with Lamson was odd. Like another waste of half an episode…what did that have to do with the story of the episode since it didn’t matter if he was dead at the end? I don’t know, but that’s a different argument I guess.

My husband and I read the comics last year, so I started to think about the fact that Carl was shot in the head and lived. He had memory loss and lost his eye, but he lived. And I started to think that since Carl was shot in the gut already in Season 2, it would be a bit redundant if he was shot again later on, maybe they wanted to recycle that storyline and give it to someone else. Also put that with the fact that Beth has Andrea’s scars, AND Andrea was thought to be dead by Rick in the comics at one point, and Rock was devastated. I started to think there had to be an explanation for all of this and she wasn’t gone. So when I found the Beth Lives tag, I knew I wasn’t alone, and I knew I wasn’t crazy (even though my husband thinks I am.)

I am totally on board with the theory that Beth lives and is found by Morgan, and if that makes me delusional that’s fine. There is a really good chance that I might be, especially since Emily’s interviews and the rest of the cast seem so convincing. The clock theory, Beth resurrecting, the “new sherrif” theory that parallels Ricks journey in the beginning, Morgan helping her…it all makes sense. Its far fetched yes, but it makes sense. And this is The Walking Dead for crying out loud!! The dead are walking among the living. There were a lot of people theorizing before the MSF that she would “die” by falling down the elevator shaft or something like that, and the group would think she was dead and would head off to DC (most likely Richmond now since that’s where Noah is headed and Eugene was lying about DC.) The thing with that is, if they just made it look like Beth COULD have died, it wouldn’t have been a shocker when they come back in February and she is alive, because we knew that, or at least figured that was the case. If they wanted to shock the audience, and the rest of Team Family, it needed to be made apparent that she did DIE!!! If it wasn’t for all of the religious symbolism and the clocks, I’d probably believe that yes, Beth is dead. By there is too much left hanging for me to believe that yet. I guess we’ll know come February.

There have been some questionable things said by the writers that have made me wonder if they were dropping hints all along that this is happening. I don’t have the links to the articles/interviews or anything, but I’ve read references to them enough that I remember the gist of what was said, so forgive me if they’re not exact quotes. I know other people have been referencing when it was said that we would really “dig” Beth’s journey this season. Dig, as in possibly, digging her way out of a grave? BUT I haven’t hears anyone reference yet the quote from I think Gimple, who earlier this summer said something like, “There are going to be more elements taken from the comics this season, but they may be twisted a little bit. There will be storylines that comic readers will definitely recognize, and those who didn’t read the comics will go, ‘Okay, so that’s happening.’” At the time, most people thought that meant the cannibal storyline since it was foreshadowed on the Season 4 finale last year. WHAT IF he was also referring to Carl’s storyline of being shot in the head and surviving, but he’s giving that storyline to Beth? Think about it, if you read the comics, you’d know the storyline and recognize it, but if you didn’t you’d be like WTF??? Also, if this does go down this way, and maybe Beth loses an eye the way that Carl did, maybe that would explain why the DOG that kept coming up to Beth and Daryl’s door in Alone has ONE FREAKING EYE!!!! I don’t know, maybe I’m grasping at straws because I just want her to be alive and I was just so mad the way her “death” happened.
Alright, so the main reason why I posted this was this. NO ONE seems to be pointing this out and I think it might be a huge clue. If anyone has pointed this out, I apologize, I haven’t seen it if you have. BUT on Talking Dead the other night, after Emily has her first chance to talk, Chris Hardwick asks Kirkman what he thinks that Beth brought to the table and to the rest of the group. And before he answers that question, he says to Emily, “First of all, I changed my mind, you’re coming back.” And the audience laughed, and it seemed like it was a “lighten the mood” type thing, since Emily had just gotten so emotional. BUT GUYS it literally went down like this:

-Kirkman: First of all, I changed my mind. You’re coming back.
-(Audience laughs)
-Chris Hardwick: It was a dream, it was all a dream!
-Kirkman: It was all a mistake.


Go back and listen! It’s all there!!

Maybe they really are bringing Beth back, and Kirkman JUST FREAKING TOLD US!!! But at the time he said that, everyone was distraught and so upset yet, its like no one remembers that he said this. And maybe he did just say it to lighten the mood, who knows.

Maybe I’m out of my mind. I really don’t want this to be the end for Beth. And even though I wanted her and Daryl to be together so bad, it really has nothing to do with them. It has to do with the way she was killed and all of the unanswered questions they had left to explore about Beth. I had to put this Kirkman quote out there, because I haven’t seen anyone bring it up yet. I don’t mean to spread false hope, but I thought it might be important.

Trying to cut some weight, yet carry enough for success - the adventure starts with the planning. 
This picture was taken last Spring while exploring a new climbing area in central Wyoming. Although we weren’t able to establish any routes during that visit, the potential is vast and nearly untapped.