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A Rude Reawakening (Part 13)

Series Summary: You’re attacked while walking back to your apartment after a long shift at the bar. When two men come to your rescue suddenly a part of your old life comes flooding back to you.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam.

Warnings: Smut, fluff. 

A/N: Ok, so I had another go at writing smut, turning up the heat a little more this time. Again, if you don’t want to read it, skip the italics. I think I’ll be finishing this story with the next chapter so if you have any fanfic requests I’d be happy to hear them! :) 

Read part 1 here.

Read the previous chapter here. 

A Rude Reawakening (Part 13)


You jolted awake. Dean was sitting up next to you, his hand on your shoulder. You put your hand to your forehead and found that it was soaked in sweat. You looked up at Dean and wrapped your arms around him.

“I shot you! I’m so sorry, Dean!”, you cried into his chest. He cradled you against him, stroking your hair.

“What’s going on?”, you heard Sam mumble.

“Nothing, go back to sleep”, Dean said firmly to his brother. Sam rolled over, and his gentle snores started up again.

“Y/N”, Dean whispered, “I’m fine. Hey, look at me”. He held your head up to face him.

You felt like you couldn’t breathe, your heart was beating so fast. As you stared into Dean’s eyes you began to relax. He was ok. It was just a nightmare.

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Finding Forever (M) Pt. 6

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt 5 Pt 7 Pt 8 Pt 9 Pt 10 Pt 11 Pt 12

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Rating: M since it’ll eventually have smut

Genre: Fluff, smut, probably some angst

Warnings: depression, cheating, violence, probably some swearing tbh.

Summary: Your divorce is final, and the only thing you can think of is escaping from the life you used to share with your ex-husband, Yoongi. At the urging of your best friend Jimin, you buy a house and move out to the little seaside town he’s living in. For a while you almost regret the decision, thinking your life could never open up to someone again, until a chance meeting with Jungkook has you thinking otherwise.

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The Man Behind the Aborted-Fetus Signs
The leader of an activist group that brandishes graphic anti-abortion images explains why he won’t back down from his controversial pro-life strategy.
By Ruth Graham

“ Many of them have been taken by a woman named Monica Miller. Monica has been a pro-life activist since the 1970s, and she’s also an amateur photographer… In fact, one of the pictures we use of a first trimester abortion was taken in my childhood garage. A pro-life activist in Chicago got word from a security guard that this abortion clinic was throwing the babies’ bodies into a dumpster behind the abortion clinic on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. So the pro-life activists out there, including from the Pro-Life Action League, went out, did some dumpster diving and recovered these bodies. “

Hear that?  In the 1970′s, before medical waste removal and before more modern techniques, these people dug through dumpsters to find fetal remains. 

And they want to call us “ghouls”?  

(here’s a better picture that wasn’t taken in a parking garage) 

So my husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Sean Pertwee (who of course plays Alfred Pennyworth on Gotham) at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX and he was so incredibly friendly and kind and nothing at all like the gruff character he portrays, haha! There were two women who were assisting him (I suppose they were managers or con staff?) who were also very, very nice and helpful, especially after I told them this was my first convention. They explained the process clearly and patiently and I really appreciated their help! I apologized for asking what were probably very basic questions about signings and they told me to never apologize for asking questions, which made me feel really at ease.

He shook hands with both me and my husband, and asked if we were having a good time and I said yes, and in turn I asked if he was enjoying the con and he replied that he was and that Comicaplooza is one of the first cons he’s attended. Then one of the ladies told him that it was my first time at a convention and he said “hah, me too, we can be newbies together!” and we all laughed (but inside I was like AHHHHHH OMG). He asked if I was enjoying the show and I said yes but that I missed seeing it on Mondays, and he told me that they would start shooting on July 20th (for twenty episodes!) and that Gotham should return around September. He was very down-to-earth and conversational and used both mine and my husband’s names throughout the conversation, and although our exchange was brief I didn’t feel at all rushed. 

As Gotham fans it was a fun, memorable experience for my husband and I, and I greatly appreciate how polite and classy Mr. Pertwee was. I’m pretty shy in-person and have some social anxiety issues (it took a couple of hours of my husband convincing me to even go to his booth because I was totally convinced that I would embarrass myself by stammering and blushing) but “Alfred” was so nice that my nervousness disappeared and I actually felt pretty calm! 

tl;dr Sean Pertwee is a very awesome person and if he’s ever at a con you’re attending then I definitely suggest stopping by his booth! :D  

as i’ve been cursed to shitty phones all my life, i tend not to take phone selfies. this one looks the least wank of all i’ve ever taken.

i also dragged my mirror from out the garage to take this so yeah this has blood sweat and tears poured into it.

anonymous asked:

If you were locked in the garage couldn't you have just opened the big garage door...?

Oooooh who has reblogged my garage post, basically those were taken in December, I was in a tshirt. I could have done what you said correct but I would just be locked outside in even colder conditions so I stayed inside

This just taken as I sit in my car in the garage having just got home from running errands. It’s so bloody hot out, I can’t bring myself to leave the confines of my air conditioned car.

Sometimes I feel like I should at least like summer…pause…nope, still don’t like it. Although I do enjoy twilight sans the hungry mosquitoes.

I keep thinking tomorrow is Friday. Really, from where I’m sitting, it doesn’t matter.

Tomorrow another interview and then a meeting with my career counselor. This week has been busier than usual, which is a good thing.

Okay, I can’t stay in my cool car forever. Have a good one, ya animals.


ADAW 15/52 - Two sides inside me

“His cold eyes fierced the night. It was Alex’s turn again. The friendly Robert was sleeping inside him. Nobody who knew Alex would believe that he was a nice and caring man over the day. Alex was a murder. He did it for fun. And when he was in mood he ate his victims, sometimes he even tooks parts with his for a later snack…”

Well, I did two shootings that day and somehow they turned out a bit different. Since Muse has two personalities one seemed a bit colder and more fitting to Alex and one a bit warmer, more fitting for Robert C:

This shooting was taken in our garage, the white parts are actually my dad’s car.