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The Stolen Earth Commentary: David Tennant Regularly Shaming Russell T Davies For Leaving His Telly On
  • RTD: You know where I am this Saturday? I’m in the final of I’ll Do Anything with John Barrowman. I’m in the audience! I’ve given up! Even I’m not watching Doctor Who that night. Sorry. I’ll leave my telly on though. In two cities.
  • David: You leave your telly on anyway.
  • RTD: You’ve told me off for that.
  • David: You walk out of rooms leaving everything blaring all night. It’s terrible! Global warning is all down to Russell T Davies.
  • RTD: David, it’s such a lonely life. It’s like I have a friend. I walk back into the flat and there- there’s a voice.
  • Julie: We don’t care. Think about the bees.
  • David: That’s why the bees are leaving.
  • RTD: You know, I came to London today- I switched it off.
  • David: Quite- I’m glad to hear it!
  • Julie: Don’t you feel better?
  • RTD: And as I did it, I thought of [David]!
  • [They all laugh]
  • RTD: I actually did! That is true!
  • David: I’m glad. I’m glad.
  • RTD: I have actually been sitting in Cardiff Bay having a meal with David and across the bay he’s gone “You’ve left your telly on”. Leave me alone!

Brb I’m going to sleep so Ican wake up on Christmas.

Then hope that I get a time machine so I can go back in time and get the presents I couldnt get because I was asleep.

Then I’d go back in time and get my picture taken with Davy Crockett.

Then I’d travel to the future to see if Toto’s “Africa” is considered a classic ballad in the year 2767


Above is the disturbing image of 29-year-old Kevin Davies, taken from a video, after he had been kept as a prisoner for six weeks by Amanda Baggus, David Lehane, and their accomplice Scott Andrews. Emaciated, barefoot, malnourished and weighing less than 7st, Davies was imprisoned in a small windowless shed in the couple’s garden. Davies, who suffered from epilepsy, was abducted and used as a slave. He was tortured and humiliated for their own sadistic pleasure. The pair carved a crucifix into his buttocks, broke his ribs and burned his genitals and thighs with corrosive acid, among other things.

They made videos of the horrific torture until his death. Unfortunately, because no exact cause of death could be determined, they escaped a murder charge and were jailed for 10 years for false imprisonment.

It’s Phryday!!!

In celebration of the series 3 premiere of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (squeals) I made my first fan video!!!!!!! I hope y’all like it <3 <3

A picture taken by Nikki Davies of Yellow Water Cruises of a giant saltwater crocodile holding a smaller croc in its mouth in the Kakadu region of northern Australia. A five-metre (16-foot) crocodile put on the spectacular display for a passing tour boat, attacking and chomping on a smaller croc before plunging it into an unsurvivable ‘death roll’.
Picture: Nikki Davies/Yellow Water Cruises