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Saturday marks the 105th anniversary of one of the most iconic tragedies in history: the sinking of the Titanic.

The “unsinkable” ship’s fateful end has since taken on legendary status. In 2012, Smithsonian reported the word Titanic is said to be the third-most recognized word in the world — just after God and Coca-Cola.

Here are 17 things you may not have known about the famed tragedy — including how the Nazis used it for propaganda. Read more

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Fifty years ago, it was thought that the New Guniea Highland Wild Dog went extinct in the wild. These two images were recently taken using a scent lure; they show a pregnant female and her two pups.  After an expedition, scientists were able to determine over 100 photographs of “at least 15 wild individuals, including males, females, and pups, thriving in isolation and far from human contact” in only two days of the cameras being up. The only photos taken before this expedition were 2 unconfirmed ones that were taken in 2005 and 2012. 

After confirming via DNA tests, the New Guniea Highland Wild Dog Foundation declared that the canine breed is no longer on the list of extinct species.

something we casually forget about PINOF 4. this was taken during 2012, aka, the sad years of phan. you can tell how internally uncomfortable they were and unnaturally more skinny than usual. but still in that time, screenshots like this were taken. dan lovingly smiling at Phil from behind while phil flashes that gorgeous smile. in little parts throughout the video, you can still see how much they love each other. whether it’s romantic gazes or the “ i feel special” “you are” moments, dan and phil have always stuck together though thick and thin, no matter how bad the times were. although those times were tough but they still showed affection, nowadays, looking at PINOF 8 and furthermore, they’re now open about their love. whether it’s romantic or simply friendly, just look at them now. we’re all so proud of their perseverance. we must, as the phandom, their source of views and support, must always stay by their side and encourage them. they have a healthy happy relationship together and it is our responsibility to help them stay positive. the last thing we want is another 2012, the sad year, we want to extend dan and phil’s legacy and make it a happy one. throughout time, specifically 2009-2011 is where you could tell they didn’t care. they didn’t care what people thought of them, they didn’t care if their relationship was open. during the tragic year of 2012, the boys drifted apart. but they have such a connection that, in the photo above, they cannot break. no matter how secretive they want to be, or sad they are, dan will still gaze fondly at phil, and phil will occasionally flash the love eyes himself, whilst providing us all with his perfect smile. no matter how broken they are, i know dan and phil have a bond that they can’t break. so here’s the message. don’t be someone you’re not. never give up. find that one person that will make your life a dream come true. grow a bond like Dan and Phil.

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it is what my mom does by sandra veldre
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february-june 2012. taken with zenit-12

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I personally believe they probably had a "rough patch" in 2012 because they were scared and not used to the popularity. I know if I suddenly gained 1 million subscribers I too would freak out a little. And they probably wanted to grow their channels and be separate entity's because they wanted to grow as themselves and not be known for being the others significant other. It makes total sense

i’m sure they had plenty of rough patches during this time and i’m sure they definitely had arguments but this angsty 2012 narrative has been tossed around so much and made out to be something entirely unrealistic and just unreasonable? there were a lot of things happening in 2012. it was the year they moved to london together which was a dramatic change in both of their lives and it was the year their channels boomed so i agree that they were definitely not used to the spotlight and got quite overwhelmed by it, which is understandable. however a lot of people have taken 2012 and manipulated it into an era where dan and phil were extremely cold with each other or just blatantly hated each other when that wasn’t the case whatsoever. as outsiders, we view dan and phil through a keyhole and never truly know what’s going on between them or what emotions are being felt, but i can say with confidence that 2012 was a vital year of growth for both of them personally, publicly, individually, and as a team

taken from the 2012 film skyfall of the james bond franchise.

‘ i have to stop the bleeding! ’
‘ leave him! ’
‘ take the bloody shot! ’
‘ agent down. ’
‘ where the hell have you been? ’
‘ what was it you said? take the bloody shot? ’
‘ i made a judgment call. ’
‘ didn’t you get the postcard? ’
‘ run out of drink where you were, did they? ’
‘ you know the rules of the game, you’ve been playing it long enough. ’
‘ so, that’s it.. we’re both played out. ’
‘ speak for yourself. ’
‘ you should’ve called! ’
‘ well, you’re bloody well not sleeping here. ’
‘ i’m sorry, have we met before? ’
‘ i’m the one who should say sorry. ’
‘ it was only four ribs, some of the less vital organs.. nothing major. ’
‘ do be a favor: if they do ever let you back out there, warn me first. ’
‘ well, you gave it your best shot. ’
‘ it was hardly my best shot! ’
‘ in your defense, a moving target is much harder to hit. ’
‘ then you better keep moving! ’
‘ the whole place goes up in smoke, and that bloody thing survives. ’
‘ your interior decorating tips have always been appreciated. ’
‘ there’s no shame in admitting you’ve lost a step. ’
‘ you don’t need to be an operative to see the obvious. ’
‘ don’t cock it up. ’
‘ room service. ’
‘ i didn’t order anything, not even you. ’
‘ aren’t you a little over-qualified to be delivering messages? ’
‘ cut-throat razor.. how very traditional. ’
‘ well, i like to do some things the old fashioned way. ’
‘ sometimes the old ways are the best. ’
‘ are you putting your life in my hands again? ’
‘ raising the tantalizing question of what you’re really doing here. ’
‘ hold still, this is the tricky part. ’
‘ old dog, new tricks. ’
‘ don’t touch your ear. ’
‘ you look beautiful in that dress. ’
‘ it’s amazing what one can do with an extra pair of hands. ’
‘ now you can afford to buy me a drink. ’
‘ i’m not very lucky. ’
‘  well it takes a certain kind of girl to wear a backless dress with a beretta 70 strapped to her thigh. ’
‘ one can never be too careful when handsome men in tuxedos carry walthers. ’
‘ be careful what you wish for. ’
‘ how much do you know about fear? ’
‘ not like this.. not like him. ’
‘ i like you better without your beretta. ’
‘ it’s not too late, you can still turn back. ’
‘ it’s amazing, the panic you can cause with a simple computer. ’ 
‘ does he always get what he wants? ’
‘ hello, (name), welcome! do you like the island? ’
‘ you have changed their nature. ’
‘ the two survivors: this is what she made us. ’
‘ i made my own choices. ’
‘ that’s your genius. ’
‘ back then, i was her favorite. ’
‘ just look at you, barely held together by your pills and your drink. ’
‘ what is this if not betrayal? ’
‘ she sent you off to me, knowing you are not ready, knowing you would likely die. ’
‘ mommy was very bad. ’
‘ look at what she’s/he’s done to you. ’
‘ we are the last two rats.. we can either eat each other, or eat everyone else. ’
‘ how you’re trying to remember your training now. ’
‘ well, first time for everything. ’
‘ what makes you think this is my first time? ’
‘ everyone needs a hobby. ’
‘ to the women we love. ’
‘ did you really die that day? ’
‘ i win, what do you say to that? ’
‘ you’re smaller than i remember! ’
‘ but they made me suffer, and suffer, and suffer. ’
‘ you betrayed me. ’
‘ life clung to me like a disease. ’
‘ i needed to look in your eyes one last time. ’
‘ soon, your past will be as nonexistent as your future. ’
‘ look upon your work, mother. ’
‘ i invented them. ’
‘ put your back into it! ’
‘ why don’t you come down here and put your back into it. ’
‘ well, that’s vexing. ’
‘ you caught me! now, here’s your prize. ’
‘ the latest thing from my local toy store: it’s called radio. ’
‘ how safe do you feel? ’
‘ to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield! ’
‘ i’m guessing this isn’t strictly official? ’
‘ so much for my promising career in espionage. ’
‘ are you going to complain the whole way? ’
‘ go on then, eject me. see if i care. ’
‘ orphans always make the best recruits. ’
‘ a storm’s coming. ’
‘ are you still alive? ’
‘ nice to see you, too. ’
‘ some men are coming to kill us, but we’re gonna kill them first. ’
‘ sometimes the old ways are the best. ’
‘ try and stop me, you jumped up little shit! ’
‘ i did call you an exemplary of british fortitude. ’
‘ that bit was alright. ’
‘ always gotta make an entrance. ’
‘ all this jumping and fighting, it’s exhausting! ’
‘ relax, you need to relax. ’
‘ well, mother’s calling. ’
‘ of course, it had to be here.. it had to be this way. ’
‘ free both of us. ’
‘ only you can do it. ’
‘ last rat standing. ’
‘ i guess it’s too late to make a run for it. ’
‘ i did get one thing right. ’
‘ hate to waste a view. ’
‘ maybe it was her way of saying you should take a desk job. ’
‘ just the opposite. ’


This video of the Lagarfljót Worm (or Lagarfljótsormur) was taken in February of 2012 by a man named Hjörtur Kjerúlf. He stands firm by his claim that the video is not faked in any way. There has been much disagreement over if this video is genuine or faked. While some people believe the object in the video is an inanimate object (perhaps plastic or a fishing net) that is moving with the currents of the water; other people believe it to be the monster that has been sighted since the 1300s. A panel of 13 people, the Truth Committee, came together to judge if the creature was real or not and ultimately decided that it was a real creature.

15.10.13 BTS fancafe update

V - 

3:51am kst

일찍일나야되는데 잠이안오네 오늘은 지민이생일입니다
여러분 귀찮은데 얘 축하해줄사람 저밖에없으니 써야겠네요
저사진은 2012년 12월 30일 제생일때 멤버들과 집에서 놀다가 찍은사진인데 지민이가 절많이 챙겨주진않아도 사진을 같이 찍었어요
저때 지민이 볼통통하죠 쟨 칼턱만들려고 진짜 다이어트를 참.. 보는내가 엉엉합니다 그래도 제일 엄청난 노력으로 칼턱과 멋진보컬과 멋진복근과 단단한장딴지를 만들었어요. 자랑스럽슴다 아길게 잘안쓰는데 솔직히 이거 내가아님 누가해 에휴 지민이이거보고 또 카톡와가지고 진지모드달리고 술취한것처럼 태형아 스릉흔드 이래요 여튼 오늘 보니까 지민이 버스도 달리고 부산에도 버스달리더만 ㅡㅡ시내한번쫙가야하는데 부산의 사람들이 지민이좀보게 여튼 애정한다 애낀다 생축 아망햌네 잠자야하는데 자야겠다 굿밤 참고로 딴지는 장딴지 벅지는 허벅지(정국) 근육돼지들 별명이에요

Calves’(Jimin’s) birthday
I have to wake up early tomorrow but I can’t sleep. Today is Jimin’s birthday.
This is troublesome but there’s no one else to congratulate him other than me, so I have to write this.
That picture was taken on Dec 30 2012, on my birthday, when the members came to my house to play. Jimin didn’t really care about me but we still took a picture together.
At that time, Jimin was still chubby. He wanted to have a sharp chin so he went on a diet. His diet was really…when I see it, I feel like crying. But with such great efforts, he has made a sharp chin, cool vocals, cool abs and strong calves.
I was proud. Ah I don’t usually write this long but honestly if it isn’t me, who else will do this. Sigh. If Jimin sees this, he’ll send me a katalk message again, pretending to act drunk and said “Taehyung, I love you”. Anyway, looking at today, we caught the Jimin bus.
It should go straight to the city, Busan people should take a look at Jimin. Anyway, love you and I adore you, happy birthday. Ah I’m screwed, I should go to sleep. I’ll go to sleep. Goodnight. For your information, Jimin is calves and Jungkook is thighs. It’s the muscle pigs’ nicknames.

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Hyperballad always write veeeeeery sexy stories, in interesting and original Alternate Universe.
And this fanfiction ( Lead and Follow ) takes place in a very sensual one: dance lesson and especially the Argentine tango !
So I started to document me to find pictures of two men dancing tango and I came across a beautiful photography by Paula Lobo (taken in 2012 in Buenos-Aeres and found on this site : http://santango.tumblr.com/archive).

This photography is perfect.
I did not want to invent something else.
It had everything already !  We recognize well a dance teacher and his pupil following his steps, a little fascinated, hypnotized and physically attracted.
So for this fanart, I gave up the pencils and paper for exclusively use the graphic palette, and I especially worked likeness of portraits of Charles and Erik, and the feature of their silhouette.

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