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I saw some people suggesting that there was no evidence that Josh was receiving death threats so I wanted to post this video. This was taken from his last Facebook chat before the premiere. Yes, he was receiving threats. Yes, I did see some of the threats he received.

Feel free to link this video to other sites if you want to show others. His fans are not overreacting. Here is your proof.

“Found an old digital camera in my basement today and fired it up for the first time in 5 years. Found this photo. Before Impractical Jokers ever premiered Tru TV paid to have these ads posted all over Manhattan. Some friends and I went out and took pictures and did a shot every time we found one. We got very drunk that day as Tru put a lot into advertising that first season.
I know this was on the corner of Great Jones Street in Manhattan, because my cousin and some friends worked in the firehouse there and they were so happy for me. Also made fun of me a lot, which is how firemen (and men in general) express affection and pride.
What I really about this pictures the fact that I’m wearing boot-cut jeans. Boot-cut jeans are the manliest of jeans.” –Brian “Q” Quinn. Taken from his Facebook.


There’s a story circulating at work. Apparently a guy came in after a heart attack and was pronounced dead on arrival. He was put in a body bag and wheeled to the morgue.

Halfway there, a loud, rattling gasp comes from the body bag.

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Turns out the patient wasn’t dead.

So they put him on a breather and we transferred him to a bigger hospital. Two days later he was taken off life support and died in the hospital. I read some of the notes from the call. Turns out he had a wife and kids and I felt really badly for him and his family. It’s hard to deal with loss in general but to come back from the dead and then go again is just too much.

I decided to look up the guy and see if there was an obit for him. Instead I found a super transphobic meme on his Facebook page taken from a Hillary Clinton hate group.

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I don’t feel bad anymore.

It was the Devil trying to bring this guy back and God said “Nah. We got enough shit to deal with. At least let me take this guy out.”


Leon Bridges - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert (Full)

I am going to share Leon Bridges’ comment about this video, taken from his personal Facebook page. I’m sure he won’t mind I share it. A short sentence that says it all: Man this is a dream come true“.- Leon Bridges   

Set List

  1. Coming Home
  2. Smooth Sailin
  3. Twistin’ & Groovin
  4. River

Maddengawa Wooliemaru drinks his tea and meditates in silence. He ponders: “WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE TRULY STRONG? WHEN’S MAHVEL?”

Wow. He really likes it there! At this rate we’re gonna be short one Woolie.

(Taken from his Facebook page!)

EDIT: wot. Over 500 notes! That’s a record, and something of an early birthday present! Thanks, Tumblr!

Days like today, it just feels like too much. Too much tragedy. Too much inhumanity. Too much indifference from people who should know better. Days like today, I feel so tempted to throw in the towel and stop trying to make things better, because it’s too much. I think of Moses, exhausted and unable to hold his arms up any longer. Who can bear it?

But I will not stop. We will not stop. We will take this pain and channel it into righteous anger against the evil of this world, and we will band together as brothers and sisters standing for love and mercy in the face of hatred and violence.

When we are out of strength, we will pray for more. We will tell our stories and our friends’ and neighbors’ stories. We will shine our light into every shadowy corner. We will work for peace. For understanding. For the freedom of every person to live without fear of harm.

And we WILL change the world.

—  Justin Lee

I don’t normally do this sort of thing but I feel as though the people of the Mario community, and roleplays all over should know and be aware of this should something like it arise in their fandom. A while back I saw a few individuals speak on how mariothesuperplumber had been harassing them. Now at first, I just let things to pass over since he had come to me and Rosie with the same self-righteous words but had apologized about it the next day. Being the foolish person I was, I forgave the man & tried to turn over a new leaf. Things were going well, so I thought until I found out that he was still saying bad things about me behind my back. I’m absolutely positive that this man’s apology even to the public was just empty words to regain everyone’s trust again. He has not changed at all and I don’t see him changing in the near future either. If you’re friends with him, I’m not telling you to stop. That is your choice and I would never condescend you for sticking by your friend no matter what. I understand that notion since I am doing exactly that. He has been speaking harshly on my group of friends for a while now and I’m just so tired of it. Saying that we’re too ’close-knitted’ but how is that a bad thing? We’ve all known each other for years so it’s only natural to be that way. He also called us ’elitist’ but I dont know how that’s possible if we do indeed roleplay with others. He barely knows anything about us yet he can make such outrageous assumptions as if it was his God given right. Just because one is intimidated, it DOES NOT give them a right to talk down on people because of their own self-confident issues. This message is primarily to let people know that you don’t have take that bullshit he dishes out on a daily basis. Below are a few messages he sent back and forth to both me and watcherofstars. Keep in mind that these messages were sent while we were still on hiatus around two weeks ago.

Call it my anger towards being ignored all the damned time, and this fuckin’ clique-like behavior amongst all of you MySpace people.

— mariothesuperplumber

It’s intimidating as fuck, and call it complete misinterpretation on my part but I see your fancy symbols, HTML profiles, clique behavior and all of those years of experience under your belt as ways of spitting in my face and saying “I’m a superior human being to you”.

— mariothesuperplumber

Thing is, my confidence shrivels up like a grape when encountering you longtime elitists because I know no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do I’ll never be as fucking good as you. Because years of experience aren’t things that can be obtained like good writing and whatnot. I know I ain’t as good a Mario as littleredguido or It’s a Me Mario back on RP.ME but I try my best.

— mariothesuperplumber

I want to eradicate all other Mario’s that have ever existed so I can be the sole master race plumber that’s unrivaled.

— mariothesuperplumber

Now this post below is from his facebook taken just last night. I found a bunch of interesting collection on his facebook. It’s basically just a number of random screenshots from Tumblr that he decided to upload in order to make others look bad.

All I wish to gain from this is to raise awareness. I don’t want anyone else being hurt by this Mario’s words. I will admit that he is a wonderful roleplayer but if the mun behind the character is a jerk, you have the right to decline starting a thread with him. Which is exactly what I did. You don’t have to make everyone happy. Roleplaying is meant for fun. It’s not some competition to be won. Everyone has their own unique style that is different. There is no best. It’s all up to interpretation.  So do not allow anyone to speak down on you even if they’re supposedly intimidating by fancy layouts or writing or anything you do. If you do run into this roleplayer, take his words with a grain of salt. He’s only out to make himself look better while putting others down in the process. 

People who fear private roads - might we have to pay to drive? - rarely mention the incredible scam that has developed around police traffic enforcement, which has become a major source for city revenue, and it is enforced at the point of a gun. This is even apart from the terrible taxes we are forced to pay out. We pay, pay, pay, and pay again, and then get our intelligence insulted by the claim that the ticket issuers are keeping us safe rather than the more obvious truth that we are just being looted.
—  Jeffrey Tucker, taken from his Facebook status today