taken from behind


PAY ATTENTION the traits unique to the character your partner is writing. Read their bio, read it again. Just because they didn’t bring it up in the post, don’t forget to it. Think about how physical traits change how you interact with someone in real life.

Do they have a scar that your character’s eyes keep drawing to? Maybe long hair that tangles in your muse’s fingers when they run their hands through it. Is their muse taller? Shorter? How does that effect how your character interacts with them? What about non-human attributes such as horns, tails, ears or wings? It changes how your character will physically interact with their space.
For example; A character with wings takes up more space, has different physical requirements and limitations. Their clothing is altered (unless magical), it probably needs to be taken off differently. Coming from behind them could result with a face full of feathers or scales. They can’t rest on their back without causing pain, think about this as your character picks them up, holds or touches them.

When your muse interacts by touch, will their touch cause pain to an old injury, or tender place? Will it elicit positive sensation?

If a muse is disabled, how will that effect your muse’s interactions with them? Will they make more of a point to face a Hard of Hearing person, make their body language more pronounced? Will they be more deliberate in handing something to someone with sight-loss? Do they sit so they are eye-level when interacting with someone who uses mobility aids?

Think about these things as you are writing, especially if you struggle with talking about the concrete details of the scene. It may allow you to better communicate what you envision in the scene and it makes your partner feel validated in all the work they’ve put into writing a character!


In 2014, a man called Nathan posted on Reddit that somebody was messaging him from his girlfriend, Emily’s, Facebook account. However, Emily had been dead for two years. At first, he assumed it was a glitch but then Emily began to tag herself in photos. He even received a message which read: “ust [sic] let me walk.” This message disturbed Nathan the most due to the fact that Emily’s legs had been severed in the car accident which killed her. He soon turned Emily’s Facebook page into a memorial page hoping that the messages would stop but instead, they continued and even more alarming, he received a photograph of himself taken from behind the door. He claims nobody was in the house at the time.


Soukoku 540 x 960 wallpapers

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  • Eliza: What did you want to tell me?
  • Alex: Um, nothing.
  • Eliza: Is about Maggie?
  • Alex: What? No? How do you know that name?
  • Eliza: You have no chill. Like, none. Seriously, your sister has more chill about Cat Grant than you have about Maggie Sawyer.
  • Alex: What?! That's not true! I have chill.
  • Eliza: Alex, sweetie, you mentioned Maggie thirty-five times during a ten minute ride from the airport to Kara's apartment.
  • Alex: Yeah, but-
  • Eliza: You were writing poetry about her in your lab notebook.
  • Alex: Um...
  • Eliza: There's a folder on your computer labeled "Greatest Ass in the Gaylaxy, and it's just pictures of Maggie taken from behind.
  • Alex: ...
  • Eliza: You carved "Alex luvs Maggie 4ever" into the table.
  • Alex: *hangs head*
  • Eliza: It's stainless steel.