taken female student

NAME: Wendy Darling
AGE: 17
Laura Marano


As a little girl, Wendy was always around her parents. Her father would go off to work in the morning and come home at night and spend his evenings with his children. Her mother stayed at home while the children were at school taking care of her younger brother Michael. Wendy thought she had the perfect life. While other kids talked about fighting with their parents or their parents fighting with each other, Wendy could honestly say she never experienced either situation at home. There were mild fights between her and her brothers but nothing ever major happened. That was until the war.

Wendy’s father was in the army and when the war in Iraq started in 2005 his platoon was called in. The years passed his tour rotated through and each time he came home, Wendy noticed what was happening to him slowly. The once playful father she had kept coming home colder and colder and each time he signed up for another tour to go back to the place that was changing him.

Five years later, he finished his last tour and stayed home with his family for good, receiving a honorable discharge. Wendy thought her father was going to stay home for good this time. However, she was proved wrong as symptoms of PTSD started to surface, placing a strain on her once happy family. Her mother can no longer take the stress of raising the children and taking care of her husband so she is doing the one thing she can think of, sending them away until everything is sorted out. While Wendy and John are coming to Disney Study Abroad, Micheal is going to stay with family. Wendy is upset that she is leaving her family behind but there is nothing she can do other than watch the land behind her disappear as she looks off the ship.


  • Imaginative – Wendy loves to tell stories to help pass the time for her and her brothers. It is the one place they all can escape together as their world was falling apart around them.
  • Self-Pitying – Wendy has a hard time accepting certain situations and as such does not have the confidence to cope with what is happening to her. She would rather lie to herself and others if she feels the situation is too grim for her to face