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Klaus perceiving Caroline’s sublimated feelings

Dicks- They Raineth Everywhere

Like a plague.

Now, TBL is a male dominated show, there’s no dispute there. With the exception of Samar, tptb have taken every female character and turned them into little more simpering ‘heroines’ from the bodice-ripping days of old. Even Gina Zanitacos, a character that had been an incredibly bad-ass villain has been reduced to a tool of devotion for one phallus in particular: Tom Keen.
Ressler, usually just a plain dick, was a surprising voice of reason against the farce that would join an abuser with his victim. Because that is what tptb made her. It’s a canonical fact, not my personal disparagement of a character that has somehow found devotion and a fan base for a man that has caused little more than pain for the character Liz Keen.
WHAT THE FUCK IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT HIM?! He’s getting his own spin-off. The qualities that I would look for in a husband, the important ones like honesty and monogamy, he can’t manage. My only theory: Tom Keen has the magic stick. Because there is no other conceivable reason on this earth to justify why bitches be tripping over that.
Oh wait. The writers. Which brings me back to my point. Phalluses. Phalluses everywhere. Because only a group of dicks would create and glorify a character that has habitually violated the world of a woman he supposedly loves.

Narcissa Malfoy Nee Black | Deatheater’s wife | Pureblood | Helen McCrory | TAKEN

Narcissa doesn’t have the darkmark and though she was tolerant of Lucius’ involvement with the Dark Lord she was by no means happy about it. Narcissa is headstrong, stubborn and very sly, she will do everything in her power to make her family safe. Though she has two sister’s she hasn’t seen Andromeda since she married Ted Tonks but she does know that she has a niece. 

Narcissa would do anything to protect her son. With long blonde hair and blue eyes she could be classed as the “ice queen” but she has got a loving side- that only those closest to her will ever see.

Adreena (Adrie) Tyne Mareena

Name: Adrenna Tyne Mareena (Maiden name) Adrenna Tyne Cresta (Married name)
Nicknames: Adrie (given affectionately by Merrick in elementary school)
Date of Birth: June 21st {The Summer Solstice}
Age: 22
Eyes: Dark Brown {Nearly black, falls in waves down to the middle of her back.}
Eye Color: Sea Green {The color of still ocean water over the reef}
Birth Place: District 4 {The Ocean District: seafood and salt are their main exports.}
Occupation: Basket Weaver {income to supplement Merrick’s fishing job, before his games, Gatherer Mother. 
Children: Annie Cresta 
Marital Status: Married 
Soulmate: Merrick Seaton Cresta {Childhood sweethearts} (possible name)

Quiet and unassuming to the rest of the world, many people automatically assume there is something wrong with Adrenna. In fact, she never said a word in mixed company, as a child. Her parents and siblings were the only people to ever hear her talk of her own volition. She was an observer, watching how the world around her functioned. She always sat as far away from the others as she could. The other children taunted her relentlessly, for being a bookworm, so she shied away from them. However, the one person that could see through the shy behavior was a boy named Merrick. Everyday at recess, while the other children played, he sat right next to her, asking questions until one day she looked right at him and answered each and every question he asked. He didn’t laugh at her shyness, just sought to figure her out. Merrick was a paradox Adrenna couldn’t explain. She was much more shy around him than anyone else, but she couldn’t stop talking to him. 
Their relationship was typical of childhood sweethearts. In private he would give her all the attention she could ever need, sharing his snacks and everything he had with her, because his family was more fortunate than hers. However, whenever the boys from class were around, he kept his distance. Girls were ‘icky’ after all. However, if anyone ever said anything bad about her he was always there to put them in their place. None of the children ever tormented her while he was there, standing guard. Slowly, Adrenna slowly began to break out of her shell. Each day, Merrick would take her exploring, the swing set, the jungle gym, even down to the driftwood fence. That was the first time she laughed so freely. On that day, he finally spoke aloud the nickname he’d so affectionately been calling her behind her back ‘Adrie.’

Luna Lovegood | Ravenclaw | Fifth Year | Pureblood| Evanna Lynch | TAKEN

Luna is still “Loony” but she’s one of the kindest girls anybody could meet. She will give everybody a chance until you prove you shouldn’t have a chance. She’s friends with Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter and will fight for Harry’s side.

Luna is open minded and is one of the nicest people, she gets treated badly because some people think she’s “too open.” 

Luna is good friends with Ginny Weasley and joined the DA in her fourth year.

Tracey Davis | Slytherin | Sixth year | Halfblood| Kaya Scodelario |TAKEN

Tracey is good friends with Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass, she’s the typical Slytherin-pureblood-girl, she goes along with “pureblood supremacy” as not many people know of her own blood status. Her mother is a halfblood.

She’s pretty good in lessons and with her sharp tongue she can be a terrible person but she will stick by the people she deems worthy. Tracey’s parents are not deatheaters but they are sympathetic to their beliefs.