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  • Jyugo: I turned out perfectly fine!
  • Uno: Jyugo, this morning you thought a ghost made your toast.


Name:  Antonin Dobrovolny
Story: Wreck-It Ralph
Character: Hero’s Duty NPC
Age:  33 (Unknown)
Job: Police Officer, Fableton Police Department
Location: Olympus
Faceclaim: Jon Kortajarena
Status: Taken


+ Adventurous, Eccentric, Passionate

- Loyal, Determined, Obsessive


Most of the NPCs in Hero’s duty weren’t programmed with a back story. Not unless they were important, and very few were. They tended to be generic: married parents, one of two point four children. They went to school, graduated and joined the army. Dobrovolny wasn’t one of those. He’d been blessed – or perhaps cursed – with a programmer who still cared. A programmer who wanted to pay homage to someone who was probably long dead. He saw the name roll past in the credits at the end of every game. Andrej Dobrovolny. His team mates joked that it was his father. But he wondered if perhaps it wasn’t that way around.

What he could remember of his own story was consumed by images of rebellion and revolt in an oppressive regime. If he thought hard enough, he could smell the summer of his own country, feel the bitter winter on the tips of his fingers, taste his first kiss. Though they only slotted awkwardly into the story timeline, before he was concretely called to arms. He was placed with what the team considered the most capable Sargent they had - even if that may have been somewhat due to the fact that there weren’t any other options.

That said, Dobrovolny placed his trust in Calhoun, until the very end – though he watched his team mates go mad around him in fear of their own lives. He didn’t value his that highly. Though he ever considered her his friend. He was strictly under the impression he didn’t have any friends and sometimes he felt like he shouldn’t. He liked to play with people. They were in a game after all.

Even when she left to pursue the idiot that seemed to have a talent for ruining nearly everything, he had hope for her. Things were a lot harder without her barking orders and keeping the bugs under control. He trusted that she would come back to help as they fought off the waves. He trusted that, right up until the moment a swarm descended, larger than they had ever seen and one lucky bug landed on his shoulders, gripping its teeth around his head.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in Fableton, his brain pounding and craving almost anything he could lay his hands on. Soldiers regenerated in game.

… Didn’t they?


Tamora Calhoun: Dobrovolny is nothing but thankful to Calhoun for all she’s done for him. Though, for some reason he’s found the smell of insecticide that hovers around her makes him sick to the core.

Felix Jumpman: Dobrovolny doesn’t know what to think of the little man. Though any association with Mr ‘Wreck-It’ lends towards dislike and, after the state he left Calhoun in, that sentiment has only seemed to have deepened.

Maximus Pferd: Dobrovolny was cautious of them when they were first paired as partners at the police station. While he’d been used to working in a team in the broadest sense, he didn’t have much experience going one to one with someone. It took a lot more patience than he thought he had. He has grown quite fond of them, however. They seem to think differently to the general rabble. He can appreciate that.



“Kycilia stared at her office door and suddenly realised young Casval’s presence was much stronger in her subconscious than she had believed. She could almost imagine him walking through the door in front of her. Perhaps, she mused, it has something to do with my having taken Char Aznable under my wing.

Then, in a revelation, she made the connection. Could Char Aznable be Casval Deikun? The thought was so shocking that she bit down hard on her lower lip. But the next instant she smiled, and a warm feeling welled up inside her. If so, what a fine man little Casval has grown up to be. She felt an almost maternal instinct”

- from Mobile Suit Gundam: Confrontation Novel by Yoshiyuki Tomino

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Has Will taken on Char as his little brother? He looks a bit like a mentor figure.

We creep down the quiet stairs, the living room dark. Long faded the sound of Knightly squawking and Cannibal screeching. Only the blare of the TV, and a few Christmas lights, shed light on the scene before us. A little snippet of conversation overheard…The credits of one Disney moving rolling as Will scootches to dig the next one out of the heap on the floor. The marathon continuing.

“Will?” Char’s voice is faraway, lost still in magical worlds and bright songs. His words are a contendedly dreamy, but tinged with a quiet kind of sadness. “Do you think they really loved each other? Aurora and the Prince?”

“Hmm…?” The other turns from where he’s sitting to tilt his head, shrugging his shoulders eventually. “Maybe, seemed like it, I guess. I don’t think anyone ever really talks about what happens next. So - ” His lips curve lopsidedly as he smiles at Char. “Why not, right?” As though he could tell the King something else. It’s endearing, Char’s optimism, the quiet hope that always seems to pervade from his smile. Will’s a cynic, but he wouldn’t dream of crushing that. 

But Char seems bothered, still, at this moment, returns a grin, but it doesn’t quite stick as it usually does. “I was a Prince, once.” He murmurs, fiddling with the blanket over his lap and then reaching for another handful of caramel corn. “I had a fairytale.” He crushes a piece in his hand and then frowns as the crumbs scatter all over the couch, hurrying to gather them all up before anyone can see the mess. “And besides, why is it always about a Princess. Why can’t the Prince ever fall in love with -”  A petulant curve of lip. “I don’t know… his teacher, or -” A pause in the outburst, and a little more quietly. “Or his physician, maybe. That would probably make a good story.”

Will snorts at that, eyes fond, and shakes his head, laughing to himself as he turns pointedly down to the tapes so Char can’t see his smirk. But the joke’s on him, because His Highness opens his mouth again to say. “But Hannibal’s a physician, and you, you and he, the two of you -“ 

“Hannibal and I are not a fairy-tale.” And isn’t that the truth, he bows lower over the floor. There are no words for what they are, for that overwhelming need to be together or to be shredded apart, for the way they consume each other and need only more. An added mutter, under his breath. “And I am definitely not a Prince.”

“But you love each other.” Char insists, not ready to leave the thought so easily. That kind of brimming hope he pulls off so well edges the sentiments. “The way you gaze at each other, the way he always moves towards you, only wishes to be near you. I know that you do.”

The notions please Will, inexplicably, warm him, to hear them put like that, but at the same time, his stomach ties to knots, the scar a throb there, and a sudden scrabbling fear pushes up his chest. “We, uh - well. We’re. Char, it’s difficult.” Love. Does he love Hannibal? Are either of them even capable of that anymore? He wants to maybe, but- the thought of it lays heavy on is chest, on his tongue. He wishes they could be. He does, wish for that. He knows he does. But to say it, so simply, like that. He just, he doesn’t know.

“They’re movies, Char.” He says finally. “Someone thought them up, made them happen. If you want to imagine your own, about Princes and Physicians.” God knows, he’s imagined much worse things than that. “You can, and it can be just as real.” He doesn’t go back to Hannibal, pleads quietly that Char won’t either, biting his lip, hair in his face. 

But if there’s anything His Highness is, it’s thoughtful, and Char only nods. “Okay.” Allows the subject change and the answer and helps himself to a twizzler from the table, chewing on it as he tucks his legs underneath. “I’m ready for the next one now.”

As they settle in again, he turns with a smile, much brighter now and whispers. “And Will.” A pointed wait for the other to turn and look at him. “I think you’d make a great Prince.”

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I want a Destiel/ The Force Awakens AU

Stormtrooper, DN-1967, on his first assignment  is sent out to massacre a village in search of…he doesn’t know. All he does know is that there is blood pulsing in his ears and he won’t… no, can’t kill for the Darkness, the massive totalitarian regime trying to control the galaxy. He needs to get out

The “best damn pilot in the resistance”, Cas Seraphin, is only steps ahead of the Darkness before the village he’s in gets ambushed. Amara Ren takes him captive, but not before he stows a vital map in his droid, GB3, and send it off into the desert wilderness of the planet.

DN-1967 springs Cas from the torture chamber and, when Cas asks why, the only reason he can gives is “It’s the right thing to do.”

They steal a ship and shoot their way out, but before they can celebrate their escape, they crash land on Jakku. DN-1967 (dubbed “Dean” by Cas) wakes up alone next to the fiery wreckage of the ship. He calls for Cas and tries to search inside the flaming cockpit, but he’s only able to grab Cas’ jacket before the remains of the ship sink into the sand.

Dean is guilt-ridden, holding himself responsible for Cas’ death as he makes his way across the desert in search of a village. He stumbles across (read: gets the shit kicked out of him by) a scavenger called Char and a GB unit, whom Dean recognizes as the one Cas was trying to retrieve when they were shot down.

He teams up with Char (who believes him to be a member of the Resistance) and they steal a ship, outrunning and outgunning the Darkness. Dean mans the guns while Char expertly maneuvers the craft out of harm’s way.

They find their way to the Resistance base, with the help of a salty old smuggler called Bobby and his giant, hairy co-pilot, Sam. There, they meet General Jody Mills, leader of the resistance who clearly has a history with Bobby.

When Dean sees Cas, alive and unharmed, he can’t control  himself. Dean runs toward him, yelling out his name. Cas’ face breaks out in a smile and they embrace like long lost friends (GB3 is at his feet, a tad offended, he’ll let you know). Dean can’t stop grabbing at Cas, like he’s not sure he’s real. Cas explains how he woke up alone, in the desert, the ship nowhere in sight. He can’t take his eyes off Dean, this man who not only saved his life but completed his mission for a man he barely knows. There’s a  swell of pride and affection in his chest, which only doubles when he notices that Dean is wearing his jacket (“Keep it,” Cas insists with a small smile, when Dean offers to give it back.)

The Resistance is in the middle of a battle against the Darkness; they need to take down the Star Killer, a weapon capable of eviscerating a planet in seconds. Cas and his garrison of pilots are charged with taking out the main cannon, but the shields must come down first. Dean, with his knowledge of the ship’s layout and workings, Dean is tasked to lead the team to dismantle the shields from the inside (all while avoiding Amara Ren and his former commander, Captain Abaddon).

Cas tamps down the urge inside of himself to scream out “No!” He wants Dean to stay here,  out of danger and not risking his life. Just because he didn’t want to kill for the Darkness doesn’t mean he should die for the Resistance. Dean is determined though, bolstered by the fact that Char was taken captive and they need to get her back.

Before they both leave on their missions, Cas and Dean meet up one last time.

“Be careful out there,” Dean says.

“You too,” Cas replies. They stand their for a moment, awkwardly, before Cas reaches out and pulls Dean  in for a forceful hug. Dean holds on tight,  pouring all of his worry and fear into the embrace.  As they reluctantly pull away, Dean moves in and kisses him. It’s such a brief,  blink-and-you’ll-miss-it action, but it sets Cas’ pulse thundering in his chest and his adrenaline skyrocketing.

Dean licks at his lips as he pulls back and gives Cas a brief smile as he turns and makes his way back to Bobby and his ship. Cas watches him walk away, still wearing his jacket, until GB3 lets out a low whistle. Cas rolls his eyes, dons his helmet and climbs in the cockpit,  ready to face the fight ahead of them.

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Wait so your asexual buty ou post a shit ton of sim smut

lol don’t make things weird anon.. because I personally don’t have interests in relationship/sex means my characters aren’t suppose to?

they enjoy sex very much if you haven’t noticed, bruh. also i don’t post ‘shit tons’ of ‘sim smut’. i can’t even recall the last time i’ve posed my sim giving a blow job, i mean seriously. 

i think this is the reason why some people (a large portion actually) in the sims rp community fail to differentiate themselves from their characters and end up taking situations very personal. i’ve noticed here quite a bit (in my own experience) that folks tend to confuse their characters with a perception of themselves and have them react OOC. it’s unfortunate because it leaves the other person in an uncomfortable position.. aka me.

you are not your character.. i wish more people understood this.