taken by my wonderful boyfriend

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Name: Starts with an H, I stopped going by this on Tumblr recently because it just wasn’t resonating with me
Nicknames: Wisp, Sean Spicy
Zodiac sign: Virgo sun, Cancer moon
Height: 5′3″
Orientation: Pansexual because who doesn’t love kitchenware amirite
Single/Taken: Dating my wonderful boyfriend who somehow makes me feel good every day and he is amazing ^^
Nationality: Eagle Land (aka American)
Hobbies: Memes. Reading, writing, music. Witch stuff. Uhhh. Making really bad jokes???
Religion: Pagan, currently in the process of being a Kemetic (don’t feel worthy of the title yet tbh lolol)
Favorite fruit: bananaaass
Favorite season: Autumn because leaf fall down
Favorite book: Harry Potter let’s be real
Favorite flower: hydrangea
Favorite scent: dragon’s blood…..I’m sorry I love it so much…
Favorite color: Purple…..and pink
Favorite animal: P e n g u i n s 
Favorite tv show: GREY’S ANATOMYYYYYYY
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee mmm
Cat or dog person: Cats definitely
Favorite fictional character: probably Amelia Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)
Number of blankets you sleep with: Three 
Blog created: February 4th of this year
Number of followers: 282, I am a smol bean but I love my 282 bean children

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This is Koi. She was found in an abandoned house in Providence, Rhode Island and taken in by the wonderful Providence Animal Rescue League. My boyfriend and I fell in love with her instantly, but we had to wait quite a while to take her home because of a nasty respiratory infection. It was worth the wait, though, and she’s been our happy, chirpy little kitty ever since :D

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