taken by my hot friend

“TEYRIS! Let’s go! We are going to be late and all the hot guys will be taken!” My best friend Hailey yelled loudly.

“Alright, alright! I just finished straightening my hair!” I said. 

I looked one last time in the mirror and checked to make sure everything looked good. I put my hand in my bra and brought my boobs out more to make them look bigger. I already had big boobs but why not use them to my advantage? 

Hailey and I hopped in the car went to the club. I’d never been to a club before, but Hailey always raved about how much fun they were so I decided to go for a change. 

Music blasting, people grinding, sweaty bodies everywhere: everything that happened at a club, and I loved it.

It was my first time at one and I didn’t really know what to expect but I was in love already with it. 

I went straight to the dance floor with my friends and started dancing. I felt two hands grab my waist and a figure started dancing with me. 

I looked to my friend to see if he was hot or not. Her mouth was agape. I snapped my fingers in her face and she gave me two thumbs up. This guy must be smoking. 

A new song came on and I started moving I the beat. I grinded with the guy until I heard him whisper in my ear. 
“Why don’t we go somewhere more quiet?” His deep voice said nibbling on my ear. 

I nodded my head and he brought to the bathroom. Thankfully it was a single and it was pretty nice. He locked the door and turned around finally giving me a view of his face. 

He was gorgeous. Brown hair and brown eyes, a jawline to die for and an extremely muscular body. I was partially shocked someone so attractive was dancing behind me all that time.

“So what’s your name, gorgeous?” He said smirking as he eyes my body up and down.

“Teyris, and you?” I returned the question. 

“Cameron,” He replied quickly before charging his lips onto mine.

Our lips worked in sync. My hands came to his neck, pulling him as close as possible. His hands found my hips as he grinded himself onto me slightly. 
He hiked up my dress and began rubbing me through my thong. 

“Yes, Cameron right there.” I moaned, reassuring him that I was enjoying it. 
Suddenly his finger plunged into me, causing me to gasp at the pleasure. He pumped his fingers in and out of me as fast as possible. I brought his neck closer to me. I left kisses across his neck and jawline, leaving hickies here and there. 

Cameron curled his fingers, hitting my g-spot every time, bringing me closer to my high. 

He kissed me on my lips, his tongue explored my mouth. Seconds later, Cameron hit my g-spot one last time, causing me to go off the edge and come all over his fingers.

“Why don’t we take this back to my place?” Cameron asked, smirking wickedly to himself as he extended his hand for me to follow him.

*Kaitlin ( pineapplegrier )collaboration to the imagine is from this point on*

I followed Cameron through the waves of sweaty bodies dancing to the beat of the music and into his car. He wasted no time at all speeding to his house, which happened to be about five minutes away from the club we were previously at.

“You dance like a fucking pro,” Cameron smirked over at me, “You definitely caught my attention!”

I smirked back at him confidently,

“That’s not the only thing I’m a pro at.”
His eyes switched and he stared at me, eyes full of lust. He shook his head and chuckled lightly to himself before lunging himself toward me, lips pressed against mine. “You’re an animal, Teyris,” he mumbled.

Our lips collided in sync for a few moments until I allowed my hands to wander down Cameron’s bare biceps and to the hem of his shirt. I pulled away from the kiss and looked up at him. “I want this off.”

He smirked and basically dragged me into his bedroom, anticipation glowing in his eyes. Within no time, our shirts were scattered along his bedroom floor and I was left completely bare and vulnerable before him. I stared up at him and pouted. “You’re wearing more clothes than me!”

Cameron smirked and quickly removed his pants and boxers, allowing his member to breath. He grabbed a condom and rolled it onto him. He turned to me, eyes wandering all over my body. “Fuck the foreplay! I need you so bad, Teyris.”

He hurried to where I was lying on his bed and pushed himself into me, stopping briefly to let me adjust. He pulled out and smirked slightly to himself before roughly slamming himself into me. I let out a scream of pleasure at his sudden actions and tried to adjust myself once more.

Cameron thrusted into me repeatedly and clenched his jaw, letting out a soft groan. “You feel so damn good around me, you know that?”
I let out a soft nod and let out a moan, feeling my eyes roll back. “Cameron, fuck, f-faster!”

He quickly complied, his pace picking up rapidly. His hand trailed down and his thumb rubbed me furiously, causing me to let out a continuous string of moans and curses as he worked on me. I felt myself quickly reaching my peak, and I clenched around him to warn him.
Cameron let out a loud moan at the feeling and grinned down at me. “I-I know, Teyris. I’m close too.” I let out another moan and before I knew it, I fell apart around Cameron. His thumb continued to rub on me as he helped me ride out my orgasm, and I watched his face distort in pleasure as he came.
I’d never seen a more beautiful sight, and I couldn’t help but wonder why he’d chosen me of all people to dance with at the club.

He pulled himself out of me and flopped down beside me, trying to gain control of his ragged breathing. He turned to me and grinned, biting his lip slightly. He stared at me for a brief moment and I began feeling slightly self-conscious.

“You’re beautiful,” he grinned, “And if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to take you out sometime.”

I blushed slightly and grinned back at him. “That sounds like an excellent idea.”

He smirked up at me and wiggled his eyebrows, his smirk growing into a gorgeous, wide smile.

“I’m full of excellent ideas, Teyris. You should stick around for a while to hear them all. I guarantee you won’t be let down.”