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Because I BROTP Mimi with everyone.

All of the original Digidestined boys - Taichi, Yamato, Jyou, Koushirou, and Takeru have been asked at least once if Mimi was their girlfriend.

Their friends/classmates/acquaintances who are not familiar with Mimi in general are baffled by how openly affectionate she is to her guy friends so at first meeting they tend to think that she’s the girlfriend.


So Mimi is finally able to make it to Tai’s soccer match (a peaceful one, with no digiworld-related interruptions), she goes full-on cheerleading mode shouting to Tai from the stands because none of the others could make it.

When Tai’s teammates notice the pretty girl, they all just go, “Whoa, Yagami - that’s not your sister, right?”

Tai just scratches his head and says, “Yeah, that’s… Mimi. Being Mimi.”

And after they win the match, she congratulates him via one of her super hugs and his teammates loudly shout, “YAGAMI WE DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!”

After Tai explains that oh no, it’s not like that at all, he had to shield Mimi from his team because they’re all trying to ask for her number.


One time before a gig, his bandmates find Yamato backstage with Mimi beside him. And his bandmates gape because she was busy reading Yamato’s notebook. Like, his secret notebook where he writes songs and arrangements and never lets any of his bandmates so much as touch it. But there was this girl not only reading it, but also writing on it and talking happily with Yamato about it. And is he… IS HE SINGING TO HER? Also she’s fixing his clothes and his hair like it’s totally her business.

So Yamato gets dragged to the side and interrogated: “Yamato, new girlfriend? What happened to Takenouchi-san?”

“Don’t be an idiot, she’s Sora’s best friend.“

"What’s she doing with your top secret notebook?”

“She’s from America, I’m making her check my English lyrics.”


“What? She wanted to know the melody so she won’t mess it up with her corrections.”


And then there’s Jyou. Coming from a tough day at prep school or wherever it is that’s draining his soul with studying. He just exited the building and then suddenly Mimi is latching on to his arm, “JYOU-SENPAI, FANCY SEEING YOU AROUND HERE!”

Turns out there was a sale from that fashion boutique nearby and Mimi just came back from fighting for a “really nice green dress, senpai! It reminds me of Palmon and I fought three other girls for it! You should’ve seen it! I was great!”

He’s too tired so it takes a while before he noticed that Mimi-kun was pulling him on the opposite direction from the subway and when he asked her where she was taking him, she so easily said that they’re grabbing dinner together because he looks like he’s in dire need of nutrition and she’s tired from the brutal sale fight.

Cue some of his classmates who go to the same prep school seeing them leave together, Mimi holding on to his arm like she owns it.

The next day, they told him that they were pleased to finally see him with his girlfriend (who they had been sure didn’t exist) and he’s just confused because he was sure he hasn’t seen his girlfriend in WEEKS.


Say Koushirou’s a member of the computer club, and always the earliest in the club room. One day some of his clubmates walk in on Mimi trying to distract him from his coding because “YOU SAID YOU’LL TEACH ME THIS MATH THINGY IF I COME HERE WITH YOU KOUSHIROU-KUN BUT NOW YOU’RE GLUED TO YOUR SCREEN WHY”

And he just says a good ol’ “In a minute, Mimi-san.” oblivious to the fact that she had already placed all sorts of ribbons and clips in his hair, his collar was standing up, his necktie had been tied into a bow, and she had gone through his phone taking 500 selfies with him in the background and sending snapchats to the others.

When he snaps out of it, he sighs and asks her to sit down and they’ll start doing the homework and Mimi is so happy because “FINALLY!” so she pulls up her chair right beside him and and he struggles not to blush too much as she comfortably leans on him while he explains the homework.

It took a full week for Koushirou to find out that all his clubmates know Mimi as his girlfriend.

Also yes he didn’t notice the colorful monstrosities on his hair and the state of his clothes until he was well on his way home.


And Takeru.

Oh Lord, Takeru.

Let’s just say he and Mimi are fashion buddies by now and some of his friends saw them shopping together, arms linked and eating ice cream as they stroll around the mall because that’s how they roll.



Like. Just Mimi. Being Mimi and showering everyone with affection because she’s making up for lost time and it’s just so great to be back with her boys. And Sora and Kari see this and just couldn’t help but go ‘Awwww’ because if they acted like so towards any of the boys they’d totally freak out. They’ve all got a huge soft spot for Mimi and it’s great to have her back because she just makes everyone smile a little brighter.

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So you didn’t mean to fall asleep, you’d only meant to scope out the upstairs in this boarded-up house, but one of the rooms had had a bed, a real legit bed, and you’d just lain down for a minute or two to quiet your head cause it’d been a shit few days – next to no money and long days spent driving, all of you tired and slightly on edge. Three days earlier Dean had stitched up a gash on your arm, had shared enough of the whiskey to get slightly drunk and had kissed you. That part was good, that part wasn’t the problem. But Sam had got back inconveniently early and then you’d had to blow town in a hurry, three days of driving, catching glances sometimes in the rearview mirror but nothing spoken or said, not even time to try, all sleeping together cramped and uncomfortable in the Impala by the side of the road. Now you’d found this house, were going to squat here till the next credit cards showed up. Hopefully. 

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The world had stopped and all eyes were pointed to Mimi. Nora had taken Mimi’s phone, and that was fine by her. She didn’t need it any way. All it was were tainted memories and a whole of sadness. Mimi ran down to Zander’s room, and when she opened the door, the world fell out of orbit. The axis shifted. She felt upside down and inverted. The room spun. Mimi just sat down, staring, with the door wide open. She was in a state of not knowing if she wanted to be alone or surrounded by people. All she knew is that she wanted her Zander, but just like her mom, she would never get him back. Not even for one last hug.