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ok!! I've had it!! WHAT. IS. THAT. PICTURE. FROM. the one where john is leaning into paul and he's already wearing his glasses and paul's hair is a bit long. I NEED TO KNOW DDD: what's the context of this?? because they seem like...about to break up (if their clothes and style is anything to go by) but they look so comfortable with one another and it's such a loving stance that they have and jesus.. just thinking that among all that conflict they could've had this small respite IDMDFLSD

you’re talking about these photos, right?

Yes, they’re beautiful. These photos were taken by Linda in late 1968.

John & Paul were in the Apple Studios, writing together. They weren’t alone in the room, there was also George Martin, Mary Hopkins and Yoko.

These photos were shown in 2008 at Linda exhibition in London at James Hyman Gallery, and for these photos there was a description by Bily Bernstein explaining that John and Paul had a memorable 24-hours session of organizing the songs.

a little extra:

This is a photo of Paul at the exhibition looking at John’s photo.