taken by jeanne

The last third of episode 23 annoy me so goddamn much, none of it makes any sense whatsoever in terms of coservation of power and battle dynamics.

  • First of all, why do Azazel and Jeanne even bother to land on the deck when they could have taken him out from air using their newly bestowed (in Jeanne’s case) or conveniently forgotten up until now (in Azazel’s case) destructive powers?

Jeanne is able to evaporate an entire Onyx squad mid flight.

Azazel is able to clean off an entire deck full of soldiers in one rapid-snake-fire swipe. 

  • When combined their powers are able to destroy several golems with one shot and give off explosions as tall as the kingdom’s gates.
  • Jeanne even gives a warning shot, which I’m not even sure is supposed to be a warning shot and for all intents and purposes should have swept Cheerios off his feet yet here he is, completely still, unflinching and unwavering.

Did he glue his shoes to the floor? 

  • Persistence at portraying Cheerios as the ultimate stoic badass is starting to make this whole thing cross into comedy territory. Because this whole deck just exploded but nope this guy has patented Michael Jackson’s stage shoes and is ready to do The Tilt.
  •  I guess shooting super destructive lasers doesn’t work against Cheerios’ invisible plot shield.
  • Both Jeanne and Azazel need to get down to the deck where they are being greeted by the Onyx squad. 
  • There is merely six of them, a reminder Jeanne is able to take out three in one swing of her spear of doom.
  • Onyx soldiers proceed to take off their magic-repellent gear.
  • Which means they are now perfectly pierceable by Azazel’s snakes.
  • Yet he doesn’t instantly shred them with his snakes, where it would have been the most logical and effective course of action.
  • Is this supposed to give them those super speed powers? That doesn’t make much sense either because Azazel is shown moving even faster in ep 1. How is this supposed to help them evade Azazel’s attacks?
  • Doesn’t matter, it apparently works! And now the guys who were being taken out by Jeanne with ease throughout the episode are suddenly giving her trouble.
  • Is she being extra careful because she might accidentally hurt Cheerios?
  • Their super speed is even giving Azazel trouble… what now…. just HOW? Azazel is fast, really fast. His physical strength is debatable but not his speed!
  • Azazel and Jeanne for some reason bother to fight the Onyx squad on foot with swords, instead of just using their wings and flying a few feet above their heads where they can’t be reached and just nuking the whole deck to all hell.
  • No, seriously, why couldn’t Jeanne just do the circular saw toss and get them all out in one swing?
  • Another episode, another instance of characters conveniently forgetting their powers, their super speed and reflexes because the writers need Cheerios to live on for another day. 
  • This guy just can’t win a clean fight on his own, can he.
  • I understand it’s all in service of drama but for pete’s sake can we please try to make it believable?
  • While we’re at it, how about we try not to make the other characters look foolish, incompetent or downright amnesiac?
  • When Azazel lost in Genesis it was evidently his own fault. He was careless and easily distracted. It was an in character and convincing method of walking around the difference in powers between him and Kai/Fava.
  • But here? There is NO WAY he would have played it out like this. Why can’t the goddamn power levels be consistent for once?
  • The only thing that’s missing is Cheerios looking at the camera and giving the audience a playful wink because his plot armour is crossing the 4th wall-breaking territory at this point.

Meet the newest faces of the southern resident killer whales! The Whale Museum’s baby naming contest has ended, congratulations to those who came up with the names and those who voted for them! So, without further ado, here are the selected titles:

•L-122 Magic:
This little calf was a male born in 2015 to L-91 Muncher. He was named this since every wild orca encounter can only be described as magical!
•J-53 Kiki:
Kiki is a female born sometime during 2015 to J-17 Princess Angeline. She was given this name after Chief Seattle’s daughter’s original name: Kikisoblu.
•L-123 Lazuli:
L-123 was born late December 2015 to mother L-103 Lapis. Lapis Lazuli is a dark blue stone valued for its beauty, so it was only natural that we completed the rock’s name in the form of this mother and calf pair!
•J-54 Dipper:
This male calf was first seen in December of 2015 with mom J-28 Polaris. J-54’s name is connected to his mother’s, much like how L-123’s is! In the constellation the Little Dipper, the end star on the handle is the North Star, aka Polaris.

As we transition from summer to fall, and fall to winter, we wish that each one of these precious calves will make it through the coming months. It is our hope that we will see them breaching one day as full grown adults, with children and grandchildren at their sides! Welcome to the world little ones, it’s great to have you here!

All photos were taken by Jeanne Hyde.