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Hey!!! I was wondering if you knew if there was someone/who was (or is) filming Chris??? Whenever he does Dodger vids or like, takes pics where his hands are obviously otherwise occupied??? Has he ever said??? Or is he a camera timer magician or he just props his phone up somehow

I don’t know him personally so I can only speculate but he’s never said it himself and it depends on the photo/video. He’s inept when it comes to technology but he’s trying his best okay.

These photos were taken by him for sure:

This was taken by someone else:

He can try to play this off as someone catching him sleeping but there’s a shadow of his laptop and his hand is extended just so and his eyelashes are too perfect for him not to be faking it and I’m on to you, Evans: 

The videos of Dodger with the bird and playing with his food were taken by him, but his reunion video sounds like it was either taken by his sister Carly or she was standing very close to whoever filmed it!

Hockey Luke - part 3!

HEY IM BACK so this is the last part of hockey Luke enjoy! send in more requests please! Im gonna be gone next week but after that im going to be more active !

part 1   part 2

A week had passed since you had found yourself awake in Luke’s room. You had slipped out of his apartment silently, and since then you and Luke had pretended like the kiss had never happened, speaking to each other normally. However, since the morning you woke up with Luke’s arms wrapped around you, face nuzzled in your neck, your thoughts had been taken over fully by Luke. You kept replaying the kiss in your head, wondering what it would be like to date the lanky boy.

“You have to do something about it!” Carly yelled at you one day as you lay in her bed. You rolled your eyes, knowing she was right but not wanting to admit it. As Carly rambled on about how cute you two would be, you heard your phone buzz. Coincidentally, it was a text from Luke.

Luke: Hey Y/n :) do you wanna come over later? I’m ordering some pizza. Friday movie night won’t be the same without you

You smiled at the text, catching Carly’s attention. “OMG you just got a text from Luke didn’t you?! Let me see!” Before you could do anything about it, Carly had taken your phone. “Carly!” you whined. “Give it back!” “Y/n you have to go!” Carly screamed, jumping up from the bed. “But I’m hanging out with you…” you replied, trying to excuse yourself from going, even though a part of you wanted to be with Luke. “Y/n you are going to Luke’s. We will hangout tomorrow. But you have to go!” she answered, pushing you out the door already. You grumbled, but allowed her to  push you out, walking to your car. “Have fun! Be safe! Tell him how you feel! It’s obvious that he likes you!” she continued, waving from her porch. “Bye mom,” you giggled, leaving your excited friend behind as you started your car.

Standing in front of the wooden door in the hallway that you had walked through countless times before, you found this time hard to knock. ‘What are you going to say? What if it gets awkward? What if he kisses me again?’ your thoughts took over you. “Stop,” you mumbled to yourself, edging closer to the door and raising your arm. ‘Luke’s my friend, everything will be fine.’ Finally knocking on the door, you had no time to have second thoughts, as Luke answered two seconds later. The blonde boy looked up, eyes lighting up as soon as he saw who it was. “I didn’t think you’d show up,” he grinned, dimples showing. God you loved those dimples. “Well here I am!” you returned his smile, walking into his apartment.

“So what are we watching tonight?” you continued as you sat down on the couch, making yourself at home. Luke giggled as he started to walk over, following your steps and sitting next to you. “Well I was thinking we could watch the Amazing Spider Man? I haven’t watched that in a while.” “Sounds great,” you turned your head and smiled at him, taking in all his facial features. His blonde hair was tousled as he hadn’t gone out today, his jaw line prominent in the low lighting. The light from the TV screen made his beautiful blue eyes glow, his chapped lips a dark pink. You were shaken out of your thoughts as the movie started, trying to concentrate on Peter Parker instead of the pretty boy sitting next to you. 

You could feel Luke glance at you occasionally throughout the movie, but you ignored them, focusing on Peter Parker rescuing Gwen instead. However, right as Gwen and Peter were about to kiss, Luke paused the movie. “Hey! I was watching that Lu-” you began, but were cut off by a very frustrated Luke. “I’m sorry, but I can’t concentrate. Y/n, ever since we kissed, you have taken up all of my thoughts. You’re my friend, and I know you don’t like me, but I just can’t stop thinking about you and I just want to see you and be with you and-” you started to giggle, causing Luke to stop ranting. “Ok Y/n I knew you weren’t going to reciprocate those feelings, but you don’t have to laugh,” Luke looked down. “Luke, you’re a dumbass,” you stated, causing him to look up in confusion. “I’ve liked you for years, I can’t believe you’ve been so blind!” you smiled. With that, Luke closed the space between you two, his soft lips touching yours. He pulled away, cupping your face. “Will you go on a date with me?” You tried to hide the huge grin on your face and the blush that was starting you form, but you couldn’t help it. Your biggest crush, the star of the hockey team, had just asked YOU out. “I thought you’d never ask,” you replied, connecting your lips with his again.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Photo taken by Carly Nasznic

Abendstille and I in the Low Adult Hunters 2'6"
WEF Week 7


In honor of Carli Lloyd being nominated for the The Best 2016 FIFA Women’s Player award. 

1st pic: subbing off for Ali Krieger, USWNT v COL. Talen Energy Stadium, Chester, PA. Apr. 10, 2016.

2nd pic: CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying Championship: USWNT def. CAN. Post-game interview.. BBVA Compass Stadium, Houston, TX. Feb. 21, 2016.

3rd pic: open practice, Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA. Sept. 17, 2016.

All photos taken by: ME (allthingsarecuredbysaltwater)

you can’t tell me that one of the most embarrasing things about arrow isn’t the poorly photoshopped photos because i mean