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Stay, älskling- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so I’m SO SORRY! This didn’t get up yesterday! Work was a disaster! So you’ll get 4 updates today! I’m really sorry guys! Ok so this is smutty! I like how this one turned out! Anyway for those not joining us, up next is: well and Auston Matthews smut, so later today is Andre Burakovsky!

Warning: smut, sex, smexy time, cursing

Anon Request: i loved the andre “hang out” imagine!! do you think you could sort of do a part 2 to that? like she’s at his house for a booty call basically (smutty!! if you dont mind - you write it well!) and then after that she normally just leaves right away but hes like no stay/let’s hang out/let’s just lay here/something, anything fluffy? basically like they’re transitioning from just being fuck buddies to being more into each other? thank you for writing for all of us!!!

Hang Out- Part One


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Andre Burakovsky - Language Barrier

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Finally got this up! I hope you like it! Shout out to @hockeyobsessedloser for giving me this idea!

Word Count: 1320

Warnings: None?

Recently, Andre had convinced you to move out to Malmö with him during off season. You were resistant at first, not knowing if you wanted to leave all your friends, family, and job, by moving to another country. But, he convinced you by stating the fact it’s only a couple months out of the year that you would be there.

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Sorry for being kind of dead lately. I’m currently waiting for pictures from the last convention I attended. I’ll hopefully post more pictures soon seeing as I’ll soon be starting on two new costumes ^^

Also this costume is really really uncomfortable, I can barely sit in it and I can’t move my head a lot because the cheek pieces would come loose, but I still love it ^^

Picture taken by: Giovanni Andres Thielman

Character: Brainiac 5 from Legion of Superheroes

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Headcanons for Flavio?? :o

- Fashionista from hell
- He’s incredibly sassy but do not mistake his demeanor for him being weak
- Can not handle bodily fluids at all. He especially hates blood cause how bad it stains
- He can fight very well and has a very high pain tolerance
- In bed he can range from daddy dom top to whimpering bottom
- Prefers bottom but that doesn’t mean he’ll complain to being a top
- Really into BDSM
- He doesn’t enjoy children or animals very much but he will tolerate both.
- His hair is naturally brown but he bleaches it.
- His skin is naturally baby soft. It’s amazing
- Incredibly smart and he taught his brother everything he knows
- His brother is everything to him and he will give his life to make sure his brother is happy
- He killed their grandfather when he tried to hurt Luciano.
- When he was younger he was taken by Andres cause he was strong enough to put up a good fight
- He liked to steal gold from Andres and melt it down to make crowns
- He got into fashion when he was 14 and lost his virginity to one of his models.
- He swore to never have relationships with any of his models after that
- His curl works as an e-zone

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can you give us some facts about john adore?


  • Andre’s alias when meeting with Benedict Arnold was “John Anderson”. Clever.
  • Andre studied in Geneva, where he charmed almost all of his peers with his intelligence, drawings, and poetry.
  • His first well-known relationship was with a writer named Honora Sneyd. He carried a miniature of Honora for years after they broke up, and concealed it in his mouth as a POW to keep from having it taken away
  • Andre planned the Mischianza, a party in celebration of General Howe. He coordinated multiple other events while serving in the army
  • Ironically, Andre’s last day as a free man was the 4 year anniversary of Nathan Hale’s death
  • Alexander Hamilton admired Andre, and wrote “Never did a man suffer death with more justice, or deserve it less,” about his execution
  • For most of 1776, Andre was a POW in Pennsylvania. He promised his captors that he wouldn’t try to escape, and since a man’s honor rested on his word in those times, they left him mostly to his own devices
  • Andre died childless, as did all of his siblings
  • After Andre’s death, his brother William was made a baronet as compensation, but the title was not passed on to any relatives after William’s death and it died with him.

sources are all in the books mentioned here


Tanimbar Scrub Pythons (simalia nauta) 

I thought I’d post, I was sent these pictures of Pixie’s parents, a male axanthic patternless to a female xanthic DH patternless axanthic. Pixie hatched in October 2015, and these adults are only between 5~6 feet! First pic male, 2nd pic female. They are currently 8 years old, and they were farm raised in Indonesia.

It’s really hard to reproduce them in captivity- only a few people were able to. 95% of Tanimbars are imports/wild caught.

I’d say Pixie herself is about 4 feet long right now.

(animals owned and pics taken by Andre Mondin)

My main problem with Turn is definitely the lack of any spying. It’s a complaint most people who watch the show have. However, my other problem with the show, surprisingly enough, isn’t the forced love… square… between Abe, Anna, Selah, and Simcoe. I hate that aspect of the show, and I think it is absolutely pointless. But I feel it stems from a very simple factor: Abe Woodhull should not be the main character of the show to begin with.

From the start, it should have been about Ben. Ben Tallmadge, who had to deal with the death of his closest friend in the world only a month or so before the series begins. Ben, who saw the flaws in the system. Who saw the problem with the spy network as it was. Who saw his best friend sent into something way over his head, with zero support whatsoever. Ben who learned from those mistakes to create a complex, intricate, and well run spy network.

It’s clear that Ben is the center of the whole spy ring. Yes, the ring was named after Abe (and Townsend’s) alias, but Ben created it. Ben was the one to create the code, select his spies, and make the whole thing work.

It’s made all the more obvious when Andre is taken into account. Andre, head of British intelligence; basically the Benjamin Tallmadge of the British Army. The two of them are clearly foils for one another. Suave, debonair, seductive John Andre. Proud, dignified, humble and honestly a little awkward Benjamin Tallmadge. So different from one another, but both equally good at what they do. Yet in the show’s perspective, Andre is a main character, and Ben is not. I personally think it would be far more interesting to focus on the two of them. Their similarities. Their differences. 

And, knowing how their history plays out- how Ben is the one to see through the Benedict Arnold scandal before anyone else, and how he was the one who actually beat Andre at his own game- I just feel it would be such a more engaging show. You wouldn’t have to grasp at straws for drama, like you do when you focus on Abe Woodhull. The argument that the modern public only cares about sex and drama would be totally null and void if they took the show in this direction. You wouldn’t need to add a pointless love square or anything like that. Andre can have plenty of love scenes, keeping any fans of that sort of thing happy, and you could absolutely overplay Ben’s internal anger and thirst for revenge over the death of Nathan Hale.

And of course, if these two were the main characters instead, you would actually get to see more… spying. Which I don’t think could ever be a bad thing.