Little rant

I’m so sick of hearing “but you look so much older” or “your so mature tho” “you can have more than one boy friend” “its just online, its not cheating” and “if I don’t bust it could physically hurt me. Your a girl you don’t understand”
Like really I get these messages every day from creeps and it pisses me off. I’m a little and I have a boy friend who I call daddy. So leave me alone. Your not my Daddy and u can’t be. And I don’t care if your balls fall off. I don’t owe you anything. I ain’t gotta make u cum. I ain’t leading u on. How is “I don’t feel comfortable doing this” mean “I want you baby”????
I won’t saying that u can’t talk to me if your older. Just understand that when j say no. I mean no. And I have a boyfriend.
But if your gonna be a doodoo head get the fudge off my blog now.

Survivors: Chapter 1, The Storm

This is first chapter in the sequel to Taken, which can be found in the Master List of my fanfics. In this AU diverging from the end of Dragonfly in Amber, Claire was stopped by a redcoat soldier just as she tried to flee through the stones before the battle of Culloden.

We were lucky to be alive, and we knew it. So many others were gone, either lost at Culloden or to English retribution in its aftermath. But hidden in the remote Scottish wilderness, Jamie, Murtagh and I were as free as any Jacobite traitors could be, free of the noose, free of shackles, even free, forever, of Jack Randall. Jamie would always bear the physical and psychic scars of what Black Jack had done to him, but the righteous act of justice that Jamie had administered when he ended the sadist’s life had done much to heal his wounds.

It was only days after the massacre had ended, and we were fugitives, both from the English and from the Scots. We didn’t know what to do or where to go. But despite our precarious situation, I was relieved, for Jamie and I were together. We had made camp near a rushing stream. I hadn’t had a proper bath for longer than I cared to remember, and thus insisted on immersing myself in the clear, crisp water. Murtagh thought I’d lost my mind since the stream’s source was melted snow from the top of the nearby mountain. I was willing to put up with the near-freezing temperature for a chance to get clean. Jamie promised to keep watch while I bathed, though it was obvious that the only thing he was watching was me. “Ye look just like a water nymph rising out the river, Sassenach.”

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It’s actually fine to be alone,until night comes and you want a deep conversation with someone,but you got no one to text or call so you just lie in your bed and you stare into the walls through the dark imaging things that possibly won’t happen…and as you’re laying there all you here is your breath sound,heart beats and clock’s tick-tock.And thoughts blow your mind.You start to overthink everything.Why clothes don’t look at me the same way they do to the model I saw…why i always fail to make that hairstyle…why the boy who smiled to won’t text me to see how am i doing… Why the asshole who said he’d give everything for you,talked bullshits to his friend..why your high school bestfriend crossed the street to avoid you..and it gets scary but all this loneliness can’t bring any thing else…it makes you feel empty.
In that moment all you would like to have is someone who will be there for you to listen to you..even if it’s your silence.but they are not and it’s okay this won’t matter this time next year so why matter now.and just because we are and feel alone we shouldn’t let our loneliness lower our standards.🍀

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