takemyloveinwriting said: my god woman you are AN ANGEL I HAVE SUCH A MIGHTY NEED for Stiles jacking off to badwrong fantasies of Derek manhandling him and Derek just turns out to be patient and slow and sweet i just- PLEASE DO NOT ABANDON THIS I AM BEG

:3  Isn’t there something about it that just…makes your toes curl??  I love the idea of this just being another area where they think one thing about Derek and then it turns out TOTALLY WRONG.  I mean, sure, sometimes Derek does manhandle him and it’s fast and rough and Stiles has bruises on his hips that won’t go away for days.  But that first time–that first kiss–Derek touches him like he’s made of glass, like Stiles is going to disappear in a puff of smoke and it breaks Stiles’ heart and puts it back together again all at once.