Tōru Takemitsu (1930-1996): Toward the sea, for alto flute and guitar (1981).

I. The Night
II. Moby Dick
III. Cape Cod

Robert Aitken, flauto
Norbert Kraft, chitarra.


Classical music world cup, Day 22: Japan

Composer: 武満 徹 [Tōru Takemitsu] (1930 - 1996)

Work: Adagio (con rubato) from リタニ – マイケル・ヴァイナーの追憶に – [Litany: In Memory of Michael Vyner] (1989)

Performer: Noriko Ogawa

anonymous asked:

do you have any manga you recommend reading?


ok I mostly read seinen so I hope that’s up your alley?


my top favorites ever are Vagabond and Dorohedoro. Vagabond’s follows the story of the famous samurai Musashi Miyamoto and it’s basically about his spiritual journey about what being a warrior means to him. Dorohedoro is like super gorey so sorry if that’s not your cup of tea….but it’s one of my favs, it’s about a man that got his head transformed into a lizard’s head and lost all his memories, now he’s trying to recover his memories and true face with his friend Nikaido and shit gets wild. And it’s a seinen manga written by a woman which is like MY FAVORITE type of manga to read.

There’s Golden Kamuy ofc if you’ve been keeping up with my blog lol. It’s about a Japanese war veteran and an Ainu girl in the early 20th century that team up to find this massive amount of gold (really good and award winning too!). 

If you like Golden Kamuy I also recommend reading Dungeon Meshi! It’s like a high fantasy cooking manga. Like Dungeons and Dragons where the team makes amazing meals out of monsters. Also award winning and a seinen manga written by a woman.

This isn’t seinen but also one of my all time favs in Eyeshield 21. It’s an American football manga and a classic, the cast of characters is so diverse and vibrant. It’s also illustrated by Yusuke Murata who did the popular adaptation of ONE’s One Punch Man!! I’ve loved ES21 since I was a kid please indulge in my 11 year old self’s fav. 

Anything by Taiyo Matsumoto is AMAZING, he is definitely one of my favorite artists out there. There’s Ping Pong, Sunny, Tekkonkinkreet, and Takemitsu Zamurai. Takemitsu Zamurai is also a samurai manga and both Ping Pong and Tekkonkinkreet both have amazing animated adaptations by Yuasa Maasaki (who is also one of my favorite artists…)……..check it out

Naoki Urusawa mangas are excellent too! Although I’ve only completely read Monster lol. I picked up 20th Century Boys and finished that but forgot to continue with 21st Century Boys I’m sorry. But Monster is amazing and honestly reads a lot like a really good American drama tv show to me hahaha

Mangas I recently picked up are Innocent and To You the Immortal and THEY’RE SO GOOD they quickly shot up to my favorites on my manga list

Innocent is about an executioner’s family in France before the French Revolution, so it takes place during all the turmoil that eventually led up to the Revolution. The first installment focuses on the son of the family but the second installment switches to his sister. The art is gorgeous and has amazing visual metaphors. 

I read To You the Immortal (JP name is Fumetsu no Anata E, there isn’t an official eng name yet, i think, so to you the immortal might not be correct lol??) like 2 weeks ago and I’m still losing my mind over it. The concept is so so so well done, it’s about like? This thing that’s immortal and able to take forms of things around it that die that have hurt it? It’s so hard to explain but if you read it you will not regret it, and it’s also seinen by a woman! To be exact, it’s by Yoshitoka Oima, who also did the A Silent Voice manga if you’ve heard of that (also a manga I love about a high school boy befriending a deaf girl he used to bully in grade school). 

Houseki no Kuni and Shut Hell are also seinen mangas written by women, but I haven’t picked them up.

But yeah this list is so….so long but I love manga and I want everyone else to love manga too lmao.

From left: Toru Takemitsu, Mieko Shiomi, Toshiro Mayuzumi, Takehisa Kosugi, Yasunao Tone, Mizuno Shuko, Toshi Ichiyanagi, and Yuji Takahashi performing “IBM: Happening and Musique Concrète” in Sogetsu Contemporary Series 10: Works by Ichiyanagi Toshi on November 30, 1961 at the Sogetsu Art Center in Tokyo, Japan. Photographer unknown. The Gilbert and Lila Silverman Archive, I. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.