Les Origines: Il y eut peut-être une vision première, assoupie dans la fleur

(The Origins: There was perhaps a first vision, drowsing in the flower)

Odilon Redon


“There, some life beyond time existed quietly, in harmony, telling us of eternity–those violent and cruel powers that form the world are gently captured. That work of Redon’s that my friend showed me in his small studio looked like unformed heaven and earth, with a violent primordial energy and anxiety of things being born: an eyeball floating in the dark night, looking like… what? A flower? A human form? In “The Origins” one can see Redon’s true qualities purely concentrated in black and white: the movement of the desire in all earthly things as they aspire to evolve into something human, or, the mysterious exchange of feelings that Rilke felt in the swaying trees when he wrote, "I am becoming a tree, or, is the tree becoming me?” Emerging from some deep swamp, that eyeball will haunt me forever. Is that the stare that threatened Cain?“

–Toru Takemitsu, “Redon Fantasy: A Lone Tree in the Wasteland”, 1980.


Voice for Solo Flute - Toru Takemitsu

Robin Meiksins - Flute

Centre d'Arts Orford - Les Beaux Concerts de La Relève 7/17/14

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Classical music world cup, Day 22: Japan

Composer: 武満 徹 [Tōru Takemitsu] (1930 - 1996)

Work: Adagio (con rubato) from リタニ – マイケル・ヴァイナーの追憶に – [Litany: In Memory of Michael Vyner] (1989)

Performer: Noriko Ogawa

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Takemitsu - A String Around Autumn

Ingenious orchestration!  I absolutely love this composer.