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Imagine for Skye!

Imagine (For Skye)

Liam takes you out for ice cream and a walk. “I love ice cream” you sing. You see Liam looking at you with wide eyes. “You’re a liar!” You raised and eyebrow confused.

“What did I do?” Liam finished his ice cream. “You said you couldn’t sing!” You shrugged. “Didn’t want people to know…” Liam pouted. “But your voice is like angels singing in my ears! Sing for me more!” You sang for Liam all day. “There, I sang. Now it’s your turn.”

“Gladly.” He fixed his shirt and looked at you. You know I’ll be your life, your voice, your reason to be my love, my heart, is beting for these moments in time. I’ll find the words to say before you leave me today. You both sang and ate more food all day. It felt so good to sing with someone for once. Maybe you’ll di it more :)

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man, that was unexpected… Anyways, I loaff u all! Cos u r all awesome

One Shot for Skye

~Harry’s Point of View~

“I’m going babe. Love you!” I shouted to Skye, who was still in bed.

“Bye Haz-” She started coughing, a lot. It was really bad.

I walked up the stairs to meet her. I dragged her back into the room and put her down onto the bed. I took out my phone.

“Hello? Yeah, Louis tell everyone else I’m not gonna be there today. Skye’s sick and I’m not leaving her like this.”

“Harry, we were going to record your solos today.”

“I don’t care! She can’t be left like this! Record my solos on another day! Give some of my solos to you or Niall! You need more anyway.”

Paul was on the other end this time, “Harry. She’s just sick, this is your job, you can’t not show up!”

“Paul, I’m serious. I’m staying home. Give some of my solos away, I’m not leaving Skye like this.” This was starting to get annoying. Skye sounded like she was hacking up a hairball or something. “Goodbye!” I hung up and sat next to Skye.

“You didn’t have to do that Hazza.” She started coughing again.

“I’m making you some soup. I’ll be right back.” I turned the television on for her then made my way down to the kitchen. I found a can of soup and opened it up. I heated it up and ran back up to Skye.

“Babe! I got your food!” When I came up stairs her face was bright red. She was coughing so much she was barely breathing. “SKYE!”

I ran up to her. I patted her back, hoping to help her. When she stopped she fell back onto the pillows. “Here I made you some soup.” I took the spoon and was ready to feed her.

“I can feed myslef Harry.” Skye went to take the soup from me, I held it out of her reach.

“No. You are too weak. I’m feeding you.” I continued to feed her until the bowl was empty.

She rested her head back on the pillow. I ran my fingers through her beautiful blonde hair.

“Harry?” Skye turned to look at me. “Why did you stay and take care of me? You might be giving up your solos!”

“Skye, I love you. I just got back from tour. I was away for months, without seeing you. Without your sense of humour, without your blonde hair that shines in the sun, I was without you. Now you’re sick and I wasn’t leaving you to just go record. I would rather give up every solo I was given than have to go to work and let you suffer here.” I kissed her forehead.

“I missed you too Harry. I’m glad you stayed. Now sit down and rest a bit.”

I climbed on the other side of the bed and stayed right next to Skye for the rest of the day. By the next day she was out and about, back to being her energetic self, and I was back to work, missing Skye every second I was gone.