Prince of Stride Shipnames

after much deliberation, the admins have found the answer to one of the most burning questions of the fandom.
here are some proposed ship names:

Takeru x Riku = takeri/takeriku

Ayumu x Hozumi = ayuhozu 

Hozumi x Heath = hezumi/hasehina

Kyosuke x Heath = kyoheath

Kyosuke x Tomoe = kyoto/tokyo (one of the admins find it hilarious that it’s a city name no matter the order)

Reiji x Shizuma = reishi

Kaede x Kyosuke= kyode

Kyosuke x Hozumi= kyozumi

Ryo x Amatsu= amayo

Reiji x Heath= hasewa

Asuma x Riku= rikuma

Reiji x Takeru= takeji

Tasuku x Hasekura= takura

We will edit this as more ships come up or you can add some requests or suggestions in the ask box. 


Ah, it’s finally behind me.

Ryotaro Dojima’s Persona, Nobunaga

Anyone with a passing interest in Japanese history will know Oda Nobunaga, the infamous warlord of the sixteenth century.  A brutal daimyo, he’s known as one of the three unifiers of Japan.  He himself was fond of western styled fashion and is often depicted wearing high collars and western styled armor.  He was also a major proponent for the usage of firearms.

In Nanako’s entry I kind of had to dance around why I specifically chose to make her Persona to be the daughter of Nobunaga–in truth, I came up with Dojima’s first.  In the world of Persona 4 Dojima kind of comes across as the “ruler” of the protagonist’s world, so this Persona seems less like how Dojima sees himself but rather how those close to him see him.

I’m also kind of cheating as Kanji’s two awakened Personas (Rokuten Maoh and Takeji Zaiten) are actually technically based on Nobunaga (they’re both nicknames he had), but I figured I could get away with it as this isn’t actually an “awakened” Persona, perhaps Dojima’s second rank Persona would evolve into something else to give Kanji room (just hypothetically, I don’t plan on designing awakened Personas).

But getting to the Persona’s design–the obvious origin comes from Shadow Dojima’s car wreckage.  I took that in the obvious direction–he’s sort of a combination of a Transformer, a shogun, and Samus from Metroid.  So he’s made of car parts, or rather mostly things that look like car parts–actual car parts are pretty dry looking and difficult to draw, but I think the general effect came through the design anyway.  The gun arms could be seen as a callback to Nobunaga’s usage of firearms in warfare.  I also really like the visuals of bullet belts.  The flower symbol on his belt is the symbol of the Oda clan, and is the same as seen on Nanako’s Persona, Tokuhime.

The design didn’t change much from my original sketches even all the way back when I first came up with him (again, I actually came up with this design before Nanako’s).  So it’s been a long time coming.

Dojima himself of course needs a standard issue handgun.  He’s gotta do this shit by the book.  I had given him normal glasses at first but he just didn’t look right.  The sunglasses ended up being much cooler looking.

Go here to compare to Shadow Dojima.

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I’ve seen that JOC post going around (and may have even reblogged it myself?) and reblogged by Jews and non Jews alike. That’s good! What’s not so good is that part of the post doesn’t show Jews at all, it shows people who belong to a Christian congregation founded by a man who is a fervent believer in Christian Zionism/Messianic Judaism. 

The Wikipedia page for that church states:

The Holy Ecclesia of Jesus also known as the Congregation of Jesus  is an independent Japanese church founded by Ōtsuki Takeji in 1946. It is the third largest of the Japanese-founded churches. The Holy Ecclesia of Jesus is a movement aimed at recovering apostolic Christianity and entrusted with a special mission regarding the nation of Israel in these “last days.” Ōtsuki writes that its authentic mission is not to transmit the doctrine or theology of Christianity, but to manifest the living Christ in our lives.  As of 2007, the movement had approximately 5,000 members throughout Japan.

The JOC post shows a choir from “Beit Shalom in Japan.” Beit Shalom was created by Takeji: 

Ōtsuki’s concern for the nation of Israel clearly reflects the views of Nakada Jūji, his mentor in the Japan Holiness Church, whose theology was dominated in his later years by eschatological concerns and the idea that Japan was somehow connected to the salvation of Israel. Without denying this influence, Ōtsuki claims that he also received a special revelation concerning the movement’s responsibilities toward Israel while he was a missionary in China. He reports that the Lord instructed him:

  1. To pray for the restoration of the nation of Israel;
  2. To pray for the spiritual renewal of Israel, which is the condition for the return of Christ;
  3. To pray for the peace of Jerusalem, which is the key to the peace of the world; and
  4. To pray for the coming of the Messiah of Peace.

Ten years after Ōtsuki received this revelation and began praying fervently for the restoration of Israel, the nation of Israel was established as an independent state. This provided important confirmation for Ōtsuki and his followers at an early stage of this movement’s development. This apocalyptic consciousness and the concern for the nation of Israel pervades all aspects of this movement today.

In 1946, Father Ōtsuki Takeji founded Beit Shalom (also known as Japan Christian Friends of Israel), according to what he said were the instructions of God. At the time, he had not met a Jew in his life; indeed, he had to wait until 1962 before he would ever meet an Israeli. Beit Shalom was created as a guest house for Israeli and Jewish visitors to Japan, where they could stay for free for up to three nights. Beit Shalom also holds concerts in the visitors’ honor, presented by the Shachar Choir (Dawn Choir) composed of native Japanese members of the Sei Iesu Kai congregation. The choir sings songs in Hebrew for Israeli guests in order to “express the love of Israel and to promote friendship between Israel and Japan.” Beit Shalom also created and runs the Holocaust Education Center in Fukuyama, near Hiroshima. Many members of the Sei Iesu Kai clergy have studied in Israel and speak Hebrew, and Father Ōtsuki himself received the Honorary Fellow of Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1994.

So while there is a Jewish community in Japan, Beit Shalom is not one of them, and it’s quite frankly alarming to see that a decidedly Messianic organisation is running a Holocaust education centre and even functioning as a diplomatic hub. It’s important to support our fellow Jews but also recognise fakes. 

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Fujishima Takeji  藤島武二 (1867-1943). 

Peintre japonais surtout connu pour avoir introduit dans la peinture nihon-ga 日本画 des éléments de la peinture moderne européenne, en particulier l'impressionnisme. Il est également un des représentants du courant yō-ga 洋画 (style occidental) de la peinture japonaise à la fin du  XIXe siècle et au début du  XXe siècle. À la fin de sa vie il est influencé par le mouvement Art nouveau.

anonymous asked:

A scenario of Oikawa, Akaashi and Kuroo making breakfast for their future partner with their child(ren)? Either for their birthday, they were sick or just because. Also, can you add some comedy, such as burnt food or mistaking salt for sugar? Thank you :]

Ahhhh domestic stuff gives me life! I love the idea of our volleybabes growing up and having precious babies to teach their volleyball skills to T~T I love them all so much! Thanks for requesting! -Admin Satori <3

Akaashi Keiji:

You didn’t know the meaning to taking it easy, regardless of your status as being 7 and a half months pregnant. But your husband, Akaashi, knew how to handle it, since you’d done the same for your two other children, Takeji and Amari.

So, as soon as you started showing signs of being sick, Akaashi had called your boss and explained that you would not be coming in; Your boss had been relieved to get the call from your husband, thinking maybe Akaashi hadn’t noticed as quickly as he had the previous two times, but agreed nonetheless and submitted your already filled out paperwork for maternity leave. You’d been asleep when Akaashi had disabled all your alarm clocks and had your two young children hide your work shoes and briefcase.

He woke up early that morning and got out of bed to head into the kitchen silently, pulling out all the needed supplies for the soup he’s made for you for your health to bounce back. Akaashi yawned as he set the pot to boil slowly as he got to work cutting up vegetables and getting the measurements of all the spices.

“Daddy?” Akaashi turned his head to see his daughter, Amari, staring up at him with bleary eyes. He smiled softly and picked her up, setting her on the counter next to the stove, and pointing at her quietly so she knew not to get any closer to where his current workstation was. Amari smiled sleepily at her father, “Are you taking care of mama and my little sister?” She asked as the smell of her father’s remedy soup filled the kitchen, making her little belly rumble with hunger.

“Yes… Your mother doesn’t know when to stop pushing herself, so she’s going to be staying home with you and Takeji until after your sibling is born.” He explained simply before pulling out a bowl and serving her some of the soup before he added the medicinal herbs, knowing she only liked the broth he made. “Is your brother awake, Amari?” He whispered, looking at his daughter as she brought the bowl up to her cherub face and sipped at the hot soup, pulling away a bit abruptly and whining when the hot broth burnt her tongue. Akaashi couldn’t help but chuckle, “Be careful, it’s hot.” He smirked a bit when she squinted her eyes at him accusingly, “You saw it boiling before I served you.” He pointed out, reminding her that she was to blame for her burnt tongue.

A tug at his pajama bottoms made him look down to see his son, Takeji, looking up at him silently. Akaashi knew you were worried that your son was mute or even deaf since he was almost 2 and a half years old and he hadn’t uttered a single word, but Akaashi wasn’t too concerned. He hadn’t spoken when he was a kid until he was in classes in kindergarten. Takeji still had a year and a half before he started classes.

Amari smiled down at her big brother, waving at him happily, seeming more of the older sibling than Takeji, “Daddy’s making mama and little sister some yummy soup.” She explained after Akaashi had set Takeji next to Amari on the counter and Takeji glanced into her steaming bowl curiously.

“How do you know it’s a sister, Amari?” Akaashi asked after a few minutes of silence, as he finished making the soup, putting it in three bowls before handing one to Takeji.

“I just know.” Amari smiled widely at her daddy, giggling happily when he pulled her into his arms, “I’ll carry mama’s soup!” She exclaimed as she took the bowl from the counter, now holding hers and yours before marching up the stairs to the bedroom where you were still asleep.

Takeji looked up at his father after being set on his feet with his own bowl in his hands, his dark green eyes matching his fathers completely and making Akaashi feel like he was looking in a mirror; Or a picture of himself as a child, at least. Akaashi smiled down at his son before patting his head, “I don’t know, Takeji… I think it’s a little brother, too.” He murmured quietly before taking his small hand in his and walking up the stairs to where you and Amari were now sitting on the bed.

You looked up from your excitedly babbling daughter, who was talking adamantly to your swollen belly, to see your husband and still sleepy son. You smiled gently and held Takeji’s bowl as he climbed onto the mattress before handing it back to him, “You didn’t have to, Keiji. I’m fine.” You assured, but cursed internally when your scratchy throat made itself known.

Akaashi wasn’t going to hear it though. He knew when you were getting sick. He took his place next to you, nudging his bowl against yours, “Drink it.” He stated simply before doing the same with his own soup.

“Mama needs to stay healthy!” Amari whined, pouting when you met her gaze after drinking some of your soup. Takeji nodded silently in agreement before reaching out and laying his hand on your belly, pulling back quickly with wide eyes when he felt the baby inside kick at his touch. Amari giggled excitedly, “Little sister is awake and likes daddy’s soup!” She smiled widely before laying her ear against your stomach, humming happily when you stroked her dark brown hair out of her face. These were mornings you cherished, and Akaashi knew. You turned your head and smiled as he was all too eager to press his lips against yours in a sweet kiss, making your two little ones become even more interested in your belly instead of what you two were doing.

Oikawa Tooru:

“Tooru! How do you always manage to burn down the house when I’m just in the other room?” You yelled as you walked into the kitchen after following the smell of burning food. Your husband couldn’t cook to save his life, something you teased him endlessly about, but he had been training himself behind your back. You let out a loud sigh as you stood in the doorway of the kitchen, seeing the burnt toast and overcooked eggs.

Oikawa turned to look at you then, your 5 year old son, Yukio, perched on his back and looking at you with more or less the same expression your husband was currently sporting. Surprise. “Mama! Daddy burnt ALL the food!” Yukio tattled just before squirming off of his fathers back onto the floor and running to hug your legs. You looked down at your son, seeing his light brown eyes staring up at you expectantly, “Daddy is going to make us all starve! Including little sister!” Yukio cried dramatically, pointing to the baby carriage on the counter where your daughter, Kaneko, was wrapped in her baby blanket.

“Traitor!” Oikawa called to his son, rushing forward to grab at him but stopping short when you raised a hand at him. He smiled charmingly at you as he stood over you, pulling you into his arms and pressing his lips against your forehead, “Good morning to you, too, ______-chan.” He greeted, praying you’d fall for his sweet tone enough to forget that he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen without your supervision. “Happy birthday, as well!” He cheered as he swayed with you wrapped in his arms, “You’re getting more and more beautiful every day, _____-chan! How old are you today? 22?” He tried flattery, thinking maybe you’d fall for it this time.

You didn’t though. You’d never fallen for his tricks, not even in high school, which he had said was why he’d fallen in love with you so quickly; You’d been the one to call him out on his masks almost daily when he’d flirt with you. But you decided to play along, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing your lips against his after pulling your head away from his lips. You two shared a brief kiss before you smiled and pulled away, “Yes, Tooru. I’m 22. Which means I had Yukio when I was 17 and had to drop out of high school to care for him.” You rolled your eyes and pushed him away from you slightly before walking over to the messy countertop next to Kaneko’s baby carrier.

It warmed your heart, truly it did, to see that your husband had put actual effort in trying to make you breakfast in bed for your birthday. Oikawa had never stopped trying to impress you, and you knew he probably wouldn’t ever stop. He thought that the day he stopped trying to impress you would be the day you’d stop loving him and move on to someone who actually deserved you. You loved him though. You loved him more than he could imagine, and you’d told him so on multiple occasions. And he loved you equally, if not more, but that didn’t calm his anxiety.

“Hmmmm, could you imagine if that actually happened, _____-chan? Like… What would have happened?” Oikawa pondered as he quickly picked up Yukio in his arms and pinched at his cheeks as a form of revenge for tattling on him, “Maybe Yukio-chan here wouldn’t be as much as a loudmouth as he is now, hmmm?” He smirked at his son, who whined and pushed at his fathers hands before trying to squirm out of his arms.

“Impossible. You’re his father. He was bound to have that.” You said offhandedly as you pulled Kaneko out of her baby carrier and held her close to your chest, smiling to yourself when you heard both your husbands and your son’s whines in disagreement. “Come on, Kaneko. Let’s go back to sleep while daddy and big brother clean up the mess they made.” You cooed sweetly at your baby girl, feeling your heart beat faster when the 6 month old baby squealed excitedly at hearing your familiar voice.

Oikawa stared with a pout of his face as you easily walked passed him, “______-chan~! Come on! At least take Yukio-chan with you so I don’t get bullied by him!” Oikawa whined loudly as you entered the bedroom. “Your mother is so cruel to me, Yukio-chan.” Oikawa pretended to sniffle as he went to start cleaning up the kitchen of his cooking mishap.

Yukio giggled to himself before picking up some of the mess from the floor and putting it into the trash can, “And what about me, daddy? I have to deal with you acting like more of a baby than little sister!” He giggled behind his hands as his father whined louder, complaining about how Kaneko was the only one who really loved him. “Come on, daddy! The faster we clean, the faster we can go lie down with mama and little sister!” Yukio cheered happily as he pushed his father’s legs to get a move on on the cleaning already. Oikawa smiled to himself as he started to wipe down the counter and giving Yukio the dirty plates to rinse and put in the dishwasher. This was all Oikawa could have wanted for his life with you.

Kuroo Tetsurou:

When you turned over in bed to cuddle next to your husband, Kuroo, and found his side of the bed cool, you frowned and sat up, looking around the bedroom with furrowed eyebrows. Telling from the soft light coming through your window, it was just barely past dawn, which meant it was too early for your husband to be even close to out of bed. He cherished the days he could sleep in.

You reached up and rubbed at your sleepy eyes, letting out a long and loud yawn, “Where did that sly cat get to….?” You mumbled to yourself, about to toss the blankets off of you to get up and search for Kuroo, but jumped when you saw movement out of the corner of your eye.

“Sly cat? I haven’t heard you call me that in a while, kitten.” Kuroo smirked as he walked into the bedroom, handing you a plate that smelled of marvelous things. “Good morning.” He hummed as he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours, pulling you to rest between his legs with your back pressing against his chest.

“Morning.” You whispered against his lips, using one hand to hold the plate of food while the other cupped his cheek to keep his lips against yours. “What’s with the breakfast in bed? How are you even functioning this early?” You asked curiously as you pulled away from his lips, leaning your head against his as he rested it on your shoulder.

Kuroo shrugged and wrapped his arms around your middle, closing his eyes with a serene smile on his face, “I can’t surprise my wife with food?” He asked curiously, laughing softly, “It wasn’t easy either. The little monsters were pestering me all morning saying how I wasn’t cooking it the way you do.” He turned his head and pressed his lips to the juncture of your neck and shoulder, smirking when you shivered in his arms.

The mention of your three children made you freeze before putting food in your mouth; Your children took after their father far too much for this to be a good idea. You bit your bottom lip and nudged the food against Kuroo’s lips after he went back to resting his chin on your shoulder, “Oh? Is that so?” You asked, biting your lip roughly to keep from smiling too wide as he took the food in his mouth before coughing at the taste. “Haven’t you learned from your past already, Tetsu? They’re literally little yous… Pranksters.” You called towards the bedroom door where you could see three heads of unruly black hair poking around the doorway to watch what their little switch had done. “They switched some of the ingredients, I see.” You brought the plate up to your nose, sniffing it before letting out a few coughs and setting the plate off to the side, “Curry powder instead of salt.” You wheezed out, feeling like your sinuses had been cleared.

Kuroo was still having a coughing fit behind you from the spicy taste. Why had he thought his children helping would ever be a good idea? He turned his golden gaze over to the doorway, squinting his eyes when he saw the three culprits move to stand in the doorway with their hands behind their back. “Sorry, daddy.” Your eldest, Souma, apologized, but the small smirk on his face made you cover your mouth and turn away from them so you could snicker at how identical your eldest son was to your husband. Your middle child, Hiroshi, looked down at his feet with a slight pout, genuinely sorry for what their little trick had done to their father. While your youngest, Misaki, giggled and rushed into the room as best as she could, climbing onto the bed and sitting in front of you, smiling widely when you wrapped your arms around her and pulled her closer.

“Oh, I’m so sure you are, Souma.” Kuroo grumped, but only for a few seconds before his own smirk slid easily onto his face, “Don’t worry, you little monster. I’ll get you back.” He assured his first son.

“Tetsu, no threatening the children.” You reminded, laughing gently when Hiroshi rushed to join you and Misaki on the bed, hiding his little face in your chest when he caught his father’s eye. He was the unsure one of your children, and that made him the victim of many of Souma’s pranks, but he knew his father was a genius at jokes, so he usually tried his hardest to stay out of his fathers sight so he didn’t get teased for being so naïve.

Kuroo chuckled lowly and reached his arms out to wrap around the three of you in his arms, sticking his tongue out at Souma, “Guess you don’t get to join in the family cuddle then, evil mastermind Souma.” Kuroo teased as he let his right hand stroke his second son’s hair soothingly, knowing he and Misaki weren’t involved (too much) in the ingredient mix up.

Souma stood alone in the doorway of the room, his smirk falling and a pout coming to his face, “No fair! I wanna cuddle with mama!” He whined loudly as he rushed to the side of bed, laughing when Kuroo caught him in his arms and started to tickle him mercilessly, making sure he leaned back so Souma’s kicking legs didn’t accidentally catch you in the back of your head or one of the other little ones. “Ahhh! Daddy! Let me down! Ah! No! Why! Why are you like this?” Souma laughed loudly, pushing his fathers hands away as best he could, “Mama help me!” He yelled, laughing harder when Kuroo found Souma’s super ticklish spot on his side.

“I’ll save you, baby.” You cooed as you reached behind you and pulled Kuroo in for a deep kiss, making the man forget what he was doing and allowing Souma to scurry into your lap with his siblings, his golden eyes watching what you had done to stop his father’s attacks. You smiled against your husbands lips, letting one hand reach back and stroke through his messy hair, holding his lips to yours for a few seconds before pulling away and turning back to your three children, who were now arguing amongst themselves over who was more to blame for the spice prank going wrong.

You smiled widely as you felt Kuroo’s chin rest on your shoulder again, his lips pressing against your ear, “You don’t play fair.” He whispered quietly, his breath tickling you. You giggled and turned your head to be able to see him as best you could, “Don’t worry, Kitten… I’ll get you back tonight when they’re fast asleep.” Kuroo assured easily, wrapping his arms around your middle once more and letting his eyes watch your three children giggle and curl up against your chest or your stomach while they continued to talk to each other. You don’t think you’d ever been excited for bedtime to come.

Oh my god! Honestly, the reason this so long for me to finish was because I wanted to find fitting names for the kids lmao I can’t find wat Takeji means but it sounds like Keiji so I really liked it for Akaashi’s son and Amari means “Strength” Kaneko means “Golden” Souma means “True or Reality” Hiroshi means “Generous” and Misaki means “Beautiful Blossom” ******

***** These are just general google searches of the name. I don’t know Kanji, sadly, so I can’t put a meaning to each syllable. T~T