I have always adored this quote…

No matter what you did today, or yesterday, or all of the yesterdays before that…there is time to change and become who you want to be. With that, I am vowing to take charge of my diet and fitness over these next few months.

In order to lose 40 pounds by this summer, I am aiming for a weight loss goal of 1-2 pounds per week. The ONLY way I will be achieving this is through clean eating and exercise. I will begin this regimen on Tuesday, January 1st, and will therefore do weekly weigh-in’s on Tuesday’s. I am hoping each week to post a meal plan, grocery list, and exercise schedule, in order to track my progress.

Here are my goal weights and my incentives along the way! Since I got so many clothing gift cards for Christmas, I figured waiting to use them until I had a better body would be a great idea…Here’s the breakdown:

Starting weight: 172

Goal Weight #1: 165 lbs. (Buy a recipe book)

Goal Weight #2: 155 lbs. (Use $25 Forever21 gift card)

Intermediate Goal Weight: 150 lbs. (Massage)

Goal Weight #3: 145 lbs.  (Use of $75 American Eagle gift card)

Goal Weight #4: 135 lbs.  (Use of $75 Charlotte Russe gift card)

Ultimate Goal Weight: 130 lbs.  (new bikini…just in time for summer! Using $50 VS gift card)

Thinking about me scrolling through bikinis and being excited, rather than disgusted, is going to be a great experience! :) Having something to look forward to like this will make this weight loss journey a bit more fun along the way. Do any of you all have a system like this? What do you reward yourself with after reaching a goal?

I’d love to hear your responses!

xxoo, CT