Shoe Protection 101

Let’s face it our shoe collection is one of our prized possessions. We have gone to great lengths working many hours to have built up our collection. Some of our favorite pairs are so worn down, but we just do not have the heart to give them up. Instead we have found some ways to make those shoes last through the years by properly taking care of them. Here’s what we found:

Suede: Use a suede eraser to rub away small blemishes, then use a suede brush to smooth out the surface.

Wet Shoes: Stuff your shoes with newspaper and let them air dry (avoid any direct heat). Before they completely dry, use a shoe tree to restore their shape.

Salt Stains: A combination of vinegar and water will take these off. Use in small amounts.

Leather: For lighter scuff marks, lightly rub a pencil eraser against the eraser. If that doesn’t work try a leather polish.

Smelly shoes: Sometimes we just wear our favorite pair that ofter. All you need to fix this is to change the insoles.

Soles wearing out: Find a good shoe repair shop to resole or reheel your shoes and to prevent any permanent damage. Choosing to resole one of our favorite pair of boots was one of the smartest decisions we’ve ever made.

Polishing: First make sure you have the right materials including: wax based polish, welt brush (to get out the dirt that gathers between the sole and the upper) and a polishing cloth. Trust us, these are worth keeping your shoes shining and lasting longer.

White shoes: For scuff marks try wiping with nail polish remover and then wipe clean.

What are your tips and tricks for taking care of your shoes?!?


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