• 五線譜の空
  • Goose house
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五線譜の空 (Music Score Sky) // Goose house

五線譜の空は キミの心
Your heart is a music score sky
言いたかった 言えなかった 言葉を飛ばす 
Words I wanted to say, but couldn’t say have taken flight 
メロディは風 届け とどけ
I want them to reach you, to reach you as the wind, the melody
キミには今 この歌が聞こえますか?
Are you now able to hear this song?


C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h./ONE OK ROCK(Cover)




Goosehouse CM for freebit mobile 「自由の先を、見に行こう。」
(Jiyuu no Saki wo, Mi ni Ikou - Let’s go to see the destination of freedom.)

Goosehouse was chosen as image character for this brand.

The concept for the CM:
Goosehouse voice was stained the clean and clear sky. Without you noticing there was a rainbow there. Together with Goosehouse, Let’s go to see the destination of freedom!

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Goosehouse’s original song: Sing was chosen because of it’s lyric

「~僕らはまだ不完全で もろくてちっぽけな音だけれど 届けるよこのウタを この空に響けよ Let’s sing a song ~」

We are still uncompleted, 
But it’s fragile and tiny sound And this song delivered
Let’s sing a song which may resonate with this sky.
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