Woke up this morning with lots of things on my mind. Moving. Money. Change. Started the car and Gershwin let me know everything would be fine. “Rhapsody in Blue”
#classicalmusic #classicalnerd #video #feels #music #takeadeepbreath (at Warrenton, Oregon)

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By The Way...

Some Advice I Learned Long Ago:  if u do not like something someone else thinks, before you tear that person apart, just move on. <3

[yeah it can be hard at times but its for the best, truly]

if a post upsets you the best thing to do is move on from it, and just think they’re stupid for thinking such things ^_^

we all have our own opinion on everything and sometimes we come across something we are extremely against. This makes us wanna tear into the person who said the things to upset us. But if its something simple as they dont like your favorite movie or your favorite actor, i say just forget about them. There  is no need to cause conflict over something so trivial.

When someone bashes something i really like, i just ignore them bc i know they are totally and completely wrong.

(i dont know about others but i like to keep the arguing to a minimum )

**oh and dont read stuff ur not interested in either, cuz that will just mess up ur day ^^**


My two intermediate boys jumped very well. A rail for each (one due to pilot error-sorry Comet- the other due to spookiness-ahem Spartan) but still very pleased with each horse’s progress in the show ring. #practicepracticepractice #learntolovethecoloredsticks #takeadeepbreath #justride

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