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3/100 days of productivity ;

studygram | it’s only been 2 days into the academic year and i already have a fair amount of work piling up 

++productivity tip: i like writing the estimated time i need for each task bc sometimes i feel like idk where to start or i don’t have enough time when in reality i just have pockets of free time here and there so i know which task to tackle first and my motivation snowballs whenever i tick something off my to-do list! 

Scandal in Belgravia Take 2

What if…

After the Scandal of Belgravia, Mycroft is completely knackered. He needs a relaxing evening and invites a good friend out for dinner and drinks. The good friend being Detective Inspector Lestrade. Who is just a friend. Who Mycroft maybe has a teeny-tiny crush on. But very tiny.

They meet in West End at a nice restaurant – because this is the only way Mycroft can truly loosen up and have a reasonably good time. Greg is really one of the very few friends he has, and the only one that he allows to call him by a diminutive name Myc. So, Mycroft ends up telling Greg all about Irene Adler, and how she almost derailed his plans, and how Sherlock saved the day in the end.

He notices that when he gets to the part of Sherlock proudly guessing the code for the lock-screen, Greg’s ears turn pink and he shuffles his feet a bit. Mycroft is a sharp observer.

“Greg … - can you give me your phone?”

Without looking at Mycroft, the DI hands over his phone.

Mycroft thumbs at the screen and sees “I AM _ _ _LOCKED”

Looking at Greg with a smouldering gaze, he types in three letters…