-Hux and Kylo have a filler class that they have to have something in and they pick divination and neither of them?? can take it seriously honestly Ren kinda gets it but Hux thinks it’s the dumbest thing ever so he just spouts these fake prophecies like “Oh. Oh no. You’re going to spill ink on your Potion’s essay” with a completely straight face but it does have some benefits as in he can low key flirt with stuff like “Based on these stupid soggy leaves, you’re getting snogged in an empty classroom today after lunch.” Those ones always seem to come true. 

-At first, Kylo is a little awkward in his looks, and he admits that. The only problem is that he just hasn’t grown into his face yet. But come 5th-6th year, practically overnight (aka over the summer), he shoots up, he fills himself out, and his voice… oh man his voice doesn’t crack anymore and it gets as deep as Marianas trench and now he’s not the one getting picked on, but rather the one who little ravenclaws dub as the “scary one with anger issues” that they threaten to sick on the older Slytherin (or any house really) that picks on him and suddenly Hux is fighting off loads of girls who want a piece of his boyfriend

-Since Kylo has a thing for hanging with the animals in the forest, he has no problem with Care of Magical Creatures, but Hux just gets so frustrated because they don’t behave like he wants them too? And he gets bitten by something and Kylo teases him about it for days afterwards until Hux reminds him just how bad he is at astronomy and that finally gets him to quiet down

-Another thing with the animals is that Kylo forms kind of a bond ? with the thestrals and they trust him enough to let him ride on their backs and Kylo takes Hux into the forest one night to show him how to ride and Hux is scared out of his MIND; he can’t even see the thing he’s riding and it feels leathery and it has bit him several times already. But he’s gotta make the BF happy so he gets on but when they take off Hux squeezes his eyes shut and clings to Kylo with all his strength and that was the main reason Kylo really wanted to go flying together 

-They manage to get into the Three Broomsticks and they try some fire whiskey and when Kylo knocks it back he feels like his insides will physically catch fire and he almost throws up but he looks up at Hux who has downed like three glasses already and Kylo can’t tell if the steam coming from his ears is him being mad or the fire whiskey eating away at his insides 

-Kylo gets really bad nightmares about his father’s death like… really bad ones and Hux only finds out when he overheard some Ravenclaw girls talking about how they can hear screams coming from the boys’ dorm and how they sometimes find Kylo asleep on the couch in the commons. So Hux gets Kylo this little gadget that he claims will “keep the nightmares away” but does it really? no, it really just alerts Hux whenever Kylo wakes up freaking out and he can slip into the dorm and calm him down. Kylo never figured out how Hux can a.) be the only one to put him to sleep and b.) always know when he has a nightmare. He appreciates it though, especially when he hears the girls stop talking about him sleeping downstairs because he just simply doesn’t anymore 

-During their 6th year, Hux becomes a prefect as well as head boy which means they can’t sit with each other in a compartment on the train because he has to help the first years but!! he stops by whenever he can to visit Kylo and make sure he’s doing okay and sometimes he doesn’t even say hello he just glances in to see Kylo’s cheek pressed against the window because he loves the scenery of it all. Whenever Hux isn’t there talking to him and he’s not distracted, however, he gets really moody and like to kick at the walls and carve drawings into the wallpaper so everyone thinks there is a ghost on the train beating up the farthest left back compartment but no it is really just Kylo being a baby and disposing of the knife out the window when he leaves 

-They both play quidditch, but they’re both in completely different positions. Hux plays Keeper; him and his team are so good that they’ve developed codes for different maneuvers or plays that the other team won’t understand. Being Keeper requires precise calculations, and that’s why he loves it so much. Kylo, on the other hand, found the best position for him to release his anger without actually hurting someone (well, at least he doesn’t /try/ to hurt anyone. Sometimes). The minute he held the Beater stick, he knew that was for him. He’s able to smack a bludger with so much precision and force that he has a reputation for knocking people off their brooms. He never aims at Hux when they play against each other though, but his teammates haven’t caught on. Yet. 

-During a match, Hux lunges for a ball but misses and smacks his head on the goal post, knocking himself out. While in the hospital wing, Kylo visits him frequently, even though Madame Pomfrey gets rather annoyed by his constant presence. Hux is knocked out for some time; a few days is a while for Kylo to not have someone to vent to. So he starts leaving notes. At first, they’re really simple and short, things like “Wake up soon, my star charts suck and the thestrals miss you,” but they eventually get sweeter until Kylo has this full out love letter written and he throws it on the bedside table and leaves but regrets it and goes back for it but it’s too late!! Hux has woken up and has read it and Kylo pretends he didn’t send anything until Hux slips a return letter into one of his textbooks that he doesn’t find until late at night when he’s studying and it’s sappy and romantic and they both secretly LOVE the notes but they both mutually and silently agree not to talk about the long ones they sent because they’re both still not super used to being super affectionate 

-Kylo absolutely adores physical affection but he doesn’t ever let anyone give it to him because he’s so standoffish and Hux finds out one day and begins to do the smallest things like sit close enough at lunch so that their thighs are touching or gently hooking his pinky around Kylo’s belt loop and even though he sometimes “complains” Kylo really really appreciates it and Hux knows it 


Starling's Prompt AU's:

Some AU ideas I thought I would share:

  1. Look, as the prince of this Kingdom you have to accept that you’re getting married and as your best friend/ servant/ aid I’m helping you pick possible candidates so please stop writing my name down au

  2. Two schools merging into one school AU

  3. First day of school and it turns out our schedule is exactly the same. You think it’s some weird sign and I think someone clearly fucked up our schedules. Either way you won’t leave me alone au

  4. We were paired to do that stupid ‘take care of a baby thing’ for health class and you refuse to do your part/ are incompetent when it comes to our baby au

  5. You were skipping rocks on the river and you accidently hit me in the face/shin/chest au

  6. No one wants to ride this super scary rollercoaster with me and I hear you’re in the same predicament so we should totally go on this together and then go on all the scariest rides because there are like no lines au

  7. I’m the only teen in the kiddie side of the beach because I have to babysit my little sibling but now you’re here so…umm.. where’s your sibling? au

  8. Senior Prank AU

  9. I was late for the first day of gym so I picked a random locker and the next day I find out it’s next to yours and now I can’t help but take side glances at your body au

  10. You’re in love with my sibling and I’m in love with yours so we should totally help each other au

  11. We are the only two kids left waiting for our parents to pick us up and we know they are not coming for another hour so you wanna walk around and talk? au

  12. I’m at a special event and you keep asking me to dance au

  13. I’m a horrible procrastinator on everything but I’ve got you on speaker phone and you’re yelling at me and motivating me to finish my project and somehow I finally finished at 3 am. Now we are so sleep deprived that we are starting to say things we wouldn’t say if we weren’t totally out of it au

  14. I asked you to prom jokingly and you said you would only go with me if I had an amazing promposal so now I’m racking my brain trying to come up with one au

You’re never going to leave her
even though she’s a raging alcoholic
and she can’t stop screaming in your face
and treating you like dirt
and making you feel
like you are two inches tall

She says she’s going to stop
says she wants to change
but you know that’s a load of shit
you’ve heard that line before
she’s not going to change
She’s going to pour another drink
tell you you’re worthless and stupid
then she’s going to pose for the camera
and take a selfie
‘cause even drunks take selfies

You’re never going to leave him
even though he’s a fucking slut
who can’t keep his shriveled dick in his pants
and likes to fuck your friends
since that ‘s the only thing he’s found
that makes him feel like somebody

He tells you that he’s finished
that he won’t hurt you again
but he’s told you that a thousand times
you stopped believing
three or four friends ago
He’s going to fuck Melissa next
and when he’s shot his load
he’s going to pose for the camera
and take a selfie
‘cause even sluts take selfies

You’re never going to leave her
even though she’s a liar through and through
and looks you straight in the eyes
when she tells you it’s just a little pot
maybe a line of coke or two
that she’s finished with the hard stuff

She says she’s done with shooting dope
says she wouldn’t be so stupid
but you can feel the track marks scars
up and down her body
when she’s next to you in bed
She’s going to slip away
meet her dealer in the park
then she’s going to pose for the camera
and take a selfie
‘cause even cheats take selfies

You’re never going to leave him
even though he’s a worthless asshole
who mistreats your dog
and beats on your kids
when he’s not revenge fucking you
or punching your face to show you who’s boss

He tells you that he loves you
that he can’t control his passion
but he doesn’t know
that love can’t be expressed
with the business end of a fist
He’s going to hit you again
and make you feel like you had it coming
then he’s going to pose for the camera
and take a selfie
‘cause even jerks take selfies


Max Mundan, Even Jerks Take Selfies

© David Rutter 2014

Night Shift - Luke

He leans on the counter as he speaks to a girl, his gaze intent and his smile wide. You wipe the table furiously as you watch him take her number down before she exits the cafe with her order and her keys jingling. You roll your eyes and continue scrubbing as you mumble, “That’s the 49th number you’ve taken down today.”

“You could be the 50th,” he winks and leaves the register to approach you and snatch your cloth.

“Don’t,” you say sternly and he smirks. “Wipe that stupid grin off your face, Hemmings.” You reach for the cloth but he holds it in the air.

“Gotta get it first.”

“Why do you always play these games?” You roll your eyes and he mocks you, pursing his lips together so you can see the dimple in his cheek. You lightly punch him in the stomach so he drops the cloth and catch it, running off to another table to clean.

“Get back here,” he chases after you and grabs the back of your apron, laughing as you huff in defeat.

“Get away from me, Luke, how don’t you know there’s someone in the drive thru?”

“I’d hear them,” he bites his lip as he plays with the knotted strings. You turn to face him, your cheeks becoming heated and red when you realize how close he is and how dark his eyes are. He plays with his lip ring, “You’re really not going to give me your number?”

“From what I see, you’re a slut, so!” You look down and play with the cloth. “No, I won’t give you my number.”

“C'mon,” he lifts your chin with soft fingers. “Give me a chance.”

“Clean the machines, Luke,” you dodge every attempt he has to get with you, but when his hand falls from your face, you can see he truly was upset.

“What’s one reason that out of the two months I’ve been working with you that I have never heard of you being with a guy for your three years working here? You’re always alone. Even when you visit for a cup of your favorite.” You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear and keep your eyes on his apron.

“I’ve been hurt enough.”

“Oh,” he whispers. “I wouldn’t hur-that’s what they all say,” you tell him and he takes a deep breath.

“I genuinely like you, Y/N and I love seeing you jealous…don’t you get that? I want you to pay attention to me.”

“Employees cannot have relationships.”

“I don’t care,” his voice is husky as he stares at your lips with lust and desire. “Y/N, I really don’t care.”

“Luke,” you start off with your next excuse but he cups your cheeks with both hands and kisses you like he’s wanted to for the longest time. The passion is poured out into the way he kisses you and you can’t help but give in, that feeling of being liked had been gone for so long, but he brought it back again. You leaned onto a table for balance and he set his hands astride your waist, tugging hungrily at your bottom lip with his teeth and stopping at the sound of a customer giving an order. He mouths a sly, “we’ll talk later” before smiling and walking to where the drive thru is handled.


You hovered your paw cautiously above your neck, your breath starting to quicken and go ragged. You could feel the serum, seeping through your fur, into your bloodstream. By the horrified looks on Judy and Nick’s faces, the effect of the night howler was already beginning to take place.

“You two…” you said, gasping for breath. “You have to leave. Now.”

“What? No! We’re not leaving you here,” Judy protested, attempting to put your arm around her neck.

You growled, shaking your head as you tried to grasp onto sanity. “Don’t be stupid, you have to go before I turn into- into one of them!” You saw red flash past your eyes.

Nick  stared at you disbelievingly. He couldn’t, he didn’t want to believe what was happening before his very eyes. He watched as you moaned, clawing at your own head. He saw you pupils contract, eyes starting to twitch. It was like you had two different people inside of you, battling for dominance.

Judy let out a panicked yelp, jumping back as the beast inside of you tried to attack her. You managed to fling yourself to the ground before your claws could sink into her.

“Y/n I-” Nick started, trying to reach out for you.

“No!” You snarled, slapping his paw away. Nick took a step back, clearly startled.

You stared in horror at what you had done. “I-I’m sorry. Just leave, before I hurt you too!”

You could feel your sanity slipping away every second that passed. You couldn’t tell how much longer you had until your mind turned completely wild. You bared your teeth in pain, your eyes pleading.

“Nick, let’s go,” Judy whispered. Nick’s heart broke as he turned away from you.

Imagine Sehun taking pictures of you literally doing anything. Him recording the stupid things you both do together. Him keeping all the voicemails you leave him from time to time. Curious why he’s doing this, you ask him. His answer warms your heart but also breaks you in so many ways. “So I can see your face and hear your voice when I miss you on tour.” he replies sadly, a pout creeping up on his face.


Imagine Steve Finding Out About Your Past

For caricrazychic (So sorry for the wait sometimes messages get lost in my inbox because I have so many)

“Uhm (Y/N) what are these?” Steve cautiously asks holding up several articles from years ago in front of you. You seize up and the air leaves your lungs. Those stores those stupid articles. You always knew they would come sneak up.

“Newspaper stories about me” you say slowly and reach to take them. Steve pulls them away before you can grab them.

“They’re about suicide, rape, child abuse, and foster care. From different hometown papers” Steve says plainly.

“Yes they are” you state.

“Did this stuff actually happen to you?” Steve mumbles a sad look on his face. You just look him in the eye and nod.

“Yes they did” you confess. Steve tears up and just grabs you into a bear hug.

“Why didn’t you say?”

“I didn’t want you to know. I didn’t need you having that weight” you explain and pull away. “I didn’t need you pitying me. I didn’t need you loving me because you felt sorry about me.” Steve sighs and let’s the articles fall to the floor.

“I love you for you and I will never ever let anything like that happen to you again” Steve vows.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep” you deadpan. Your hope was taken away a long time ago.

“But I will. I may not be able to keep depression away but I will make sure no one ever hurts you ever again” Steve assures and tugs you back into his arms. “I’m gonna keep you safe.”

“Why would you do that for me?” you whisper barely audible. Steve is nice. But you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Because I love you desperately (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” He’s never said those words before.

“Do you mean it?” you ask.

“I’m Captain America I don’t tell lies” Steve jokes and you manage to laugh despite everything.

“I love you too.”

“I’m gonna keep you safe.”

“Lovely little lady, wouldn’t you agree. That it was pretty fucked up what you did to me. I spent so long trying to get with you, but you chose him instead, made me your number 2. But that’s okay, I like to be hurt by girls as perfect as you so I guess it worked. I’ll stay and help you cheat on your man, cause he’s stuck in Virginia and I’m your backup plan. You don’t appreciate me, make up your mind before I leave, I’m already tired of this shit. If I’m not good enough, it’ll fuck me up pretty rough. And I’m not strong enough to take the hit. You spit god damn lies in my God damn face. Tell me your boyfriend has become a little fucking disgrace. And he’s long gone but you still love him and im so fucking done with fucking breaking my limbs for you. I’m right here and you should be mine, this stupid fuckboy in Virginia always wasting my time. You’re relationship’s a big brick wall and I’ll be laughing when I watch it quickly crumble and fall. You don’t appreciate me, make up your mind before I leave, I’m already tired of this shit. If I’m not good enough, it’ll fuck me up pretty rough. And I’m not strong enough to take the hit. If you’re gonna use me, then use me. Then kick me to the curb right after you abuse me. Don’t you see, don’t you see. We could’ve been much more but they never choose me. Use me, use me. Then kick me to the curb right after you abuse me. Don’t you see, don’t you see. We could’ve been much more but they never choose me. You don’t appreciate me, make up your mind before I leave, I’m already tired of this shit. If I’m not good enough, it’ll fuck me up pretty rough. And I’m not strong enough to take the hit.”

- Plan B, by Squid Squad


Today I breathe. 

It has been a long journey; It still is. I would never take back the experience of having the skin I did, it has taught me about others. Even though I was the one experiencing such a painful acne stage I really saw the “rainbow” in everyone else. I had been asked to leave stores, I had been yelled at, called names. I was told I was disgusting. I was asked what had happened to my face. People thought I wasn’t eating right when in actuality I was taking great care of my body. Hormonal acne can me so detrimental to your skin. Take care of your body. Sunscreen used to seem so stupid to me. Acne seemed impossible to get until they started to emerge on my face. It was like a mask I couldn’t take off and no one was willing to get to know me. In the two pictures below I am wearing no makeup and I haven’t felt this beautiful in a while. My skin is still going through lots of care. I finished my last injections and accutane but I still have to wear a cream on my face for 3 hours every night. It has been a life changing experience. I feel humbled. If anyone ever wants to talk about their experience with skin or anything else I would be so happy to listen. 


I’ve been avoiding this preference because it’s going to be so sad and so I guess enjoy but you know it’s a sad song so this is a sad preference


*Ashton’s POV*

“Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you”

The bed felt cold, and empty.  Suddenly it seemed way to big to be just for me.  Everything seemed off and wrong and it was all centered around this stupid bed she told me to buy for our room.  But now that she was gone, leaving me along with the bed we shared; only packing her stuff and refusing to take anything I had bought her or us.  I eventually ended up sleeping on the couch for a whole week, waiting for her return.


“I remember the day you told me you were leaving. I remember the makeup running down your face.”

You did everything you could to keep from crying but you simply couldn’t. “Calum I’m sorry but I can’t keep doing this.  I never see you and all of you guys have gotten so big and I don’t know if I can deal with all this press always after me.  You know I love you but it’s best for both of us if we break up.”  You said barely taking a breath and not wanting to believe what you had said any more than Calum did.  He was also trying not to cry looking at the boxes of your stuff you had already packed up.


*Luke’s POV*

“It hurts to know you’re happy and it hurts that you’ve moved on”

I threw the magazine against the wall as hard as I could.  Calum came running to see if I was alright having heard the noise it made when it knocked over the lamp.  "Bro what the fuck?“  He asked as I slumped to the ground tears forming in my eyes.  "There’s pictures of her in it and I don’t know why I even bought it I just wanted to see her face and then they’re pictures of her with some other guy.” I said pointing at the crinkled magazine laying on the floor.  Calum quietly looked for words to say as I cried more than I would ever like to admit.


*Michael’s POV*

“How could you be fine? Cos I’m not fine at all.”

“Can you believe this?”  I said shoving my phone in Ashton’s face.  She was already tweeting about her new vacation and how great she was feeling and had photos of her and random guys at some party.  How could be feeling okay this fast? After only a week? I had been sulking around since we broke up barely having the energy to record new music which I normally loved. 

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Pooter’s having a bad day, and the advice I’ve found isn’t helping. “Smack him, hold him down, alpha-roll him, yank his ears, kick him.” Like…I want a dog, you stupid cock gargler, not a creature with issues like mine.

My mom was one of those. Child misbehaves? Smack them across the face (or pull their hair, or throw them down and kick them). Sure, it worked to make me stop, but it also made me determined to do whatever it took to make the abuse stop, including leaving her and never calling or visiting.

A dog can’t cut you out, or ignore your phone calls, granted…but they can bite. They see that hand coming for them and go “I’m not taking any more of this.” If I’m going to be responsible for the life and well-being of something smaller than me, I’d rather do it in a way that doesn’t teach them that I’m something to be feared and eventually fought.