fun dysmorphia/dysphoria things:

crying in department store dressing rooms

crying while washing urself in the shower

crying while analyzing ur body from every angle and pose in the mirror

crying in the bathroom after dinner

crying cuz ur friends can be naked around u just fine but the idea of even taking ur shirt off in front of anyone gives u a million tons of anxiety and shame

just crying a lot

anonymous asked:

make sure u take off ur shirt when u tell him no one can say no to that

I’m not going to admit my feelings half naked and hoping he says yes merely because I’m attractive.

I want more than physical closeness.

i think the different levels of drunkenness depend on different varieties of alcohol

if u drink too much vodka, u take ur shirt off and dance embrrassingly on a table in front of everyone

if u drink too much expensive rosé, u end up confessing to everyone that you saw that girl from high school’s mum at an out of town coffee shop cuddled up with a man that was not her husband


- I take ur shirt off moaning softly a u slide ur hands under my shirt I kiss u along ur neck teasing u - anywhere baby. -Kat


*i fall back on the couch and pulls you with me* fuck you’re so hot baby *I whimper as you straddle my lap* -Louis