- I moan as u grind up into me I take off ur shirt and slowly kiss down ur neck and body as I unbutton ur pants pulling them off seeing u I bite my lip looking up at u as I kiss u along ur shaft slowly - -kat

*i moan softly before stroking your cheek* you don’t have to do any of this babe -harry

hello I was wondering if someone would let me paint their back Renaissance style 4 my class

-can’t pay u
-u have to take ur shirt off
-we can b friends
-I’ll clean my room
-tv show binge of ur choice
-my mom will want 2 adopt u if u tell her u like the color of the couch
-slumber party!!!!
-I’ll cook 4 u
-as many donuts as u want


- I swallow as u cum in my mouth as lick u cleaning u up I take off my shirt kissing up ur body to ur neck then lips - u taste amazing baby. - I say sexily - -kat

that was so hot..you’re amazing with your mouth *i smile as you kiss my lips, tasting myself from your mouth* -Harry