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imagine yixing, no imagine him on bed, no imagine him with no shirt, no imagine him with a sticky white substance on the corners of his mouth. what is it? its ice cream and he accidentally spilled it on his shirt so he had to take it off- ur probably thinking something rly dirty gurl get yo mind outta the gutter

Omg chill.

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Trans girl lynn who is just super excited abt her transition so she goes around in sports bras and shorts all summer but also because warped tour is hotter than hell

if anyone says anything to her about it she’s just like ‘fuck off ive been waiting all my life for this and also its fucking hot u should also take off ur shirt’

i love this so much trans girl lynn is my fave

- mikes

I’m so intimidated by girls bc they’re all so beautiful and soft and lovely and I have no idea how to go about idk telling a girl hey did u know I really want to kiss you and take off ur shirt like guys are so much simpler bc all they care about is getting w u and then buggering off

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I want to kiss u, feel ur soft lips pressed against mine, make out with u and then rip ur clothes off out of passion, then I'll reach up ur shirt, unhook ur bra and start playing with ur boobs, I'll then take off ur shirt and go for ur neck, suck on it and go down on u, leaving a trait of love bite on ur tummy, still making out with u whilst taking off ur pants, panties, softly rubbing ur clit, u start to moan as I slide my fingers in u, thrusting it in and out, I can feel u get wetter-

😩😩😩😍 who are you

‘yes for the modeling job today we want you to take ur shirt off n let us cover u in ham, then u will lick the ones on ur shoulder’

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I got some questions about ur nipple piercings? Did they hurt? Was it weird to take ur shirt off? Do u like them, was it worth it?

Yes it hurt but it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. The worst part was the nipple clamps and the second one hurt more than the first one. It wasn’t really that awkward when I got them done because my friends came with me. But the guy did draw lines on my nipples first before he pierced them. I’m definitely glad I got them done. So yeah it was worth it.