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Do you have any headcanon for Keith/Pidge platonic relationship?

Do I?? *cracks knuckles* 

  • Keith is an all or nothing kind of guy. When he was a Garrison cadet he was 1000% committed. After the Blue Lion started calling to him out in the desert, he lost focus at the Garrison, and now he’s 1000% about being a Voltron paladin. Which is why he had such a hard time with Pidge at first. He didn’t get how she could be both committed to Voltron and at the same time need to take a break to find her family. After the Fall of the Castle of Lions, Pidge and Keith have a shouting match in private. He yells, she throws (small) things. They both have a temper and so neither one feels like they have to hold back. In the end they realize they’re both shouting the same thing at each other, and end up laughing at themselves. That was the real start of their friendship. 
  • When Pidge gets anxious, Keith will do stupid things to wind Lance up, just because he knows she’ll smile. 
  • When Keith gets broody or feels socially awkward, Pidge will sit next to him with her laptop. She won’t force him to talk, just sits and lets him know she’s there. He can’t thank her enough, even if he never knows how to show it.
  • As the two arms of Voltron, they spend a lot of time in each other’s head during battle. They get really good with the sword and shield, and eventually that starts to carry over to their downtime. Pidge will toss a bread roll over to Keith at the table and he’ll catch it without looking or talking about it. They have an understanding. 
happy talk??

HEY GUYS!!! just a lil thing ive been thinking about!! i want your opinions :D i was thinking of making a new sideblog, and here’s what it’s about!!!

HAHAHAH it only happened once so far but i was thinking of SPREADING HAPPY VIBES!!!! whether youre Ultra Happy, or HELLA EXCITED or just chillin, TELL ME ABOUT IT!! just give me an ask about how you’re feeling, about any cool fun thing (no matter how mundane HAHA) and we’ll share it!! its good to acknowledge the good things sometimes, don’t you think?

anon is also an option!! whatever makes you feel comfortable. same goes for if you don’t want me to make the response public, go ahead!! this is also open for people who are going through a little bit if a rough time, then my ask is always open to everyone (message too!!)

err. tl;dr: my ask box is always open!! if you wanna share a funny story, or just sharing how you feel at the moment, come talk about it with me!! let’s spread great vibes together 😎😎😎😎😎👍

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Do you also replant the things you find? Like by waiting for it to seed & trying to germinate them. Or just take a little at a time? When I find something I've not seen before in the area, I always feel too guilty to pick it.

Generally I do not replant them, for a few reasons:

1) Most of the stuff I take are naturalized non-natives and sometimes even invasive species, so I am doing the ecosystem a favor by culling them a little bit.

2) Most of the time, I don’t even take enough of the plant to kill it. Especially this time of year when the plants tend to be really tall, I’m usually pretty much just pruning them, taking little sprigs at a time from a bunch of different plants.

3) I don’t take things I can’t identify. If it’s a native species, I first google it quickly on my phone to make sure it isn’t vulnerable or endangered anywhere in the US (even if it’s not my state), and then I make sure that there are at least 20 more individuals visible within that tiny area.

I generally let nature spread seeds, anyway. Evolution has done a better job of figuring out the very best way to spread and germinate native seeds, and anything I do will probably just be wasting them without properly researching exactly how to grow them.

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I heart jasper w all my soul & I just want her to be happy

Don’t be afraid to say the word LOVE bro ^u^
She will be okay! We fight the good fight together and Jasper will find peace of mind, might take time but she’ll use it to heal the physical and mental wounds ❤️

I am very grateful to all the wonderful people who find time to come here and take a look at my paintings. It is inspiring to know that the work you do is appealing to the audience. This blog is meant to be a place where I exhibit what I am doing at the moment. That’s why I replace some images and not all of them can be seen all the time. Today I am very much interested in minimalist abstract painting and how sumi-e techniques can be applied to it. Some future posts will show my work in this direction.

Thank you very much.

In every girl’s life there is a moment where suddenly people are looking at you in a different way. It’s almost like a light has been turned on inside of you, and you have a kind of newfound power that you didn’t have before. It can be really scary to have that power. But at the same time, you could take that and find your strength as well.

Jenny Han, New York Times best-selling author of the TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE series and the SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY series, and more!

Listen to the full interview here, or download it on iTunes or Stitcher.

A list of good things recently

-the chicken skewers I made were really good. I grilled a peach!
-vanilla scones
-I don’t do the dishes so I didn’t have to clean up the fucking tornado of flour I made hell yeah
-I literally went next door to ask the neighbors for a cup of sugar and they were so nice!!
-my skin has been very clear recently
- I got a really good haircut and when I wore oversized sunglasses n some lipstick I looked like the kind of bitch that fucks ur dad and makes you call me mom as I spend your college tuition fund on shoes and coke
-tomorrow is Friday
-if old guy gets me fired I could probably live off my savings for at least six months and I think it would take me less time to find another job
-i live in a beautiful home w a loving SO
-if we can financially survive each paying an extra $650 a month for the rat hellhole that means after we get someone else to take the lease we could definitely afford a pupper
-Saturday morning I am going to get up and walk down to the water and the farmers market and I’m going to buy flowers

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Part 1 This is just a general curiosity question and it's not time sensitive at all, so I don't mind if you take your time answering. I was finding it hard to talk in therapy yesterday and my therapist told me that when she was in therapy,

Part 2 she’d sit in silence for the first 30 minutes. It was really nice to hear as it reassured me that it’s normal to find therapy/talking hard. What guidelines/advice did you get abt sharing things like that with clients+what’s your opinion on it?

I think that falls generally under “disclosure” and “boundaries,” which have some hard and fast rules (”don’t sleep with your clients”) but have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to things like discussing your own personal therapy experiences. I personally was taught (and I think this is the right way to think about this) that disclosure should be a rare component of therapy, used only when it will benefit the client and never solely to benefit the therapist or to cross a boundary. I tend to think that means that being very thoughtful and intentional about disclosure is important, because it’s easy to get off track when disclosing and suddenly be having a non-therapeutic conversation, or a conversation that confuses the client, even if that was not the therapist’s intention. It sounds like this conversation worked well for you, which is great! 

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that art improvement post you just made is incredible! it looks like you figured out some change (approach? brush style? program?) that had a HUGE effect on your lineart quality. i've been struggling with that in my own drawings for a while-- was there anything in particular you did that made things click?

Thank you! If you’re asking for lineart tips, I’d say there are a few things to keep in mind (note that this is just what I do)

1. Work big. You’ll be able to see what you’re doing way easier.

2. Line on multiple layers instead of just one. It’s easier to fix mistakes that way and you can just merge them as you go.

3. Take it one line at a time. If you find yourself frustrated step back and take a break.

4. Min size. For lines that I want to stay a consistent size all the way through I use the normal pen at about 67% min size. For lines that I do want to change I use the same pen but with 5% min size instead.

I think that’s it! As for program I’ve always used Sai. Sorry If this isn’t exactly what you wanted or if anything here is phrased awkwardly. I’m bad a putting what I mean into words. Maybe I’ll make an actual tutorial some day.

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Olivia-sensei, how does someone find their path? I've tried almost everything and i always end up back in the same place, neurtal. I feel a tug in my heart that says i have a place to go and be but I just don't know how to do that? Thank you for your time and for your tumblr, it's so helpful and peaceful

Hi there! I would definitely say take your time with things and always follow your heart. You may not know the exact way on how to follow your heart (I’m kind of in that spot right now) but as long as you hold fast to your feelings and keep open to opportunities, you’ll find the right way. It just takes time. There’s nothing wrong either with experimenting with different paths or even changing up paths even though you felt you dedicated strongly to one. Things change. It doesn’t mean the past on that path was misguided or for nothing – whatever path we takes can teach us a lot and helps us grow a lot too. The journey has been a long one for me, taking so many different paths, but I ended up here and I’m really happy. Now I just need to open my heart to the secular path I want to be, but I cant think of the logical way to go about it, so for the time until I see a good opening or opportunity, I’m going along with the flow and enjoying myself, while still trying to find ways. But if I’ve learned anything it takes time and a little of our own efforts too  to really be on your way that you want. 


The Vampire’s charm

In pop culture, some vampires are portrayed as creatures that possess an alluring and almost irresistible attractiveness.

Now imagine Narumi screaming at them to stop playing around and get the fuck back because some of them actually want to eat.

Ok, maybe I didn’t make it in time for YuuMika Week, but after chapter 47 I think we all need some fluff ^^


↳ “I still don’t know anything about you, but even when we graduate, I want to be with you.” requested by anonymous.

Witchy Tip

You can easily use the 4 Earthly Elements to cleanse and charge yourself whenever needed.

- Take a walk with no shoes; Let the sunlight cleanse you from above, and the earth charge you through your feet
- Lie down in a field of grass; ground yourself and absorb the earth’s energy
- Visit the forest; talk to the trees, keep a watch out for pixies and other playful fae
- Keep a nice, smooth stone in your pocket for grounding and smoothing sharp emotions
- Dig up a handful of fresh earth; breathe in the scent, crumble it through your fingers, take note of the energies
- Spend time in a garden

- Find a windy place. Let the wind sweep away all negativity from you, and take in the excitable, playful energy of the breeze. Especially note how the wind ruffles through your hair
- Take deep breaths. with every breath out, exhale negativity; every breath in, feel the way your lungs expand as the fresh air stimulates your life force
- Light an incense
- Go on a speedboat and enjoy the rush of the wind as you travel over the water
- Talk to the wind: it’s a wise listener

- Take a shower; visualize the water washing away the negativity to show the shining positivity underneath
- Go swimming; submerge yourself in calm water, let the surrounding water cleanse you. think of yourself like a negative little teabag
- Stand in a (safely) rushing stream. Force your negativity through your feet and let the water take it far, far away
- Drink water. It is the essence of life and will cleanse you spiritually and boost your mood and health
- Play in a sprinkler; enjoy the beauty of flying droplets of water. make a ritual out of hopping back and forth through the sprinkler
- make a Cleansing spray; combine water, and the appropriate crystals/herbs/whatnot. contain in a water bottle and spray whatever needs cleansing or charging

- Light a white candle near by
- Meditate while gazing into a bonfire. Let the heat warm you and fill you with happiness
- Burn a cleansing bundle (sage, juniper, lavender…)
- Dance around a bonfire; go wild and release your negativity through song and dance
- Take something that represents negativity in your life and burn it (be safe.)
- Light a couple more white candles
- Light a scented candle
- Light some herbs on fire
- Please don’t light yourself on fire


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Pizza Friday, Kevin Eastman & Paul Jenkins

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Turtles Take Time (and Space), Brandon Auman

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Where They Kiss You

simple as the title, where your avenger boo kisses you 

Bucky: Thighs. On your first few dates with him, you never pictured Bucky to be a thigh man. You more expected him to be an old fashioned kiss on the hand type, but that all went out the window the first night he slept over. He took what you thought were flaws and made them his favorite things about you. Bucky loves waking you up in the morning by trailing kisses starting at your collarbone and going all the way down to those thighs he loves. You have a small tattoo on your inner left thigh that he always traces over lightly with his fingers, and it drives you absolutely mad. When he’s had a long day of being an avenger, he loves coming home to already find you in bed. Bucky takes this time to climb into the king sized bed and rest his head on your lap, occasionally leaning over from his phone to place a kiss on your thighs and tell you little things about his day.

Steve: Forehead. It started when the two of you finally made your relationship public, and went to a baseball game together. People were around everywhere, most trying to pretend they weren’t staring as you walked to your seats hand in hand, but some were blatantly taking pictures and whispering to their friends. Steve’s grip moved to around your shoulder, and he pulled you closer to him while walking around inside the stadium. Being in the public eye wasn’t something you were used to, and Steve could tell. So instead of giving everyone a show, he sweetly placed his lips on your forehead in hopes of calming you down. After that came many more events where he did the same before you walked out into the public eye, and it stuck as a way for you to calm one another down. Plus it was a way for the two of you to avoid the whole gross PDA thing.

Natasha: Neck. It became a thing of good luck for the both of you whenever she would place a kiss on the left side of your neck before going off on a mission. You weren’t an active agent anymore, but there were times where you would be with Maria in the control room. Natasha had no shame in kissing you in front of whoever she wanted, whether it’s just the team, or on a red carpet for the whole world to see. Sometimes she would just kiss your neck out of the blue to get you flustered and red in the face. Even on game nights with the team she would lean over your lap just to get her lips on your neck before making any bets with the team, and 99% of the time her PDA payed off. Nobody in the public eye knew how much she really suffered from the trainings when she was a kid, and sometimes she would wake up in the middle of the night suffering from those memories. But you were there for her, leaving kisses across her jaw and down her neck, bringing her back to reality in your arms.

Thor: Hand. Albeit cliche, he truly loves making you feel like his queen. He was raised to treat women with the utmost respect, because he understood that he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for them. So when Thor met you, he felt as if he had cracked the code to what life is supposed to be like. Everyone knows about how bubbly he is, but he was even more so after that first look into your eyes at the Shield christmas party. When Thor wakes up in the morning, the first thing he does is bring you closer to his body and kiss your hand. It’s his way of showing how much he loves and respects you, and without being too gross with the affection. But that sure doesn’t mean that he’s afraid to be affectionate.  

Tony: Chest. Tony is all about chest kisses, and he places them with such love and care. He loves leaning into your chest while you are laying on the couch or in bed after a long day of being Tony Stark. You hold his head there, softly running your fingers through his hair and stroking his cheek. He feels his safest with his lips on your chest, even safer than when he’s in the iron suit that is damn near indestructible. It momentarily dispels all negative thoughts from his mind, and leaves him with nothing but pure adoration towards you. He feels like a giant weight is lifted off his shoulders as well. It’s at that point when he turns his head and absentmindedly presses a short, chaste kiss to your skin or the fabric that covers the area.

Peter: Temple. Whether the two of you were tangled up in each other on the couch watching a movie, or silently strolling down the street hand in hand, he always pulled you into a warm hug, and pressed a sweet kiss to your temple. Whenever he was struck with the opportunity, Peter would lightly peck your temple. It helped that you happened to enjoy being kissed there just a little bit more than straight up lip-locking. He wanted to make sure you knew how much he loved and was there for you, and felt that a soft kiss on your forehead or temple was the way to do it. Sometimes you even stretched up on your tiptoes to place a kiss on his temple whenever you saw him stressing out over something, especially new mission plans. Him leaving for said missions was a new thing, so it was always a toss up of who was going to be more strung out over the job that day.

Loki: Under-jaw. The two of always spent your down time wrapped up in blankets in bed, doing absolutely nothing aside from basking in each other’s company and body heat in silence. Loki leaned in to you and you leaned into him, becoming utterly obsessed with each other. He looked at you like you were the most exquisite thing in existence and peppered a million light kisses underneath your jaw and along the side of your neck. You always returned the favor by tightly holding him, eventually squeezing him till he was practically out of breath. You would spend all of your nights together exactly like this, much to both of your delight.

Pietro: Shoulder blades. Pietro craved skin to skin contact with you at all times of the day, mostly in the form of a kiss, which couldn’t happen often, much to your disappointment as well as his. So, he stuck to loosely slinging his arm around your shoulders and following you around like a lost puppy while you performed domestic tasks around the compound. Whenever you stopped bumbling about, doing whatever it was that you were doing, Pietro quickly peppered kisses all along your shoulder blades. They spanned everywhere from the shoulders to the nape of your neck.  As long as it didn’t interfere with your task at hand, you indulged him and stood still, eyes fluttering shut in content for a moment until he was inevitably pulled away from you to do important Avengers work. He always made it up to you, however, in the form of much more interesting activities.

Bruce: Nose. Your touch never failed to provide Bruce with much needed affection, and reassurance that you were still around and weren’t ever going to leave him. You always stuck around, glued to his side while he moved about his lab. He tried on multiple occasions to explain what he does in the simplest way possible to you. Most of the time, you just looked at him and smiled, which Bruce knew as your nice way of telling him to stop wasting his breath because you weren’t going to understand any time soon. He softly chuckled every time, quietly sighed with a light smile on his face, pulled your face close to his and pressed a soft kiss on your nose. This gentle of a kiss reminded him that he’s still just Bruce, and not the other guy.

Scott: Cheek. Scott woke up significantly earlier than you did every morning, but never failed to give you a sloppy good morning kiss on the cheek before he rolled begrudgingly out of bed. They always woke you up though, which you didn’t mind. You always pulled a sleepy smile anyway, and rolled over to his side of the bed and basked in the hot spot of sheets he left behind, instantly falling back asleep. You were awakened again about a half an hour later to another, less sloppy kiss on the cheek and a goofy smile from Scott before he left for whatever job he had acquired from his friends. He whispered a promise to you about taking you out to dinner that night, an offer you accepted, before hurrying out of the room and out of the apartment.  

Hey there, guys. I hate doing this, I really, really do, but I’m in a very difficult financial situation right now. My job isn’t exactly giving me the hours I need and I’m still searching for a second one to help further support myself. However, in the span of time it is taking to find said position, I’m struggling to stay afloat. I’m also in desperate need of going back to therapy and possibly being put back on medication, but most certainly do not have the money to do such a thing. So in an attempt to gather any amount of small safety net funding, I’ve discounted my chapbooks in my Etsy shop 30% until further notice. 

The chapbooks showcased in my shop contain a variety of poetry about love, loss, mental disorder, recovery, and the like. Most of the work available in the booklets has not been released on my blog, only available after purchase so there is a bunch of new content just waiting to be discovered there. 

You can visit my Etsy shop here, and use the code “UFN30″ at checkout to receive the 30% off discount.

I also have my two official poetry collections available for purchase on Lulu, and until July 24th, 11:59 PM that night, you can receive 30% off your purchase by using the code “LULU30″ at checkout!

I also have a PayPal you could donate to if anyone is feeling extra generous, the email connected with that account being “haleyincarnate@gmail.com”. 

Again, thank you guys so much for the endless support you show me. I loathe asking any of you to even consider doing this, but I’m desperate. Thank you for listening.