Yuri on Ice is PERFECT

Yuri on Ice has exceptional character development.

Yuri on Ice has no unlikeable characters.

Yuri on Ice has no disappointing episodes.

Yuri on Ice doesn’t shy away at all from LGBT representation.

Yuri on Ice gives us a pure, beautiful, loving relationship.

Yuri on Ice has comedy, drama, suspense, competition, and romance.

Yuri on Ice is overflowing with stunningly animated skating routines.

Yuri on Ice has beautiful, moving music.

Yuri on Ice has wonderful, passionate creators.

Yuri on Ice is bold, fresh, and unafraid to take risks.

Yuri on Ice is mature and tactful.

Yuri on Ice deals with anxiety, confidence, failure and success.

Yuri on Ice is inclusive and welcoming.

Yuri on Ice is masterfully poignant.

Yuri on Ice is perfect.


Mo Vaughn’s MVP collections is finally catering to the underserved plus size man

  • Mo Vaughn, a former baseball player who played for the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets, knows how hard it is to be a big guy shopping for clothes.
  • For years, he’d walk into big and tall sections and be faced with clothes that looked the opposite of modern, all oversized jeans and cheap-looking button downs.
  • After years of being faced with lackluster clothes in his size (he describes himself as a 2XL tall), Vaughn launched a fashion brand of his own called MVP Collections.
  • Rather than sticking to outdated silhouettes and fabrics, MVP, which launched in early August, specializes in trendy premium denim in sizes 38 to 50 in various different fits, as well as premium T-shirts in 1XL to 4XL and velour sweats up to 6XL. 
  • By doing that, they’re tapping into a market of larger men who want trendy, cutting-edge clothes, and maybe want to take risks with their clothes as well. Read more

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For the Earth energy, there is no point trying to force them to take risks or try new things should they not feel ready for them. If they feel anxious or scared of something, then now is not the right time. If they feel anxious yet excited, their interest peaked, then now is the right time.

Being grounded can feel like having thorns wrapped around your ankles, but when the time is right, you can tell them to let go.

  • Lawless: -pats Licht's butt-
  • Licht: "What are you doing?"
  • Lawless: "Patting your butt."
  • Licht: "Why?"
  • Lawless: "Life's too short not to take risks."
  • Licht: "What idiot told you that?"
  • Lawless: "A movie."
  • Licht: "Movies tell me I should murder vampires and explain the best way to do it."
  • Lawless: "Aha-ha-ha-ha..."
  • Lawless: -takes his hand off of Licht's butt-

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So you probably won't read this, but Ive had a really rough week. I lost my best friend and I've just been trying to move on from everything, but it seems like it gets harder the more I try. I felt stuck, really alone, and really bad that I kept crying about it to my friends. But I watched you play don't take the risk and your words really comforted me. (Your smile helped a lot too) so thank you Ethan. Thank you so much. You helped remind me that I'm not alone, that I can get through this.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I know what it’s like to lose a friend. Stay strong, and keep your head up. I know its hard. Just remember that you have people to talk to here if you ever need it! I’m glad my words could help in some capacity  :)

I ended up on some dude’s blog because he commented on one of my posts and ha ha ha what the everloving fuck am I reading

Modern popular feminism tries to have its cake and eat it too. Many of their major issues are in the attempt to have women seen as subjects, not objects. Women should be treated the same as men in all manner of situations.

But when they do this, they lose out on the benefits of being objects (most notably: they lose security and start taking on risk). The loss of these benefits is seen as sexism in its own right, and changes are demanded. You see this in things like policing words and actions. A person with agency, a subject, if they get catcalled, they Take Care Of It. If they’re bothered, they are expected either to just grin and bear it, or to go and make those people stop. Typically through force or a threat thereof.

But what is the standard feminist attitude towards this. It is not “women should make this stop”. It is “women should not have to deal with this at all”. It is the cry of an object abdicating agency and demanding the subjects around it Fix It For Them.

Fundamentally this is not something you can have both ways. You can’t demand to be treated like a subject, but then revert back to object mode whenever it is convenient.

now what I’m about to propose here is a fucking wild concept, I know, but what if a person having agency doesn’t mean they should bear the responsibility to make other people being dicks to them, because the responsibility is on the other people to stop being fucking dicks, jesus christ

Winter drabbles - YugyeomI’m on holiday at my grandmas and have nothing but time to write, so expect more drabbles. Fluff and smut. This one is the latter. Written for my lovely friend @ravioli-raviolii Enjoy lovies!

Date night had finally arrived, and it couldn’t have came on a worse day! Winter storm warnings were in affect for the next three days, and it was a complete blizzard. There’s no way Yugyeom would risk taking you out in this weather.
You sighed, staring blankly out the window watching flurries of white fluff swarm the air, and cursing mother nature for the damn weather.
“Babe, seriously,” Yugyeom rested his hands on your shoulders, “stop pouting. We can still have date night, we just have to stay in.” He snaked his arms across your chest, and gave you a tight squeeze. Leaving you with a kiss on your cheek, he walked back to the couch and got back in to whatever lame History Channel show he had been fixated on all day. You were sure that he was excited he could finish his show instead of go out in the cold.
You curled up next to him, and he wrapped an arm around you giving you room to nuzzle your head into his chest. He was bouncing his legs restlessly, but stopped when you skimmed your finger tips up his inner thigh. You stared at him, watching as he blinked a few times, obviously trying to act oblivious to your actions.
You huffed, and tried again, this time dragging your nails lightly up the skin, pulling his gym shorts up as you ventured further up. “Babe.” he spoke in a firm voice, still refusing to look at you. You sighed dramatically and sat up. You kept your eyes focused on him, a nasty glare plastered to your face.
After what seemed like fifty years, but had probably been only a minute he smirked. Biting his lip gently to try to cover the fact, but you knew you had him, and basically jumped at him. You straddled his leg, your dress resting dangerously high on your thighs. You hooked your hands around his neck, pulling gently at his hair, and running your tongue up his jaw. He hissed just loud enough for you to hear, and you bit at his ear. “Since we have to stay in,” you whispered, “are we gonna fuck, or nah?”
He smirked once more, “nah,” he teased. You pulled your head back to meet his gaze, raising your eyebrows at him.
He smiled almost annoyingly, “two can play this game Yugyeom,” you said austerely. You rolled your hips on top of him slowly as you spoke.
You continued rocking against his thigh, hands still tangled in his hair. You tilted your head back with a subtle moan as you noticed how wet you were for him. Your nails dug into his neck as he flexed his leg beneath you. You sped up, grinding your dripping core against his bare thigh and letting small curses slip from your mouth as the coil inside your stomach tightened. “Shit,” he breathed, your hand slipping up the other side of his shorts to find his clothed erection, palming at it generously.
“You’re so hard babe,” you teased, “all this tension could’ve been released - on me.” He groaned and you pressed yourself harder into his thigh, making a moan erupt from your mouth.
You were so sensitive, and nearly melted into Yugyeom when his hands found your hips, guiding you faster on top of his thigh. “Y/N you’re so fucking wet.” he exhaled, “I can feel it through your panties.” His words brought another harsh moan to your lips, and he pushed you harder down onto his thigh, flexing again.
“Fuckin - shit, Yugyeom!”
The moment his name left your lips, he lifted you off his lap hastily, and slammed you down on the couch, climbing on top of you. His lips and teeth meshing against the skin of your neck. He slipped his hand in to your hair, yanking it to tilt your head back, and nipped your bottom lip. You moaned as he yanked your panties down, “I’m gonna make you make you beg for it.”

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Fairy lights

i had to google that too but i’ve never had real fairy lights but when i was 9 i got hello kitty string lights for my birthday and i had them for YEARS i had them til i turned 13 and i also had this T shaped bunkbed so i would put a big blanket over the opening of the T and i had my string lights and some danglies  hanging from the bottom of the top bunk anyways it caught fire a few times but i never learned my lesson

so what i hate is that something so beautiful can be so dangerous and that assholes like me will take the risk

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Would you ever hire someone w/o a degree? I dropped out in my 2nd year of college after I was diagnosed with cancer...I studied really hard at home, I just dont have a degree to prove it. I hate not being taken seriously when Ive been through so much

I’m sorry to hear that. I prefer experience over credentials, and have hired people who had less schooling over ones that did for various reasons. Sometimes it’s a cost-saving measure, other times I can tell the degree is meaningless for their work ethic.

You can potentially get some sort of certification to show your knowledge so that it takes risk off of any potential employer. If what you’re going for can be tested and give you a piece of paper showing you passed, that will mean a lot.

The Style Line x Brand Assembly: Briana Swords of SWORDS-SMITH

“I love the magic in the air around the holidays in general – there’s something very romantic about this time of year. Holiday events are the perfect opportunity to dress up and wear something special. We may be an anomaly compared to other stores though, as we really are lucky to have the best clients any retailer could ask for – they are smart and experimental, they take risks with fashion.” In our latest visit with Brand Assembly we found ourselves back at SWORDS-SMITH just in time for the holidays. Discover more in our two part studio visit on The Style Line and The Assemblist.

Photos by @bridgetbadore for The Style Line – in partnership with Brand Assembly

Just gotta risk it...

Never put yourself in a position to lose someone. If you truly love someone, you’d never take that risk.

Once you find someone that genuinely cares for your wellbeing and your feelings, keep them close. In a world full of chaos and lies, it’s rare to find someone who is willing to stay loyal. Their want to take care of you and to know what’s on your mind every second of the day is truly something special.

Yes, it’s hard to put your trust in someone. To put your whole trust and life into someone else’s hands is scary! You give them the power to make or break you.

Just allow them to fight your battles with you instead. Let them inside and allow them to help. Bottling feelings of frustration and anger within yourself is unhealthy, and does no good. 

I learnt the hard way.

Recently, I’ve been receiving horrible hate messages on all forms of social media. They said things that no person should ever have to read. Things that make people want to kill themselves.

I tried fighting my internal battles by myself and didn’t let anyone in. I thought it would help, but in reality it just made me feel worse and I became really self-destructive because of it.

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PLEASE do your own homework this is exo's na tour next lucky hook up we are not! a! team! ok tip #1: taurus venus/aries mars - both signs in those planets share a liking for sensuality but they are 'chasers' so your best option is something that marks well your attributes but is slightly suggestive (a form fitting dress or blouse, focus on the waist and breasts without actually showing the twins too much) gemini moon - likes originality and bright colors take risks

PLEASEEEEEEEE dam okay so tiddies out & bright color ??? noted 📝 i cnt believ u can find this stuff based on their sign thts wildt

i hate my life rn, i feel like a robot who’s controlled by the people around me. one mistake and everything changes. maybe this is the reason why i always hide in my shell and never ever come out of it, i just stay in the so called ‘safe zone’ rather than exploring things on my own. maybe this is why i’m too afraid to take risks. i’d rather hide than to get hurt, but either ways i always end up getting hurt 

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Fritz glanced up at the sudden silhouette in the doorway, giving the man a nod as he poured a cup of coffee. "I take it you and Reyes made it out alright? It felt weird not suiting up for a mission."


Jesse gave a small nod in response, bustling with nervous energy. As casually as he can manage, he strolls in, standing by the coffee maker and the medic.

“Mission went smoothly, for once.” He drawls, inching closer. He’s telling half the truth; there was a small slip-up on his part, and quite frankly, he was lucky to make it out in one piece. 

“And… it’s funny you say that. It… felt weird. Not having you there this time around, doc.”

He meant it. Perhaps it was his nerves, or all in his head, whatever it was that drove him, it was enough to take the risk. Jesse cupped his chin, subtly leaning more on his toes to meet the medic’s height. He pauses momentarily, admiring his eyes before he leans in, planting a small, gentle kiss on the medic’s lips.

“I missed you.”