I don’t want to get too personal here, but people constantly bombarding me with messages that my experiences aren’t real as an asexual person is no different from me telling my parents that they were hurting me and my dad, in a mocking tone, telling me ‘no I didn’t!’ over and over even though I was crying and in distress.

That’s what continually happens to me.

I literally could care less about what people think is or is not gaslighting. I’m going to continue to call it like I see it, and I think it’s highly disrespectful to take that power away from me because you want to win an argument on the Internet. I’m not saying it’s gaslighting for shits and giggles, nor am I disrespecting “real survivors.”

I did survive that. I am surviving that, and I’m further exposed to that on a daily basis by people who speak over me, trying to tell me what is real and what is not. If your objective is to deny whatever happens to me as an asexual person, then you’re participating in that kind of abuse. You don’t actually know me.

You can’t possibly know what kind of shit I’ve been told as an asexual person, beyond the strawman arguments you construct to justify yourself in attacking me. So what makes you think you have more a right than I do to determine if what I myself am experiencing is or is not abusive? You dont. So stop, otherwise you’re taking pride in this.

Like, sorry I’m still heated over this but this kind of shit needs to stop in order for me to be okay.

Angelfamily Dinner Conversations
  • Genesis:Dads, can I go wreak havoc on earth?
  • DeBlanc:yes of course
  • DeBlanc:................Fiore
  • Fiore:Yeah alright, but ONLY A LITTLE HAVOC

Jes: Some musings from my two weeks in Maryland: 

Andy is stunning in person, just wow. Also, a super comfortable cuddler, very easy to fall asleep with - I slept really well those first couple nights together - and it usually takes me time to sleep well with someone new. Of everyone I spent time with out there I’m closest to Andy and the transition from internet to real life was super easy and now I just miss them quite a lot.

Katie talks so much more than you anticipate her talking - but she’s hilarious so its really fun just listening to her. She’s also just incredibly beautiful in person as well, she kinda takes your breath away. 

Listening to her and Andy interact is great, you can tell they’ve known each other for awhile now, their conversations get so weird when they’re tired. lol.

Andy’s little bro Evan is also just super funny and great - I’m glad he got to hang out with us a bit - (He also made me a wand - I will show you guys soon!)

Moons is a sweetheart, like just a genuinely super sweet person and he kept just randomly reaching out to hug me (which he warned me he would do lol) - and then getting really flustered if I kissed his cheek (so of course i had to do it again - like duh). I’m super sad he wasn’t able to get away from the parents to see us a couple more times - I really wish we’d had more time together.

Laina is still one of my favorite people ever. I got to spend a couple days with her before but always with TT, and this time I had some time just with Laina and she’s hilarious - she’s also super sweet and thoughtful and the kind of person who makes you want to be a better person. 

And the voices guys, omg, the voices Laina does when she’s making gifs - or just randomly - so great. It kills me - Her and Andy got going a couple times and it was awesome. 

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like, to use a metaphor of people as ads

A Good Internet Ad: A nice friendly person standing in their own spot, we happen to meet eyes as i pass their spot, they hand me a flyer and a quick concise 10 second explanation of their product and how it can help me in my life. i smile take the flyer and walk away, keeping the info tucked away in the back of my mind in case i need it. they say their spiel once and thats it and they then leave me be.

A Bad Internet Ad: A loud angry person throwing things at me from across the street, following me no matter where i go, constantly yelling to get my attention and all the while screaming “ BUY MY SHIT. ITS A SHIT IN A CAN. WHY ARENT YOU BUYING MY SHIT I LITERALLY SPENT 20 MINUTES SHITTING IN THIS CAN FOR YOU. BUY IT YOU PIECE OF SHIT” and literally the only way to escape this man is to call the authorities and block his access to me.

which person do you think i respect more and would be more willing to buy something from? hint, its not the second guy.

even if i wanted to buy LITERAL cans of shit, i would not go to the agressive loud inescapable asshole. i would go to the nice quiet person who would hold up their shit can, explain how its good for me and invite me to try smearing it on the walls for myself

instead of throwing it in my face and getting angry when i dont like that like the other guy would

This is why i shouldn't be allowed to watch steven universe

so i was just listening to ‘it’s over’ (from the new ep)
and i just started imagine ivor singing it
so he was pearl
soren was rose quartz
jesse was steven
and i hadn’t decided who was greg
but now i really want to draw it

anonymous asked:

Elder Maxson can spank me (hard) anytime. And I'm okay to punish him too if that's what he wants.

due to high demand, we have put in place a ticketing system. yours is number 2647. here is a bottle of water; please call for assistance from one of the marshalling Scribes if you feel faint at any time while waiting.

PS I like the way you specified (hard). as if there were any other way… :cough: I mean, I can’t imagine he’d be into (soft) spanking. he’d never feel it through that coat of his.

vicar kicker is in the confessional. confess your sins.

CanWNT as DC Heroes

(because I get bored and overthink shit like this)

Sinc: Superman. The heart of the group, super humble and down to earth. Nearly unstoppable when she puts her mind to it.

Tanc: Batman. Tough exterior but super soft irl. Adopts children like nobody’s business.

Erin: Wonder Woman. Kind yet hardcore, mostly perfect, and someone you want no matter the situation.

DMath: The Flash. Funny. Super fast and will appear out of nowhere to save a ball.

Soph: Nighwing. The first Robin. Funny, has a great relationship with both Superman and Batman. Going on their own path.

Desi: Black Canary. Killer voice. Will destroy you if need be.

Rhian: Blue Beetle. A sweet yet huge nerd. Don’t underestimate her.

Gonna be away for a little bit due to MOVING

to an awesome place, granted, but internet’s gonna take a little while to get to. 

If you need to get to me at all (commission inquiries, love letters, challenges to duels, etc), plz send them to ghiamarie.mercado@gmail.com

I’m excited and stressed out and tired, annoyed that I have to put Desendi off a couple of weeks from its intended launch date because of this, but after almost a year of being together, boyfriend and I are finally moving in with each other. Let’s hope this “familiarity breeds contempt” stuff doesn’t get to us too much hahahahahaaaaaaaaa (jk we’ll be fine). 

Gonna have a commissions flash sale soon, and gonna unload a couple of prints and original/physical sketch and ink commissions to make up for some costs (and get rid of this huge pile of crap taking up space at home), so keep your eyes peeled, if anyone wants art from me. 

Cheers and wish me luck


If anyone asks
tell them I’m still
learning how to breathe
from my diaphragm
I don’t want to be 
kissed and die immediately after
this is my life
and I won’t let you 
have my last breath
get your hands 
massage my lungs

I dedicate this
to the 12 year old girl
who ate Popsicles
while hanging upside down
until 3pm cartoons
were taking footsteps
from the screen 
till Daphne kissed 
me square on the cheek
before Fred 
took her away 
that smug motherfucker
what’s he got 
that I don’t 
tongue touching roof of mouth
teeth attached to gums
tongue against teeth 
teeth protruding 
my mouth wider
from accommodating them

I have a throat 
a chest 
a belly
but it’s about what’s in between
my legs for sure
cause I know much better
than to leave my friends behind
I know much better 
than to put a dog in danger

I eat starbursts 
I don’t like dresses
I like the color purple
and the way lavender smells
my shoulders are broad
from my father
my jawline sharp
from my mother
my body full
from the woman waiting
in the shadows 

I did not want her 
she came anyway

I just wanted my Daphne back
and to tighten that ascot
around Fred’s neck
what an idiot 
what a prick

I wonder if Velma’s heart will ever heal