*other idols*
member 1: I’m cold..
member 2: !!! *rushes to give them a jacket or blanket*
member 3: I’m cold too :( I want a jacket or blanket..
member 2: damn always asking for shit! plus I don’t control the damn weather !!

Taemin: *feels cold*
Minho: *takes out a blanket and covers Taemin and him*
Key: What about me?
Minho: *places blanket over Key as well* *meanwhile we have Jongyu just chilling on the side*

I stopped eating meat when I was 4 & so my mom would order me a “cheese burger, no burger” whenever we got fast food! Everyone was always v confused. 🍔😝 Also, my mom would take my siblings & me to McDonalds & we would cover our table in napkins & pour like 5 large orders of fries onto the table & so I have a little soft spot for Mickey D’s. 😝🍟 I’m selling this cute pinafore over on @depop along with lots of other gems from my closet! Find me on Depop: @Isabel_Hendrix

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1. Spell out your name with song titles (just for fun I’m going to limit the Japanese songs I’m putting here)

  • Cruel Angel Thesis (Yoko Takanashi)
  • Eet (Regina Spektor)
  • Lies (Marina and the Diamonds)/Last Gay Song (Mindless Self Indulgence)
  • Eros and Apollo (Studio Killers)
  • Saltkin (Purity Ring)
  • Tight pants body rolls (Leslie Hall)/Take me to Church (Hozier, but Alice’s cover is better and gayer)
  • E.V.O.L (Marina and the Diamonds)

Fuck me my name has too many ‘e’s.

2. Why did you choose your URL?

  • When I was 14 (so about 2 years ago) I was obsessed with finding the ‘perfect’ URL. One night, I randomly came up with ‘homucifuck’, and thought, hey, dude, ‘homucifucker’. Thus, I assumed the identity of Celeste the Homucifucker.
  • I love Homucifer more than I love my own life tbh.

3. What is your middle name?

  • Li (good luck finding me I’m behind a billion other Chinese people with the same middle name as me)

4. If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?


5. Favorite color?

  • Red/Green :3c

6. Song you like rn.

  • Oh boy there’s lots… I keep listening to Taylor Swift’s cover of Riptide, though + Lone Digger and Pop Culture (Madeon = top)

7. Top four fandoms.

  • PMMM, Love Live, NGE and YKA probably…

8. Tag 10 people.

@kyakus@crowsummer @a-promise-that-i-keep @chikayou @togepri @delphinia13 @chiptune-prince @hxciva@friendlybroccoli​ (LMAO YOU JUST DID SOMETHING ELSE I TAGGED YOU IN RIP U) and @chetlier (I still rabu hurting u <3)

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars..

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Headcanon that the first time Eren is experimenting with his titan powers with the new squad, Levi just mutters “nobody drop their fucking spoon,” and Eren just loses it laughing while everyone else is clutching their weapons, a little nervous (because they haven’t really been around Eren’s titan a lot) going “Dear god, they’re both bonkers.”


(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ (◠‿◠✿)


Your Fav is Problematic : George Blagden
  • ships Enjoltaire more than you
  • can speak French
  • “does France have the same moon?”
  • can’t draw hearts
  • is a menace
  • pls somebody arrest him I need a break
Take Me to Church (Hozier acoustic cover)
  • Take Me to Church (Hozier acoustic cover)
  • Kiesza

my lover’s got humour, he’s the giggle at a funeral

knows everybody’s disapproval, i should’ve worshiped him sooner

if the Heavens ever did speak, he is the last true mouth piece

every Sunday’s getting more bleak, a fresh poison each week

we were born sick, you heard them say it

my church offers no absolutes. he tells me ‘worship in the bedroom’

the only heaven I’ll be sent to is when I’m alone with you

i was born sick, but I love it, command me to be well

amen, amen, amen