Y'all listen to this, so last night I met this girl who is a huge Johnlock shipper, she was like “they’re my OTP I love them but I’m taking a break from the show” and I was like “why?” She told me basically that she was worried about queerbaiting and that she wasn’t sure she could handle that. I told her all about TJLC and how there’s a big group of people who truly believe that it’s not queerbaiting, and that there’s tons of evidence to back that idea up. I told her about TJLCE and how TAB was basically predicted by the TJLC crew.


I just want that to let that sink in. A queer person was literally discouraged from watching queer media because straight people told it was bad quality. Didn’t it just win an Emmy? Isn’t it funny that things that seem “too gay” to straight people are brushed off as stupid or bad quality?

TAB IS LITERALLY SO GAY THAT STRAIGHT PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND IT. I know we already knew this but like……. if you read them as straight TAB makes literally NO SENSE.

“What was it you said to me, Rose?  Right before Steven was born…”

“Take the wave, now, and know that you’re free.”

“Turn your back on the land, face the sea.”

“Face the wind, now, so wild and so strong…”

“When you think of me, wave to me and send me a song.”

“Don’t look back when you reach the new shore.  Don’t forget what you’re leaving me for.”

“Don’t forget when you’re missing me so…”

“Love must never hold, never hold tight…”

“…but let go.”


“Oh, the nights will be long when I’m not in your arms…”

“But I’ll be in your song…that you sing to me, across the sea.”

“Somehow, someday…

“You will be far away, so far from me…”

“And, maybe, one day…I will follow you, and all you do.”

“'Til then…send me a song.”

“When the sun sets the water on fire…“

“When the wind swells the sails ever higher…”

“Let the call of the bird on the wing calm your sadness, and loneliness, and then start to sing to me!”

“I will sing!”

“To you!”

“If you promise…to send me a song.”

“And I walk by the shore, and I hear…”

“Hear your song come so faint, and so clear–”

“And I catch it, a breath on the wind,”

“And I smile, and I sing you a song…”

“ I will send you a song…”

“I will sing you a song, I will sing to you…”

“If you promise…to send me a song.”

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"you told Digg what!"

“You told Digg what?!”

“Felicity, please-”

“How could you do something like that?”

“Because it was necessary.”

“No, it wasn’t! And it’s not your place to decide that anyway!”


“You don’t go to your friend and ask him to make arrangements to take care of me and our daughter in case you die.”

“Yes, I do. Because I can’t be a part of this life unless I know he has my back on this. I can’t go out there at night and put my life on the line unless I know my family are safe and taken care of no matter what.”

“Oliver, that’s something we decide together.”

“No, it’s something between John and I. We’ve had this agreement since Sara was born, now there are just more people in the equation.”


“I won’t take it back, Felicity. John and I have an arrangement. Our girls are taken care of, no matter what.”

“Oliver, I can’t let you go out there at night if you’re making plans for what happens if you die out there.”

“It’s the only way I’ll go.”

“But what if you don’t come home?”

“That’s the risk we take.”

“Then maybe we need to rethink the risks we’re taking.”

“I told you before, say the word and this is over. We have the house in Ivy Town. We have everything we need. Say the word and we can be gone by tomorrow.”


Inspired by this song (listening to it while reading is advised). The lyrics are in italic.

It’s still dark outside, the sheets are creased and still warm from last night, the spot besides me is empty. He said that he was going to stay, he promised that he was going to stay. He lied and I know it, he is going to leave me behind for that bloody war. I was stupid to believe every words he told me last night. All the worse thoughts about it cross my mind, reminding me how it ended up for my father after the last war, he came back broken and dying inside, I was just a little girl, but it still haunts me.

I’m unlisted, I'm resisting, all the lies the minds are twisted

Can’t believe in honesty, please don’t turn your back on me

I am breaking, molding, making. All these thoughts are over taking.

Everything I want to see, hoping you will stay with me.

I sit up on the bed, holding the top sheet to my breasts and look around the room. He’s looking in the street, his right hand leaning on the frame of the window, his short brown hair looks black in the dark, but his icy-blue gaze shines through the darkness of the early morning. Brooklyn is quiet at the moment, but it’s only a mater of hours.

“James ?”

Am I folding? No, I’m holding on to what the signs are showing

Everything that’s meant to be doesn’t come so easily.

He doesn’t answer nor turn to me. I see his jaw clenching, his broad shoulders falling, a sigh going out of his mouth and I realize that that moment seems as difficult for him as it’s for me. Since the day he enlisted he is distant, he goes away from me, he doesn’t talk, he doesn’t come. Yet, last night, he showed at my door in his army uniform and all he said was : “Sergent James Barnes, at your service ma'am.”, wearing that irresistible smile that I love so much on his gorgeous lips. Just those few words and I was done, his mouth was on mine and his hands around my waist. Quickly we finished in bed, skin against skin, sweet nothings and moans filling my little bedroom.

You got it, you got it all…

And now, everything is gone, he’s ready to leave, letting me behind when all I want is him to stay. It’s selfish I know, but I love him, more than I’ve ever loved someone, more than life itself. I can’t bear the thought of losing him, but he already lost me when he enlisted and I lost him at the same moment.

“James, look at me”, but he still stares the street.

I get up, wrapping the sheet around my naked body and flush my body to his, my chest glued to his back, nuzzling my nose on his toned back, my arms encircling his middle section. Tears start to fall from my eyes, roll on my cheeks and finish their race on his bare skin.

“James please, talk to me. Please don’t go. I don’t want you to die over there. I have a bad feeling about that war. Please… Stay.”

If I was gonna lose you, so what I’m gonna lose you

Either way. Either way.

“I have to, doll”, he finally says, with his deep voice. “I have to, it’s my duty.”

He unhooks my arms from him before taking his uniform to put it back. Once dress, he walks towards me, hooks his fingers under my chin and lift it to his face, my eyes meet his grey-blue orbs, his nose bumps against mine, and his plump lips brushes my own. He leans a little more and our mouth meet with the same passion as last night. My hands find their place to the nape of his neck and I let him deepen the kiss. After a few minutes, we pull back to breath.

“I love you”, he whispers against my lips.

“I love you too. Please, James, stay.”

“I can’t.”

This time, he pulls back completely, picks up his army bag on the floor and puts his hat on his head.

“Will you wait for me until I come back ?”

“I’m going to lose you to this war.”

“You are never going to lose me.”

“I partly did, the day you enlisted, you know it, that’s why you didn’t came here until last night.”

“Promise me that you will wait for me. I don’t want to lose you.”

“If you cross that door, you are going to lose me and I’m going to lose you. If you cross that door, never come back to me.”

Without another word, he puts his hand on the doorknob and open it. He looks at me one last time, his mesmerizing eyes, as mine, full of tears.

But my heart didn’t choose to, so what I’m gonna lose you

Either way. Either way, stay…

At the second the door shuts close, I collapse on the wooden floor, crying all the tears of my body, hitting the ground with my fists, cursing myself for telling him to never come back to me. I have to take those words back, I have to run to the window and tell him that I’m sorry, tell him that he better come back to me.

Oh… why am I weakening?

But I don’t, I took that decision to suffer less. I am not going to be weak because of those piercing blue eyes or that charming smile, nor his sweet words. But God know how much I want it, but I also don’t want to see an army officer at my door one day, telling me that Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes died while doing his duty for his country.

I manage to drag myself to my bed and lie on it still sobbing, big tears running down my cheeks. I grab the photograph of us on the nightstand, and caress his face through the glass, before holding tight the frame against my heart. Only one word escapes my lips once again.



“I have been calling your name for ages, you, the One Eye, the Unfortunate Seer, the Exiled, the Whore of Fortune. And now you hear my voice, finally, every night when you fall into oblivion, lulling you to the nothingness you call sleep. It’s me, fading in the back of your mind whenever you wake up, whenever you try to resist. But you know where all your steps would lead, should you let them take you.
Come to me, to me, my Fortune Teller, my precious.
Come to me.”


The creative urge and vision struck me last night and when it does strike, I just have to follow where and how it takes me… so I stayed up hella late 😞 to make my latest Bethyl collage edit here.💞
I am aware that the panels in this one are a bit out of chronological sequence when it seems here that they should be shown in such an order, but it works because most of the scenes match the lyrics of this song–“Run for Your Life” by #thefray–ever so appropriately. Usually, I’m not quite so literal as far as following the verse of a song when I incorporate them into a photo edit… but I just couldn’t resist this time. 😍
I guess it can all be interpreted as a somewhat random flow of different memories of Daryl and Beth bouncing around with changing narratives. First it’s a third person narrative, then it’s a second person narrative, then it’s from Daryl’s POV (“point of view”), then it’s from Beth’s POV, and then it’s from both of their POVs together… mutually conveyed to each other. It’s a bit complex, but I love it.❤️
A huge “thank you” to my dear friend @boltthrutheheart for suggesting yet another tune that perfectly inspires with the many sweet ‘n’ tragic 💘Bethyl💘 feels it evokes.
Just to let you know, I take requests! 😉
I very much enjoy doing these song lyric-based edits.🎶❤️😌
If you have a Bethylesque song in mind that makes you all crazy-emotional, please feel free to hit me up! 😊👍🏼

Am I crazy?

So I apologize for the rant but I have no one I can really talk to. I dated this guy two years ago, he was my first official boyfriend and we were in love. Well soon it came out after I notice he was acting strange that he was a drug addict, alcoholic, and overall he had a dark past. I told him I could look past that and we could move on and work through it together.
That was until he picked his ex over me. We had plans for a weekend trip and instead he took her up North on a road trip. Seeing I don’t take shit I packed up all his stuff and put in a box and told him I was done. We broke up, I didn’t talk to him till he attempted to commit suicide. We got back in contact, tried dating again but I just didn’t feel the same. So we ended it again a few months ago.
Last night I was with my best friend, and he messaged me that my mom told him he could come over today. My mother keeps dragging him into my life when I keep pushing him away. Am I crazy, is this what all mothers do?! I am physically a mess right now. I’ve barricaded myself in my room but she insists I come out to say hello. I don’t know what to do.

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Hey, I hope you're feeling better! I love your fics and was just wondering how Settling In was coming along. Thanks!

I am feeling much better, thank you! And I’m sorry Settling In is still not done but I am working on it! I can offer this somewhat mean teaser.

“Whoa, both of them?” Prompto said in a low voice, coming back from the bar with their first round. “Go Iggy. Is that new?”

Gladio snorted. “No. They’re just more obvious because they got cock blocked by Noct last night.”

Noctis flushed. “I didn’t mean to.”

“You knew?” Prompto asked Noctis.

“No, I just figured it out last night. Gladio knew. You could have told me,” Noctis groused.

“Well I wasn’t expecting you to take them up on an extra ticket to the fucking ballet,” Gladio pointed out. He leaned over to show Noctis something on the menu. “These look good. Want to split these Totcho things?”

“Fine,” Noctis said.

“Good for him though,” Prompto said. He wiggled his eyebrows and gave them a saucy grin. “Stress relief.”

“Right?” said Gladio.

Expecting it didn’t lessen the sting when Ignis left with Eliana and Niko after dinner. Noctis went back to the hotel and straight up to his room, dropped heavily onto the sofa and dug his palms into his tired eyes. He had no right to be jealous. It wasn’t like he’d ever deluded himself that something could happen between them. He wished they hadn’t come here, that he was still blissfully ignorant of all these sides of Ignis he’d never been exposed to.

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What's your ideal date? :3

A long walk in a forest, just holding hands and admiring nature but also me and my date taking dumb pictures with our favourite trees. 

Then a picnic for lunch - with a proper hamper and red/white checkered blanket, little sandwiches, feeding each other bits of cake and having them wipe away something from my mouth before kissing me really softly. 

And then we’d go back to one of our homes for a movie night, cuddled up under a warm blanket in our pajamas or onesies or even just our underwear. I’d turn on some fairy lights and we’d eat popcorn, though probably throw most of it at each other instead of eating it. Films on the agenda would be the Princess Bride and Love Actually, plus every shitty romcom there has ever been. 

We’d play footsie under the blanket and I’d lean against their shoulder and they’d gently stroke my hair and whisper how much they love me. Eventually when we were both too tired, we’d get into bed and spoon and kiss until we fell asleep together, all tangled up in each other. 

I’ll never forget when Taylor played ‘This Love’ at the Secret Session. She played a video along with it, so she moved out of the way so we could all see the TV and ended up sitting right behind me. During the song I started bawling and she put her hand on my shoulder. When I looked back at her, she just smiled. I will never forget that moment and because of it I will never be able to listen to that song without having a flashback to that moment. taylorswift

distance makes you notice the value of someone, wether they leave you or you leave them or wether they go away on vacation or they die. you only know the value of someone when they are gone wether it be temporarily or permanently, know what you have before they are gone. because i found myself sitting at home on Saturday nights taking for granted the nights we’d go eat out at 12am and wishing i could go back to each and every weekend you were close to me. i miss the car rides at 9pm as we’d watch the day turn into night, we’d kiss away the sun as we welcomed the dark sky, i guess what i’m trying to say is that i miss you and everything we do. i cant wait for you to come home, but i’m also not home, because home is the arms you hold me in and i’ve been missing those for days, please come home; i need you to stay.
—  i cant wait

I promise to always take care of my girl. To always hold her hand when she’s nervous. To always rub her back when it’s hurting. To always hold her tight when she’s sad. To always cuddle her close to me at night. To always try my hardest to make her laugh when she has a bad day. To always show her how truly beautiful she is. To always motivate her to follow her dreams. To always show her how much I love and appreciate her. To always listen to her talk about her day. To always point out the amazing qualities in her. To always carry her when she’s too tired to walk. To always make her favorite food when she’s craving it. To always protect her. To always jam to her favorite songs in the car. To always give her goodnight kisses and wake her up to kisses each morning. To always take her on dates and spoil her. To always show her how badly I want her. I promise to always love her unconditionally. Because she truly deserves it

THE SIGNS// stereotype ||| real life
  • Aries:
  • Real life/ Just needs a cookie
  • Taurus:
  • Stereotype/ touch my food, I'll break your neck, bitch
  • Real life/ calm as fuck and an actual art mom
  • Gemini:
  • Stereotype/ supports trump and WiLL sTaBb YOOOu In ThA BaCk
  • Real life/ very smart and loves late night conversations
  • Cancer:
  • Stereotype/ *just came out of the fkin whomb*
  • Real life/ will not take shit from you and also loves sweets
  • Leo:
  • Stereotype/ BOW DOWN BITCHEZ, I'm your queen
  • Real life/ Actually insecure and regrets a lot of decisions they made
  • Virgo:
  • Stereotype/ *cricket noices* BORINNGGGGG
  • Real life/ such a smol bean and doesn't want to grow up
  • Libra:
  • Real life/ can actual be A real bitch and talks behind ppls back
  • Scorpio:
  • Stereotype/ sex addicts "its not a phase mom"
  • Real life/ sweethearts and very pretty
  • Sagittarius:
  • Real life/ v smart and slightly egoistic
  • Capricorn:
  • Stereotype/ Mr. Krabs from Spongebob #MOnEeyyyy
  • Real life/ actually very sensitive and sooo sweet
  • Aquarius:
  • Stereotype/ an alien created by the illuminati
  • Real life/ fucking cool and passionate about what they love, also v hot
  • Pisces:
  • Stereotype/ Stoned crybaby, HAPPY 420 PEOPLE
  • Real life/ sensitive and just wants hugs but also is to confused to get what is going on
  • -