…And thats how Dave’s speakeasy was created.

This one has been laying around since last winter. I tried my best to save picture 1 + 2 + 3 from terrible 2k15 style

Thanks for those who came up with ideas for the name of Dave’s Speakeasy! I love my followers! 

Dear Syco intern,

I’m slightly offended that you didn’t include me into your recent “what would it take for you to give up your belief and accept this farce as legit” little tour, but I want to display my complete dedication as a fan and simultaneously give you a hand, because I’m very aware of how hard your job can be. So, here’s a few tips right out of my hat, something basic I’m sure you can elaborate with accurate backgrounds.

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inspired by Mark’s tweet

It’s finally here @the-absurd-science-nerd! I’m sorry it took so long, I had this super cool idea but I couldn’t draw with my current art skills :/ so here it is. I hope you don’t mind….. does this count as Septiplier?? nah now Ryan’s his new boo.


Jack’s new boo


the foxhole court as a tv show | opening credits 


one of my fave performances

Okay I’m posting from tumblr mobile and I can’t do cuts or text posts with images so I’ll make this short, but I wanted to just scream a little about Hamilton. It almost didn’t happen because today of all days we had a medical emergency in the family and we were scrambling all over New York for wound care (it was awful) but thankfully we got it taken care of, and then on top of that we didn’t realize the Hamilton tickets were for 7 instead of 8 and suddenly my mom looks at the tickets and screams that the show started in half an hour. But we got there on time and it was, as you can guess, amazing.

The original cast were all there, save for Daveed Diggs (Lafayette/Jefferson), but that’s alright because his understudy Andrew Chapelle was adorable and even rocks the same hair. Renee (Angelica) was amazing irl and Leslie Odom (Burr) blew me away. My favorite part was when Leslie was beginning the Adams Administration song after Groff (King George) sings I Know Him, and Groff stayed on stage and did a little cutesy wiggle-smile in his chair and made Leslie crack up while he was trying to sing, which was an adorable very real moment. Also, I didn’t know a lot about the staging going into it since I had only seen photos and not video clips and the way they incorporated the spinning stage into the dances and the duels was so damn cool, especially during The World Turned Upside Down and the very last duel. And I loved how they give a Reynolds pamphlet to the orchestra conductor (have you read this??) Lin-Manuel was incredible and I was lucky enough to be in the fourth row so not only did I get to be up close but I could actually see tears on his face in Its Quiet Uptown. In fact, Angelica, Eliza, Burr, and Hamilton all shed real tears during the emotional moments and I love how much heart the actors put into their characters. Phillipa (Eliza) had me in tears at the end, the whole last sequence is just devastating and inspiring and god I love this musical. I’m so thankful that I was lucky enough (lucky three times over on top of having tickets, what with the emergency and having the time wrong) to see it.

Thank you @linmanuel for your amazing talent and blessing the world with this musical. <3

Prenderesti il comando, se perdessi il controllo?
—  ~ Take me home
- Jess Glynne