Dear Syco intern,

I’m slightly offended that you didn’t include me into your recent “what would it take for you to give up your belief and accept this farce as legit” little tour, but I want to display my complete dedication as a fan and simultaneously give you a hand, because I’m very aware of how hard your job can be. So, here’s a few tips right out of my hat, something basic I’m sure you can elaborate with accurate backgrounds.

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so okay amy santiago goes undercover and Saves America, ofc ofc, and it takes maybe a couple months but there’s No Contact Allowed and it gets kinda lonely and her heart aches at the memories that resurface, of two years before and how far they’ve come and how much, in weaker moments, she wants to go home

and then one morning the sky is blue and the birds are singing and the sun is shining and jake is sitting at his desk focused on a case bleary from lack of sleep bc its weird how much u get used to sleeping in a bed with another person, u know, and its hard to fall asleep without that extra presence - he’s sitting biting his lip focused on the case and trying not to think abt how long before amy comes back (he feels guilty every time he wants her back, bc this is so great for her and she was so excited and it wasn’t even That Dangerous, all things considered)

and from somewhere in front of him, he hears charles suddenly yell “AMY!” and jake’s head jerks up

and there she is. lookin at him with this goddamn glint in her eye

“I’ve been undercover so long,” she says, her voice overly dramatic, “I’ve seen … Terrible things …. ”

he’s on his feet and stumbling toward her and maybe he trips against rosa’s desk but -

amys grinning hugely now. “I haven’t know the touch of a m -”

and she shrieks out with laughter when jake picks her up and spins her around in the middle of the dumb bullpen in the middle of the dumb day and everything is dumb and I need to lie down thank u for listenin’ folks faREWELL


inspired by Mark’s tweet

It’s finally here @the-absurd-science-nerd! I’m sorry it took so long, I had this super cool idea but I couldn’t draw with my current art skills :/ so here it is. I hope you don’t mind….. does this count as Septiplier?? nah now Ryan’s his new boo.


Jack’s new boo


the foxhole court as a tv show | opening credits 

Xiumin was so cute and energetic ☺️ and extra haha- he slapped his knee and said “it’s all good” lol
Kyungsoo said he was hungry (go eat that steak!)
Sehun apparently loves Chris Brown and watches his YouTube videos a lot
Baekhyun played the piano like a BOSS
Chanyeol with red hair- made sebaek happen
Chen- voice of an angel 😭 I’m not sure if this is what happened or if he forgot to sing his line, but during Sing For You, he stopped singing to hear the audience…and it was really quiet lol kyungsoo smiled/laughed the rest of the song, aww
Suho’s English skills were 👌🏻. I’m so proud of him! I wish the other members had spoken a bit more English (because the translator was a bit….🌝) lol oh well, it’s all good

This concert was amazing, lit, beautiful ❤️

Prenderesti il comando, se perdessi il controllo?
—  ~ Take me home
- Jess Glynne