🍒💣 super embarrassing cherry bomb dance cover 🍒💣

i literally spent the whole day practicing, filming & editing this my phone’s gonna burst. it’s not exactly the best and the timings really off for some parts but hey at least i tried!! and to commerate nct 127’s first win, it’s a good date to post this jskdnd

i posted my first and last’s cover here once, alongside with limitless’! hope you all dont cringe too hard watching this video while i go bury myself in my bed 😭

So I thought I would do a follow forever to celebrate reaching 1.4k (how even??)

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I hate how people easily disrespect (graphic) artists and their work on the internet. It’s just… unbelievable when they ask them to do something for them for free or a low price, no matter how experienced they are. As if doing what they do just takes 10 minutes. As if they sell their pieces of art in several copies each when they do personal commissions.

Also, stop suggesting that because these artists spend hours/days/months to make art for themselves without getting paid because they do it for themselves gives you the opportunity to impose the same privileged treatment. You can do something else beside while these artists can’t, you’re not themselves so you don’t have the right to do that.

And stop acting like you’re a huge part of a process of an art piece just because you said basic ideas for like 2 minutes while the artist spends hours to achieve them.

@itisasign awwwwww i guess it’s nice of your body to wait until you were done with exams???  mine usually jumps ship on me in the middle LOL

the cats in those gifs are literally me tho.  the second one?  the way it steals the blanket?  like “i need the large blanket but must avoid interactions with other beings” = me.  and of course, aggressive caring and comfort and cuddles always =v=

awwwww caerwyn is precious <333  i don’t think i could handle him though =‘D  i had an irl friend last year who tried to tell me to rest when i was sick before an exam and i literally avoided him the whole week >.<

also, here are some gifs of you that i found: 

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you and me ^^^

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you with a cat ^^^

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^^^^^ don’t forget to take your own advices, friend =v=


a while ago i drew someone else’s psych au where the gang was all half-gem, specifically to draw their fusions

but here’s a whole NEW niche where the psych gang is 100% gem, in which i’m basically making gem ocs based off of pre-existing characters that no one would EVER expect to be made into gems. 

starting with shawn! he was made very soon after homeworld’s arrival on earth, and even though his abilities (and general attitude) weren’t what PD expected, she allowed him to stay in her court anyway.

he came out longer than sapphires are meant to (mostly in the top half), as well as with a whole extra eye, which contributes to the unreliability of his future vision. he sees too many futures and gets overwhelmed - though he is essential when it really counts.

ultimately, he purposely leads pink diamond in the wrong direction and is found consorting with members of the gem rebellion, and is subsequently put on trial. he escapes with the help of his zircon lawyer (gus) and officially defects to the rebellion.

throughout thousands of years, he always prefers more of a human-looking aesthetic than the rest of the gang. especially being asymmetrical and more rugged than fancy.

anonymous asked:

[1/4] You know that scene in the finale when Sam walks into the room to Kelly’s corpse on the bed and he looks so so so sad and he gently closes her eyes? Yeah, that scene destroyed me. I didn’t even realize that I could possibly love Sam more than I already did but there you have it. Kelly is one of those characters that I fell for fast and hard (like Magda) and she had been breaking my heart the entire season starting from what Lucifer did to her, to her captivity with Daegan, to her …

[2/4] … attempted suicide, to her trying to be a good mother to a child she will never know and finally her death. And through it all a lot of people, in the show and in fandom, only saw her as the packaging of “a possibly dangerous thing” but hardly ever as an actual person who has been dealt a real shit hand and is trying to do her best. Even the discussion of morality in striking preemptively at an innocent to prevent possible future danger was mostly revolved around the kid, not her. She [¾] even got some hate for the whole “I want my kid to be born special” thing even though, personally, I think from her POV, at that point, it made perfect sense. (I also absolutely love that it was Sam who came up with a solution to eliminate the possible threat while preserving her and her kid’s life) So those scenes in the finale with Cas and Mary where she was treated with kindness and support are precious to me and made me really really happy but the few seconds with Sam just killed me. 

[4/4] And sure, the others might have done the same, but that deep sorrow carved into his face (BLESS JARED!) and the quiet tenderness, not just in the act, but in the way he looked at her and closed his eyes for a second like he was reeling from the loss and there was just a humanity and a love and a softness emanating from him that I just … UGH!!! Sorry I’m rambling, but I really love that scene! Wish we got a few powerful seconds like that when/if Sam found out about Magda’s murder …T_T

Absolutely agreed, Anon, and well-said! 

That scene was so quietly painful. I enjoyed Kelly as a character quite a bit. (And Magda, of course! My poor baby.) Even when we as viewers were lamenting the decision she made, I respected her determination even in the face of her own death. That’s a heck of a choice to make with your eyes wide open.

I do wish the show had acknowledged the horror of what she went through, though. The consent issues in this show are pretty gross.

I loved Sam’s research montage where he figured out a solution, too! That was just lovely. Also, Sam and books = OTP. ♥

Yessss Jared Padalecki is a boss and the way he chose to play that scene was wonderful. It’s striking that he had just lost his own mother for a second time, and he lost her the first time when he, too, was an infant. Much like Mary, Kelly faced death to protect her child. I wonder if Sam thought about that as he closed her eyes.

Also, whyyyyy did the show never let Sam figure out what happened to Magda? It’s far too late now for him to find out. 

I feel like I should bake the SPN writers a cake and painstakingly write the dictionary definition of continuity on top of it for them to enjoy. -___-