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Trick Daddy “Take It To Da House” ft. Trina

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Trick Daddy ft. The Slip-N-Slide Express “Take It To Da House”


Trick Daddy ft Trina - Take It To Da House


Extracts from the Usborne Young Readers Edition of The Phantom of the Opera, which features Carlotta eating chocolates in bed, Count Raoul, water that magically bursts into flames, and Madame G. Not Madame Giry, just simply Madame G (in da opera house).

And poor Phantom only takes Christine under the opera house because he only wants a wife and a family…and he signs his notes “P”, not “O.G.” - these are both signed “P”, who the hell is he? (Still goes, I guess.)

I found this book at the Opera Garnier gift shop on my trip to France. I almost bought it, but I ended up buying a paperback version of the original Leroux novel (in French. I think my spoken French is a little better than my reading of French.)

And the Diamond City Blues saga continues… .

I love that the entire quest takes several in-game weeks.

Nora came out of her house in DA and Darcy approached her with an incriminating photo fo Paul, Henry, and Latimer after they robbed Marowski blind. She offered to hand it over if Nora split the reward with her.

I thought this was so cool, because I get PAID by the guy who I just ripped off???? On top of that, Marowski has no clue I ripped him off (I shot Trish without blinking). So I’m basically taking even MORE shit from him.

And also, I get to buy my way out of a guilty conscience (lol) by splitting the cash with Darcy after I killed her husband. Darcy and little Petey will be better off with that scum Paul anyway.

This quest makes it pretty awesome to play Nora. By the end of the entire chain of events, Darcy and Nora – the two women – walk away with everything. Everyone else is dead, and Marowski doesn’t have a clue.

Haha. DCB is easily my favorite quest. It’s almost like it’s the only quest in the game someone actually put effort into.