no offense but when people are like ‘women are most attractive at 18-22′ i’m like

have u ever seen an actual 20 year old? outside of a movie? we look like babies most of us still have acne wtf you talkin about

Going Back To Move Forward

I was thinking again about how Oliver and Felicity’s current journey back to one another can be compared with actions they have taken in past seasons—more specifically, Season 3.

In Season 3, it was Oliver shutting out Felicity. He really didn’t want to, but this version of Oliver was still protecting the people he loves by keeping them at a distance, not letting any potential harm that is directed at the Arrow land on them. He was still keeping Thea out of his secret life Diggle was there to have his back, but Oliver was taking all the risks and making all the decisions.

After he pushed Felicity away after telling her in a roundabout way that he loved her, Oliver and Felicity tried to work together as partners. But their dynamic had changed. Felicity wanted to be with him, but Oliver kept refusing to let it happen. He knew he loved her, but he wasn’t willing to put her in danger. Felicity knew she loved Oliver, but she wanted more than just a working relationship and not have to watch Oliver drift off into the darkness waiting to die.

So in a sense, they went their separate ways, while still continuing to be around each other and working together.

Yet, as the season progressed, Oliver began to have second thoughts and that maybe he did want to have a life with Felicity, one that was more than just Arrow. He began to let out his feelings again, like after the whole Cooper thing and they had that moment when Oliver told her again in a roundabout way that he loved the woman she became after her life experiences shaped her into the person she was.  

Then Oliver went off to fight Ra’s. He finally, for real, without holding back, told Felicity that he loved her. It was out there and it couldn’t be taken back. Felicity already knew this, and she also knew that Oliver said it to her because he had the same thought Felicity had—he was not going to survive the duel. Oliver wanted to tell her, without any doubt or reservations, that he loved her.


And now, In Season 5, the exact opposite is happening. Oliver is with Susan. Felicity had Billy, but you know, Oliver stopped that forward momentum for Felicity: albeit, not his intention, but it happened anyway. Felicity could not commit to Billy—in fact, she couldn’t even call him her boyfriend whenever Oliver was in the room. It could have been those second thoughts Oliver had in Season 3 when he re-thought his decision to distance himself from her. This time, Oliver was the explosion that spooked Felicity. William was the worst mistake he could have ever made. She didn’t want to leave, but she knew she had to protect herself from the kind of pain Oliver would keep bringing.

So she is alone. Partly by choice and partly because Oliver is a big, dumb a-hole who doesn’t and didn’t see a good thing right in front of him.

If Oliver has any chance of reuniting with Felicity, there are 3 things he needs to do first:

1. Lose Susan. She is poison. And there are not enough island herbs to counteract that kind of venom. Let her go, and embrace your family. You know, the ones who really love and care about you and are not out to get a story. They already know your story.  The real one.

2. Fuse together Oliver Queen, Mayor Queen and Green Arrow Queen.

3. See 1+2.

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It's not about Zayn winning or losing as these people will always stay bitter. When Zayn won the AMA, they said he didn't deserve it. When he lost the BRITS, they acted as if it is the only award show that matters. I am over their antics by now. These LM and 1D stans will forever try to discredit Zayn but it won't take away from all that he has accomplished and what he will continue to accomplish. Also, Zayn liked the history video. He is unbothered by LM's slander. As he said, his life is great

i love my successful and unbothered son <3

redraw of /post/157098789245. my headcanon is that they took the time to modify a regular plain pink t-shirt. (they were really fun to draw who is this i want to know more)

forgive my fanboying bu t

o h my god??? I love how you drew them? 

I mean, the fact/context of the original work doesn’t take away from the cringe factor completely but y’all really know how to make trash into treasure oml  

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As for backstory n such, @pretty-little-petal-101 is currently in the process of uploading it! If you want to more about this sin-child I would check them out!

~Mod Wolfrun

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Do you know of any ones where either or both of them is a super hero or has super powers? 🙂

through the fire and into the flames

Zayn XY

with great power comes great amounts of unnecessary drama

Teamwork is Essential for Us to Win the War  (wip)

Black Water

with great power comes great amounts of unnecessary drama

Not Even the Bad Guys (Could Take it All Away)

we are not heroes

Burning Away From Inside

This World Ends With Us (wip)

Wanna Save Your Heart

Here’s a big gift I would like to give to my good friend @katsuki-bakug0u. I have known him for a while now, and he always seems to still beat himself up. I honestly wish I could take all of his pain away and deal with it myself. He deserves such a wonderful and happy life, but all I can do is be there for him and hopefully brighten his days. I want to say thank you for dealing with me through the roughest times and the brightest when I can get a bit carried away. You are such a wonderful person and I hope in the future we can talk more and be awesome friends. So here is a gift to show my appreciation, and stay awesome my explodo friend. :)

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How do you think these new episodes might effect Tomco? I mean, Marco will have to admit he has feelings for Star eventually. Whether or not she'll reciprocate after this is debatable, but I feel like either way, this all subtly impacts the dynamic with Tom. I'm also wondering how Tom will react to Marco accidentally hurting Star during all this. He still cares for her, even if he did let her go.

I’m not too worried.

For one, It’s one-sided at the moment, Marco doesn’t haven’t have any feelings for Star, he friend-zoned her.

it’s the other way around.

However, whether this will affect his relationship with Tom is debatable, but i doubt the show would set him back to how he used to be:

  • It would make his character development in Mr Candle Cares pointless
  • There’s no point in making him friends with Marco just to throw that all away and take their relationship back to the same place it started.

If Tom does find out about this, he knows he’s no longer supposed to be involved since Star isn’t interested in dating him anymore. He shouldn’t pull anything because he knows at this point it won’t help.

It’s more likely Tom will accept this (Depending if this plot even goes past the finale), because he knows he can’t make Star’s decisions for her.

Depending on how strong their friendship is, Tom might not be angry at Marco at all, it’s not exactly like it’s Marco’s fault.

Well yes Tom cares about star, but i think you can make the observation Star was the one who broke them up (Why? Who knows..the show won’t tell me)

It might sting a little bit for Tom, but i doubt it’d ruin their entire relationship after the development Tom went through.


Musical doodles ~
This week’s classes got me productive !

‘I Love You’: a man’s perspective

I haven’t made the rounds yet this morning, but already last night I’ve seen multiple posts that seem to want to either downgrade or erase the meaning behind Sherlock’s words to Molly Hooper. I find it insanely amusing, because had those words been to John Watson, people would be wetting themselves, but because it was for Molly, people are climbing all over themselves to again deny this character her actual fair due.

My husband, who watches Sherlock with me, had some very interesting perspectives on The Final Problem. He tends to read the show textually, without shipping or all the other nonsense we as fandom people get into.  I tend to trust what he says only because he has no ulterior motives, like zero. Even my own ship doesn’t really mean a damn thing to him. He knows I love it, but he’s not swayed by my reading or my desires at all.  

His reading of The Final Problem was that this was Eurus effectively unlocking the original Sherlock Holmes.  This was Sherlock’s sister, bringing him home, just as he was bringing her home.  To do that, she had to undo what she did when she took Victor Trevor away from him at that young age.  She took a little boy who was filled with bright, wonderful, hot emotion, and she made him lock that away.  She made him like her, and to my husband, it seemed like that was never what Eurus wanted.  

The scenes inside Sherrinford were about systematically making Sherlock face each single, major emotion that he’s refused to feel all these years: anger, fear, sadness, and above all…love.  And no, I don’t mean love for your best friend, that’s already been addressed, and that was already the easiest thing for Sherlock to unlock in himself. He basically did that in S1.  Sherlock loves John, his best friend, just like he loved Victor.  The parallels are spelled out for you in the clearest of ways.  

Sherlock’s locking away of his ‘sexuality’ was already broken open in S2 with Belgravia.  Irene Adler represented a part of Sherlock that really, really wanted out.  It was confusing as hell for him, as we saw, but he still managed to deal with it.  Sex is sex is sex.  It’s meaningful, and at the same time, can also be meaningless.  I personally never saw Irene as meaningless, far from it.  But I do think her special place in Sherlock’s “unlocking” was more physical than emotional.  Hence, we were reminded of this by the moan of her text tone. I personally think Sherlock’s sexuality is firmly unlocked at this point, no need to revisit it again and again.  Something that remained hidden though, very deep down, was Sherlock’s ability, willingness and understanding of a deeper love, and what that means.  This is where Eurus comes in.

The scene with the coffin was very carefully done, both by the writers and on the part of Eurus’ planning.  In fact, if you listen carefully to Eurus’ words, she states exactly why she did it: you lost, look what you did to her, look what you did to yourself, all those complicated, complex emotions, emotional context.  All of those things are things people feel when they love someone (romantic love, since I’m sure I need to spell it out for some viewers).  You feel elated, but you also feel scared.  You may also hate yourself because you probably feel the person you love deserves BETTER than you.  Should you act on it or let them go find someone better.  Do you have the strength to give up parts of yourself for them?  Do they have the strength to give up parts of themselves for you?  It’s scary as hell, y’all!!

 My hub says, to him, the first time Sherlock says ‘I love you’ to Molly Hooper, he didn’t mean it…or at least Sherlock thinks he didn’t mean it. Then, the second time, he did mean it, and he knows it.  That is why he smashed the coffin…that was perhaps the biggest emotion he’d locked away, and he was consumed and confused by it.  For a man who has spent decades pushing love away, it came roaring in within 3 minutes, and he couldn’t push it away. Eurus wouldn’t let him push it away, and more importantly, Molly Hooper wouldn’t let him push it away. That’s why she turned the tables on him and made him say it first.  She inadvertently helped Eurus, which I’m sure was her plan all along (if you believe she’s as much of a supernatural badass as she’s shown to be).

My husband’s purely textual reading of Sherlock’s smashing the coffin with ‘I love you’ on it is that he DID mean it, but he wasn’t sure what that meant to him, and it scares him, greatly.  He said that looked like a man who was pissed that he LOVES.  He spent his entire life working at not loving, and here he is, loving this woman, but now he isn’t sure what to do about it, because he’s not even sure what that really means.  He doesn’t understand it…yet.  Love like that is incredibly strong, true love I mean, not “Hey let’s bone” love.  He said that wasn’t the actions of a man who doesn’t really care.  He said, as a man, if I had to get a woman to say that and I didn’t really love her, I wouldn’t care as much.  I surely wouldn’t care enough to smash an entire coffin to bits with my bear hands.

Lastly, my husband said something I thought was incredibly interesting about how he reads Sherlock.  He said he thinks the reason Sherlock hasn’t really pursued any other relationships with women, not seriously that is, is that on some level he really knew he loved Molly, but that he felt HE wasn’t good enough for HER.  He thinks Sherlock, for all of his arrogance, actually doesn’t think he’s a good man.  He knows Molly Hooper deserves a good man, someone to love her exactly how he thinks she should be loved, and he’s terrified he ISNT that man, or he CANT be that man.  His rage at smashing that coffin was basically anger at himself, anger at himself for loving this woman who really deserves more.

So, from a man who views this show with as much pure text as possible, he thinks that “I Love You” was real, but he thinks Sherlock simply doesn’t know what to do with it, doesn’t know what it means.  He said love is the scariest thing, especially to someone who’s lived closed off.  He’s had an upbringing that, without going into details, was a bit devoid of emotional support from people he needed it from. That means that learning how to show love was incredibly, incredibly difficult for him.  Trust me, I’ve been here for the entire thing.  It took years for him to learn how to show it.  It took me years too…in fact I still have massive trouble with it. People who’ve lived not understanding how to love since young childhood…it takes us a very long time to learn how to do it.  

My husband and I are not the kind of people who go on romantic ballroom dancing dates and snuggle on the Tunnel of Love ride.  We’re just not those kind of people…but we do love each other very much.  We have our way of showing it that works for us. There’s no one else I’d rather trust my mind, body and soul to.  That was first built on friendship, then trust, then love.  For us, I think that’s kind of where Sherlock is starting to head.  We may not ever see that adventure, as that’s not what Sherlock’s story was about.  But, finding how to love, that was his story, and Molly Hooper is an irreplaceable part of that.  No one can deny that, not ever.