Remember that it is ok to honor yr feelings of exhaustion even if you are w/ friends.

Being tired leads to feeling drained and that leads to hella negatory energy.

So take care of yrself and lay down and rest.

nymfetta asked:

izzi or izobel?

ill make both!!

electricity, white sugar, the strong smell of alcohol, parties that dont end until 4am, trying to run away from home just to see what its like, secret hiding spots in between tall trees nd the bushes

religion. curly hair as a child, adventurous but polite personality. “such a good kid you are”. praying nd hoping that itll solve everything, small magic tricks, taking care of others even when you feel you cant take care of yrself

vulvasupremacy said: omgg lil bird, take care of yrself 😟

I will/am!! I just need to drink more water and remember to stretch more before exercising! I think I’ll still exercise today but I’m gonna do less reps of everything lol

anonymous asked:

Hiya! I don't really know you, and you don't really know me, But I wanted to tell you that you are a pERFECT HUMAN BEING AND IF ANYONE GIVES YOU ANY SHIT TODAY YOU SHOULD PUNCH THEM IN THE MOUTH WITH YOUR MAGICAL AwESOME PERSON POWERS. Have a good day, Make sure to eat, Drink lots of water, and just over-all take care of yourself, alright dear?

AW YR SO NICE LIL CIRCUS PEANUT !! ILU and i hope yr day is so nice !!! same to u !! take care of yrself !!! stay safe !!!

anonymous asked:

hey Blaine I hope you had a really great day today you deserve the best!! take care of yrself!!! stay hydrated exfoliate regularly eat fruit love yrself etc etc!!!!! love ya frienddddd

My day wasn’t the greatest but thanks!!! I need to remember these things so thank you!!! Treat yourself as well please!!

dollie-dreams asked:

Hey bby♡ how are you? Sorry I haven't messaged in a while or wrote anything pretty for you u.u I've been really wanting to but I'm so busy. What'd you do today? Anything interesting? Love you cutiee angel ~~♡♡

hi natalie!!! good morning!! its okay, whenever you can send me anything ill be more than happy to have it, but dont pressure yrself!!! take care!!!
well yesterday i went to a wedding party w a really pretty outfit (i posted some pics before going) nd i even did my own make up by myself, which included a lot of glitter nd pretty colors nd peach lipstick. i looked so pretty the whole day !!!!!!!! im really proud of myself, since it was the first time any of my make up actually looked ok. mama nd bruna complimented me on it too!!! it was a really cool day nd i ate a bunch of chocolate (tho the party was sorta boring) i had fun!!
today i didnt do anything amazing. ive been watching video clips nd talking to tsukki, i also ate pancakes!!
i love you too eeeeee i hope you can have more free time soon!!!!!💛💛💛💛✨♪( ´▽`)

spicyshinji asked:

sorry that i havent been talkng dipper but im having a hard time talking rn?? just know that i care abt u v v much and im so happy we're mutuals b c whenever is see u on my dash its like "O HEY DOUBLE DIPPERS YESS" an d it makes me so so happy pls take care of yrself i know its difficult but its worth it i promis u make so many ppl happy w just yr presence bro

Thank you ‘double dipper’!!!

@ the anon with whom i corresponded regarding suicide the other night: how are you doing ??? do u need to talk ????? oh god please please take care of yrself i love u