i wanna say ‘dont burn yrself out explaining and justifying yr existence to people’, but it’s almost impossible for twoc to get out of the house without being ready either fight physically or argue academically.

so i guess my suggestion really is: take care of yrself when you have to do this shit, dont do it if you dont have to, n look out for each other as mich as you can.

didnt read the tags on their post originally bt they said if i keep calling them fake then im responsible fr their suicide n theyre gonna doxx me n send the fbi on me n all i can say is like..pet an animal..touch some grass..have a conversation with a close friend..please take care of yrself

anonymous asked:

Can I request for a hc of rfa+ Saeran + v react to mc who cant and wont leave the bed during winter? It's winter here and quite cold these days~ Please take good care of yrself no matter at season it is :D good luck with yr job today ~~

-       Ough, its so cold outside ;^;

He tries to carry you around
He and you are now both on the floor.. oops
Will bring you some good soup and watch movies with you
He think it sucks that you wont make snowmen with him
But he will (probably) get over it

He loves you no matter what
And he WILL carry you around
You two sit in a blanketfort that’s poorly build because Zen didn’t know how to do it(but insisted he should do it because he is a MANLY MAN!)
Movie marathons
when he doesn’t have to work…

Tries to find ways for you to get up and about
Also gives you coffee
She unfortunately can’t be with you much because work *cough JUmIN!*
But when she is you two watch Zens performaces

He hires personal entertainers for you while he is gone
When he finally is here, you two is sitting in the bed drinking wine
You two watch lots of comedies – He enjoys hearing you laugh
Gets you a cool blanket with Elizabeth the 3rd

Honestly if he didn’t have work he would probably be in bed too
So his solution is to let you sit in his lab while he works
You play with his hair and honestly work has never been such a happy time for him

He is concerned you may end up with bedwounds, so he tries to get you out of the house or just up
He is blind so it’s not really all too successful
But he does it best!
He loves you no matter what!
You two plays boardgames in bed

Carries you around the house too
Carries you to the shower every morning, and then goes out beet red because shy boy
You two sit together and watch youtube videos

things that suck about mental illness

  • hurting people u love
  • people being scared of you
  • people having to cope with u
  • not being able to take care of yrself
  • wanting to die
  • being sad 24/7
  • being really tired and not being able to sleep
  • stigma
  • needs that don’t make sense
  • nothing makes sense
  • am I even mentally ill tho
  • not being able to have kids
  • being scared of having kids
  • being scared of having any relationship
  • asking for help
  • crying for no reason

always go see your friends. don’t hang around people with bad vibes. smile at yrself in the mirror when you feel bad about yrself. tell yrself you’re beautiful every day. wear yr favorite shoes whenever you want even of they don’t go with yr outfit. draw yr favorite things. support and take care of yrself always. don’t forget to live