So a girl has exams in a week and needs to study to pump her gpa up. Im going on a semi-hiatus till friday, but ill queue posts! It’s especially important now because exchange applications are due soon and a bunch of people are aiming for South-Korea and there are only 5 spots available. I hope you guys understand that im working really hard in the hope that they will pick me.

Let’s hope for the best!

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i bought a pudding cup from my school and it came with a plastic spoon and i started chewing it, and it was really bendy and nice, but after like 15 min i got this /awful/ taste in my mouth, like I was being poisoned or something. so lesson learned, i shouldnt chew plastic spoons from my school :P

woah thats so weird…i chew on plastic spoons all the time and thats never happened to me, it must be that specific brand. but they are a great chew stim arent they!

-shows up super late again like-  good… afternoon babes  !  

If someone wants to enter my life and love me and take care of me and not leave me when I become too much to handle that would be so fucking great cause I’m done with having my heart fucking destroyed and continuing to love someone who I knew was going to leave me eventually. I should have prepared myself to stop it from hurting so much.

your mental well being is valid and doesn’t need to be justified 

the signs as things more important than jimins abs

aries- jimins health

taurus- jimin not over-working himself

gemini- jimin eating

cancer- jimin eating and not regretting it

leo- jimin valuing himself as a person rather than by his body

virgo- jimins happiness

libra- jimin being happy in his own body

scorpio- jimins mental health

sagittarius- a bright jimin glowing of health and mental stability

capricorn- this video :’)

aquarius- jimin loving himself

 pisces- this picture 


Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.


happy birthday yuri! #HappyYulyulkDay