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jonathan and edward take a road trip to their respective home state together. edward learns what funnelcake is.

Ohh, Edward learned what Funnel Cake was at a State Fair back in 2011.

I don’t want to say Edward fell off a few wagons (metaphorically and literally), but for months afterward, The Joker referred to Ed as “The Jiggler”.

Edward also didn’t talk to Jonathan Crane for three months, after Jon accidentally wrote “Edward Bygma” on a correspondence. It was (arguably) the most peaceful time in Jon’s life.

So as part of a discussion about the relationship between Reuben the Minecraft Pig and Reginald Von Hoobiedoobie the Minecraft Cow, I talked with my kids about gay relationships, lesbian relationships, and bisexual relationships, and came out to them as Bi.

Then I realized I came out to my kids as bi and twitterflailed.

Then I realized I came out to TWITTER s bi and twitterflailed some more.

…and my older brother with the very judgmental Super postural-Christian wife just liked that tweet and I DON’TKNOW WHAT TO DO RIGHT NOW BUT I AM 36 YEARS OLD AND FEEL LIKE SOMEONE SHOULD TAKE AWAY MY INTERNET


confirmed  👌