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There is no evidence that skipping withdrawal bleeding will harm your health or make it more likely that you will get pregnant (or, for that matter, reduce fertility if you decide you want to have children). The most common side effect of skipping withdrawal bleeding is breakthrough bleeding or spotting, which usually stops as your body gets used to to its new, period-free routine. You might also find it harder to notice if you get pregnant; however, you can choose to have withdrawal bleeding every few months, have withdrawal bleeding that lasts only a day or two, or take a monthly pregnancy test.

The only reason birth control pills come with a placebo pack is historical. One of the inventors of birth control hoped that simulated periods would make hormonal birth control more acceptable to the Catholic Church and that women would find having a simulated period comforting.
Things I am proud of myself for
  • I didn’t take anti panic pills for two days and used meditation techniques to calm down
  • I went all the way to my therapists office
  • I didn’t take medication to help me go to sleep
  • I have worked out most days
  • I have invited friends over and hung out with them even when I was scared
  • I try and at least stand outside once a day (but not always)
  • I have written almost two chapters in my books
  • Each day I make myself 5 goals, and each day I accomplish almost all of them (usually there is one I miss)
  • I’m trying my best everyday

Okay, who tagged me in this? hahaha I love you all! putthatazztowork barbellsandbooties squatsandsuplexes freshstruggle I think that’s it lolol.. I’m taking this as… 6 selfies total and not 6 selfies for each of you beautiful people. Because that is just a task I could not handle hahahaha.

Enjoy my sad attempt at 6 selfies. I’m seriously the worst selfier ever. Alright…

1. A total throwback in honor of getting my hair cut. When my hair was actually long AF like two years ago. IDK how I did it. That shit gets in the way so bad.

2. IDK why or when.. but it was on my phone. So take it and enjoy LOL. TBT to two days ago when I could still semi-braid my hair hahaha

3. Me not being pale. Or less pale than usual LOL.

4. My friend bought me a goat. And I brought it to work. And I took a picture with it because that’s how I roll. Mr. Goat puts me to shame.

5. Me plus my Nike Metcons. Which own the world. Sorry nanos…

6. I know so shocking.. a picture I just posted all alone. But.. cut me some slack. As you can see my selfie game is NOT strong hahahaha

I just forgot to take my meds two days in a row. FML my memory is failing thanks to the Lyrica that’s saving my life.

This time I only realized I forgot my morning meds when I went to take my afternoon meds and the morning meds were still there. This scares me.

My neck and chest are still burning from that necklace, so long story short, don’t wear cheap dollar store metal if you’re allergic to it, Brussels it will hurt almost two days after you take it off

anonymous asked:

Is it okay to do two rest days or would that affect the process to bad? My body is so sore I would like to have a day rest but I'm not sure if that is okay

that’s fine, just take walks on those two days :)💕

Solangelo short!

Words: 1,141
Rating: G
Triggers: Food mentions
Includes: Cats, Shadow Travel, Coffee, New York City
Summary: Will and Nico take a day vacation to New York City! Two/three weeks after ending of Blood of Olympus. May continue.

I was woken by a sudden flash of light.
Groggily, I sat up and looked around my cabin. The rest of the bunk beds were empty (no surprise, Hazel had been at Camp Jupiter for two weeks). A pile of clean (but unfolded) laundry was still on my floor. Three of my windows still had their gray blankets tacked over them. The fourth window, which was the cause of my pain, remained defenseless and uncovered.
“Good morning, sleepy head.”
A blonde teen’s head shot over the edge of my top bunk. He smirked as his eyes traveled over me.
“Why are you still in bed?”
I take my pillow and hit him with it, very forcefully. He falls onto the pile of laundry, but instead of complaining, he laughs.
“Leave me alone, Solace. And it’s only seven for gods’ sake!”
“Nico, you can’t stay in bed all day. And today’s free day!”
My eyes widened. I stumbled down my bunk bed ladder and dug through my pile of clean (but unfolded) clothes.
I say as I pull my ‘Severed Red String’ shirt out. It’s a dark gray color and has the name of my favorite band in spiky red lettering. I grab a pair of black jeans and my tennis shoes, and I’m ready to go.
Will is sitting on the bottom bunk of my bed, half watching me tie my shoelaces, half sipping his coffee.
See, he has this weird thing with coffee. There are people who like coffee, and then there’s Will Solace. He collects rare coffees, and he’s always making to-go for demigod friends. Will has a shelf full of coffee mugs he’s collected. Also, he has a strong aversion to Kureg Coffee Machines. Partly because of the pollution the used cartons create, and partly because 'people don’t appreciate the art of coffee making like they used to’.
Today he’s wearing his yellow “I just want a cup of Kopi Luwak” (the world’s rarest coffee type) shirt.
“I made you a cappuccino, Nico.”
“Thanks.” I say.
We grab our drinks and head out the door. The campers are usually fairly busy around this time, but today it seems more busy than it has been since the Second Giant War ended. Most of this is probably because of 'free day’.
During the summer at Camp Half-Blood, kids stay for three full months. This doesn’t bother most kids, mainly because it’s freaking Camp Half-Blood. Then there’s the kids, who like me and Will, don’t have families outside of Camp. There’s no one for us to miss. Anyway, Chiron decided that we should have a weekend (ironically called 'free day’) for homesick kids to be allowed to visit home.
I’d be ecstatic if this meant I could visit my sister. But Hazel was busy with Camp Jupiter, and visiting Bianca was out of the question.


“Where will you and Will be going,
Mr. di Angelo?”
Chiron asked me at the check out table. Despite letting us kids leave the protective borders, he still wanted to know where we are headed.
“We’re heading into New York.”
Will said. He’d already finished his first macchiato and was on his second.
“Alright. Frankly, I wouldn’t allow most of the other campers to do this, but considering how you and Nico proved yourselves capable during the war, I’m sure a field trip will be fine. Just be back inside the camp’s borders by 9 o'clock.”
“Yessir.” I nod.
We jog up the hill and wave at some Apollo campers.
I take Will’s hand and we start running. Right before we hit Thalia’s oak tree, we dissolve into shadows. A kaleidoscope of dark shapes and forms shift around us for a brief second. Time seems to slow during shadow travel, and I see Will shiver before the shadows begin to fade.
Suddenly, we’re standing in a slightly shady alleyway. We quickly walk out. Despite our demigodishness, it’s just as possible for us to get mugged by mortals… Or worse. We have to be aware of both immortal and human threats. Sigh.
The New York street is bustling. It’s only a two lane, but traffic still clogs the sidewalks. A couple kisses on a nearby bench, a teenage boy walks a Yorkie down the sidewalk, and an old man and his granddaughter walk by.
“Where to, Solace?”
Will pulls off his backpack and takes out a notebook. His coffee colored eyes swipe the page, then closes it.
“Good news! It’s only a few blocks from here!”
He grins as if he’s just won the lottery.
“1 Million drachmas to you!” I can practically hear Hephaestus announcing, as on his popular 'Drachmas of Death’ award show.
“And where is 'here’?”
“You’ll see when we get there.”
He says cryptically, and we start walking. Will’s hand stays in mine. I have to keep myself from smiling when I look at our intermingled fingers. After all, Will just thinks of me as a friend. He is possibly my first friend. Bianca and Hazel, well, they were my sisters. And I always got the feeling that Percy and Annabeth were only nice because they felt bad for me.
“And here we are.”
Will gestures forwards a bottom floor store with a white door frame. Above it are three stories of green apartments. The knob looks like it’s from a Victorian mansion of some sort. Above the door hangs a sign that reads “Cat Cafe”. The long windows allow us to see people at tables, sipping drinks from Victorian style tea sets.
Kittens roam everywhere throughout the store. Children are holding them, playing with them; chasing them; and the adults follow suit.
I’m pulled into the store before I can mutter a word. Inside the door is the hostess, who wears a black lace dress with a stiff collar. Her hair is in an immaculate bun.
“Hello, I’m Sydney. Welcome to the Cat Tea House, where you can enjoy gourmet coffees, teas, desserts, and play with the cats! Please remember that every cat here is up for adoption. Come see me or another attendant if you’re interested in adopting one.”
Sydney grins at us.
“Isn’t this place cool, Nico?!”
Will’s voice is full of energy.
“It sure is.” I nod.
Sydney shows us to our seats, and a waitress appears almost immediately.
“Solace, is that you?!”
The towering ginger server asks.
“Ariel! I knew you’d worked here before, but I didn’t know you still do. It’s so exciting to see you again.”
Will stands and hugs her. I twirl my skull ring anxiously as he sits down. Ariel was very pretty.
“Nico, I’d like you to meet me cousin, Ariel. Ariel, this is my friend, Nico.”
I let out a quick sigh and nodded politely.
“Nice to meet you, Ariel.”
“You too! Now what would you like to order?”

calum’s definitely that boyfriend where the two of you would go out somewhere, and you’d want to take a picture with him and he’d just roll his eyes and make a big scene of it, but then he’d take off his sunglasses and either make a silly face or give the most stunning smile or sneak a kiss on your cheek and he’d end up looking flawless in every picture you’d take and even though he’d groan a bunch about how annoying it is that you’re always taking pictures of the two of you, later that day you’d see him lowkey sending them to himself from your phone so he can have them later when he’s away on tour

Regarding Bangtan in Mexico

I forgot people are going to take my opinion on the matter as defending and encouraging what happened in Mexico. Sigh. Yet somehow it’s still a mystery why this “fandom” is in the dumps. People prefer to attack then ask questions later. THEN AFTER ALL THE DAMAGE IS DONE ‘we’ still have the nerve to ask why this fandom is so unkind and unwelcoming every time someone criticizes it.

  • The boys are too scared (apparently) to come out of their hotel. & Yoongi is mad.
  • Another Namjoon death threat. (Posted a pic with a gun)
  • Of course what happened at the airport. The idols were touched and treated unfairly and handled quite roughly.
  • The concert and or high touch may be canceled.
  • Bangtan is basically terrified.

Though with all that said, once again people are blaming this on all “Mexican armies”. Only on them. Just like what happened last gun threat; people weren’t taking fault on what happened two days prior when everyone was threatening and shunning Namjoon from his own group. Talking about how they were going to smack Namjoon in high touch or “beat his ass”. No, but it was all on that one girl. 

This isn’t a “fandom”.

Anyway the Mexican armies? They’re all being called names, having racist comments thrown at them, and being gutted from the fandom because of this.

If you are at all wanting to be at least a half decent fandom, hell if you’re wanting to be a half decent person, EVEN if you see someone from that airport that was touching the idols, don’t be shitty. You can disagree and you don’t have to act necessarily friendly to them, but don’t throw slurs at them. Don’t stoop. Just.. don’t. It’s not going to help the idols in a good way and it’s definitely not going to stop this from happening again. And that even if we have an “again”. 

I know it may seem like I’m defending them but honestly? I’m so angry. I’m angry at the people that were at the airport. I’m angry at the Army’s that were at the airport. No matter how hard you’re going to try and  deny that they are part of this fandom just so you don’t have to accept that THIS DOES HAPPEN, you’re gonna have to do it if you want this to stop.

Those people are part of this fandom. They are what you are. The quicker you accept that then maybe just maybe you’d be big enough to try and help refrain it from happening again instead of turning the other cheek.

  • Not all people at that airport were shoving at being vile
  • Not all Mexican armies are trash.
  • Not all Mexican armies were even in that airport much less Mexico.
  • You could be the bigger person in this and realize that the boys are more important than calling someone names and sending them death threats. You know? The very thing that got us in this mess.

Boardwalk Ships | make me choose → Richard/Julia or Richard/Angela (requested by danseurofelsa)