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Kat is so important, so very, very important. She gives life to a character
whose writers have let her sit on the back burner the entire series. She
knows Alana Bloom better than anyone, especially the writers. I’m so
grateful that someone has given Alana the justice and development she
deserves and made me love her all the more for that. Her writing is OH
so good and so intricate, I can only hope that my replies are
half the quality that hers are. I feel the same way with her that Zeller feels
towards Alana, I love her but she is tOO GOOD FOR ME UGH. But just
like Alana, she will tell me I’m wrong and spread her love all over me and
I’ll just have to take it XD She’s the cutest and kindest little thing, but she
has a raging passion for her muse that is unlike any I have ever seen.
I’m so happy to have her as an unpopular opinion ally, an rp partner,
and as a friend.

I’ll definitely pack the car tomorrow and otherwise get ready too. Need to fill up the tank and so on. I did some research and the place that I wanna go to is not that far so basically I could drive back the same day but I figured that I could take my time and stop somewhere to write and stuff. I am taking a laptop with me anyways! xD 
To be honest, I kind of want to make this stupid soft nest on the backseat of the car and just hop there when I feel like napping. I did some calculations and checked some gas stations and so on that there is at least one 24h gas station on the way so I can get food and such without a worry. 

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I hate it when you get sick of doing something that happens with me and drawing xD take time of doing them don’t force yourself !

Well, I kinda need to force myself because I’ll never do them if I don’t force myself doing them.

Yeah true I wish I wouldn’t get sick by doing these wallpapers, but I just want to make normal graphics again. ;;

But thank you! ♥

  • infinitetime:take me back to the times i could type xD without any sense of irony
  • [¬°-°]¬:simpler times
  • infinitetime:20014
  • [¬°-°]¬:that is the future
  • infinitetime:1004
  • infinitetime:oh
  • infinitetime:that is the past
  • [¬°-°]¬:get it tOGETHER
  • infinitetime:soz my fingers are numb from the disgust

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send ☔ for my muses reaction to learning that your muse is never coming back

    Gone. She was really gone. She broke her promise, she said she’d never leave…Why did he ever trust anyone anymore. Teeth grinding, fists clenched, staring off into the nothingness around him. No more new friends. No more trusting. No more getting hurt…He didn’t understand completely but from what he got she took a job that was far away and wasn’t coming back. Her apartment was empty and a chilling silence buzzed in the air/ She didn’t even say goodbye…Was this some sick form of revenge perhaps? 

               “ I trusted you and you broke your promise
              I…I can’t…handle losing any more friends…
              But I guess you’re not my friend if you left so easily.

      Sure he knew she wasn’t happy, he tried to help but he couldn’t fix everything dammit! He wasn’t some sort of superhero he was just a kid…A lost boy really, he’d stay in his Neverland forever while she took off to the real world. She would start her own life and maybe even change the world who knew really…Maybe they’d meet again someday…

                      ━━━━Somewhere in Neverland

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Also a message to all of those I am the original dong expander wtf stop taking my thing you aren't as original as me XD

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I drop here my url, take care of it xD

Send me a url and i’ll tell you the following

my opinion on; 

character in general: The brothers are extremely well thought out characters that have enough distinct personalities that interacting with any of them is a roller coaster full of excitement, twists and turns. What the fuck did I just write. Both are bags of awesomeness.
how they play them:  Excellent. Pure poetry, and I love imagining their mannerisms, their gestures and what they think.

the mun: Mun is friendly as hell and I love interacting with them.

do i;

follow them: Yes.
rp with them: Yes.
want to rp with them: I WANT TO DO ALL THE THINGS.
ship their character with mine: *LOUD VIBRATING AND HUMMING*

what is my;

overall opinion: 10/10 recommend this blog - you will get only quality and excellent characters.

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

Herald’s Glory - Chap 7 snippet

Ugh, this is taking me forever for some reason xD Here’s a snippet at least in the hope that it spurs me on :P It’ll be edited and changed no doubt, but bleh xD

The stone was cool and soothing against his forehead, against his palms. The tangled buzz of wine and desire danced behind his eyes as he focussed on calming his breathing. Cullen heard the rustle of skirts as she left him, not daring to watch her go, knowing his restraint was hanging by a thread. Releasing a deep sigh, followed by a hard swallow, he straightened, turning to lean against the wall. Guests were milling about the garden, completely oblivious to more than slightly dishevelled man watching them from the shadows. He scrubbed a hand through his stubble, before reaching round to rub beneath the restrictive collar at his nape. What had he been about to do? Rut the Inquisitor against a wall, where anyone could see or find them. He could try to blame the wine, but two glasses was an emboldened kiss, not a feral pounce.

Tightening the sash about his waist, Cullen slipped out from his hiding place. Aarien was gone. The thought of her, ruffled, lipstick smeared and left wanting tugged his mouth into a smirk. Not that it was his intention, but her summons meant the continuation of their dance – made ever more desperate by the near miss. An answering throb at his core made him wince as he slid onto a stone bench. No. If he followed this train of thought, he would be marching into the ballroom, throwing her over his shoulder, and marching out again. Not that the idea had not crossed his mind several times already this evening. The sight of her appearing on the dais, a vision of glittering gold and delicate lace, every inch the Inquisitor the crowd was expecting. They all melted away as he watched; watched her cheeks redden; watched the slight shake of her hand; watched the deep breath to calm a racing pulse. The words she spoke were a murmur as his gaze lingered on the bare skin of her neck, imagining soft kisses on softer skin.

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1) the first thing i notice is you are wearing BLUE jeans, ha! 2) im feeling a phil/dan aesthetic here very nice 3) sweater = YES 4) you need to show me how take selfies like you lol

1) I actually bought blue jeans. Like. Two pairs. You should be proud of me! 

2) Hahaha, maybe??? XD I’ll take it, though!

3) Riiiiight?

4) Step 1: TAKE SELFIES! SELF LOVE! BOOST THAT CONFIDENCE. DO IT. *inserts  Shia LaBeouf video clip*