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Damn those piercings tho. My grandma would slaughter me if she finds out I have that many :')

Yeah i thought my mom would kill me when she know about my piercing but then she’s very cool about it XD she even teach me how to take care of it

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just to talk about my fave character so this is not really meta?idk, but sometimes i get the impression that Viktor has adhd i mean he has a real short attention span, gets bored easily(hell he told yuri he was hungry and wanted to go eat while yuri was being interviewed)and he's rather impulsive he's always doing unexpected things(like taking decisions without thinking twice) or maybe it's just me overanalysing XD i have adhd so it feels like i'm close to this character and i love him even more


I had a dream where i made a beat em up style game with characters from my favorite AUs it was really cool

In the dream i was using unknown or akuma and fighting against a friend all of a sudden since the game had this feature where others can come and spectate, CQ ,Jakei ,joku and many other AU creators appeared and started watching and in the middle of the battle CQ sent me a message saying “damn gurl take it easy XD”

I swear to asgore my life is complete even if it was just a dream CQ noticed me qwq

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A Swap!Paps and Chara moment? (I really wanna see how is the relation of them)

I have a feeling he’d be like a big brother? You know, the kind that eats your favorite piece of food that you saved for last… XD


part 1
part final 

Thanks very much for the people who follow me!!!
im very happy ;w;!!!
this is a present for you all….i hope you like it….<3
im full of tests….but well its something  ╮(╯∀╰)╭


ssibal!! ノ(ꐦ°᷄ д°᷅)ノ彡🍑

Adrienette for Seven Minutes

Is that title hinting enough? XD

(Don’t worry, it’s totally SFW. XD lol)

(Just take this, it’s like two months old, just take it and have it while I try to finish up this Stray Chat chapter)



“SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!” Alya and Nino practically screamed as soon as Adrien walked through the door.

“What?” he asked, completely confused.

“NO- ALYA- PLEASE-” Marinette looked like she was going to start crying.

“It’s an American party game Adrien, all the cool kids do it.” Nino said with a shrug.

The home schooled and sheltered boy furrowed his eyebrows in even more confusion and said,

“Whenever you say that, we always end up doing something my Dad grounds me for.”

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#passive vs active


MAKE ME CHOOSE@natalija-unicorn and @realaddictedgeek asked me: Thomas or Minho? Finnick O’Dair or Minho?

A thick, heavily muscled A s i a n kid folded his arms as he studied Thomas, his tight shirtsleeves rolled up to show off his biceps.