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Am I the only (future) crazy mom who seriously plans to take a photo of their child every single month from the day they’re born until the day they graduate HS? I think it’s going to be so cool when they’re my age (20) to look back and see every phase they went through growing up, how fast they grew and how often they changed.

starting again

I want to practice again. I’ve sort of quit and been uninspired lately. So I received a new camera and that has made me want to try to start shooting again. So what better way than to force myself to take a photo every day? I got excited and made a list of ideas, so maybe I’ll try to stick to this list for the next few months. Or maybe I’ll just go to it when I don’t know what to shoot. Last time, that happened a lot and mostly I forgot to shoot. Hopefully, I can really get into it this time. When I did my 1 second video year, I actually stuck to it for like 10 months, so who knows! 

Here’s my list

long exposure
empty spaces
double exposure
saul leiter
cindy sherman
pepper no. 30
ansel adams
wide angle
self portrait
golden hour
out of focus
perfect focus

These are my five grandchildren. The tiniest one on the top is Pip(Pipsqueek), the furthest right is Carrot (orange like mommy) and the other three are un-named for now. I check on them about 6 times a day just because I’m always worried. I’m going to take a photo of them every day as progress and memories. I love them all and know I’ll have to find them homes but I’m happy to have some extra friends for awhile.

#Proud2Bme5Day Photo Challenge

By Jasmin Garcia

For the week of April 27th–May 1st, the CSU Northridge Proud2Bme On Campus team has created a 5 Day Photo Challenge activity on social media. The idea came about after a successful week of campus events duringNEDAwareness week.

In partnership with  

The 5 Day Photo Challenge is a social media campaign that you can use to infuse body positivity into your online community. It’s a great way to showcase your personality and help make a difference in the way we see ourselves and others.

The idea is to take a different photo for every day of the challenge using the #Proud2Bme5Day. You can encourage others to do the same by posting an image around your campus or on Instagram with the dates of the challenge and the photo prompts.

In today’s social media-driven culture, it’s rare to see a photo unedited or without a filter.

So on Day 1, we challenge people to take a no-filter selfie. This activity encourages us to be more confident and accepting of our natural unedited beauty.

 For Day 2, we are bringing back our hugely successful compliment card we created for NEDAwareness Week to spread body positivity by paying someone a compliment. Write “Today is a beautiful day because of you” on a piece of paper, then take a photo, tag a friend and challenge them to do the same.


Day 3 is about expressing your self-confidence by posting a photo of yourself wearing the outfit that makes you feel most confident.

 On day 4 post your passion! Share a photo of you hiking, dancing, bicycling, playing an instrument, in your favorite yoga position… or doing any hobby you’re passionate about. 

For the 5th and final challenge, post a picture with someone who inspires you – someone who makes you Proud2Bme!

 About this blogger: Jasmin Garcia is an Electronic Media Management major in the Cinema Television Arts program at California State University, Northridge.  She is a member of CSUN’s Proud2BMe On Campus Initiative and can be found discussing her activism on campus here. You can follow Proud2BMe CSUN on instagram at@proud2bme_csun.

Adelina, aged 24, Chisinau, Moldova

I love taking photos. For me, catching moments and feelings is a privilege. Taking photos of children is probably my favourite…when you look at them playing and you can’t help but smile.  They are so free.

And nature too…especially sunsets. They are just so beautiful and they happen every day! Sometimes, I like to take photos from the top of tall buildings, high up in the air. Especially at night when it’s so dreamy and romantic. When I am there, looking down on the world and all the people in it, I feel powerful. 

These 18 Odd Things Are So Unbelievable, You Need To See Them

“Suspension of disbelief” is a term that means you need to let go of your logic and reason to truly enjoy something. Usually it’s associated with theater or films, but there are times when letting go of your strict rationality will help you accept some strange things in life. There will be times when you see something that’s so ridiculous, you have to assume it’s a fake. That may be your natural reaction, but you should learn to embrace the fact that the world is an extremely weird place. Every day can take you by surprise. The photos below are so bizarre, they seem doctored. These are the kinds of images you’ll find online with several people saying “FAKE!!!!” in a comment section. However, these things really happened. You’ll need to see these pictures to believe them.

Link: http://www.listicle.co/list/user/post.php?listid=146302

The Arab American Museum has registration open once again for the 2015 SURA Summer Camp Program! Every day there is new things to enjoy and see as you experience a field trip every day! You get to also take lots of photos and get creative! Join in July 27-31, Monday-Friday, 9-5pm.

Sign up today! And don’t forget: Registration due on Monday, May 4, 2015!!!!

anonymous asked:

Do you still own a bjd? If so why not post more pictures of them or do you have a separate blog for that?

I do still own these two^ but I don’t give them much attention now a days, I used to take photos of them almost every day.
Well, they are both up for sale! ;D

In our Molo Lozna Apartments you won’t be needing expensive cameras for the amazing sunset photos. This and many others were done with a mobile phone. The sun sets in a different corner through the year always offering a unique lighting and landscapes. It’s worthwhile sometimes taking photos every day and even if you’re staying 7-10 days, you’ll notice how the sun moves and always hits another spot in the sea or behind numerous islands further north along the Adriatic or behind Split and Trogir.

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Hi! Can I just say that i love love love all your stuff you write and that honestly you are my new favorite author! Your the best best best! How did you get your Deidara in your stories so spot on personality wise? and your Hidan?

Thank you, anon! 

Um, regarding how I characterise Deidara… Well, okay. Keep in mind that my characterisation is decidedly not the only possible characterisation, but this is how I write canon Deidara.


  1. is fascinated by entropy and the organic breakdown of all things
    1. if I was writing him in a modern AU where he couldn’t use explosives, he’d make sculptures carved from discarded organs sourced from the butcher. It would smell terrible, but he’d take photos of them every day to document the decay. Just saying. This whole “everything breaks down eventually, one way or another” concept is his thing, in my view; blowing shit up is just especially awesome
  2. disregards his own personal safety
    1. he isn’t actively interested in hurting himself, but he absolutely does not care in the slightest if he happens to get hurt. If you were doing a character study you could probably work in a ‘passive death wish’ type thing here.
  3. is largely friendly (especially for a missing nin) but smug as fuck
    1. he looks upon the people around him who do not share his vision as being of lesser understanding. Sometimes he is outwardly diplomatic about it, but there’s a core of unshakable belief in him and it makes him look at other people and think about how misguided they are
  4. is a free spirit! everything ends, often in fire, and it’s usually his fault
    1. Deidara gets bored, things go awry, and he leaves. Basically. This is something he’s come to rely upon, like death and taxes (except neither death nor taxes is really relevant in the akatsuki). Deidara views it not as something he plans and executes - it’s just something he causes by being there. 

In TNH he’s watered down. There’s been a lot less trauma for him in TNH, so he’s gentler and he has many fewer sharp edges. Otherwise, I’m afraid he’s filling a number of artist/art student stereotypes! He’s disorganised, easily provoked, high-strung but friendly; constantly broke. I kind of just added blowing shit up, a determined respect for at least the concept of choice and free will, and a moderate disregard for his own and others’ safety. Lazy, but true.

Hidan is… um, he’s a spiky ball of pugnacious rage and fairly indiscriminate violence. 

So, socially speaking, religion is one way of impressing social boundaries upon a person through a system of reward and punishment. It’s the formation of a superego, basically, a way to judge: this is moral, this is not. After conditioning, people even enforce the rules on their own through feelings of shame and satisfaction, etc., It’s quite effective.

Usually with Hidan I’m just bringing everything back to: What Course Of Action Would Jashin Approve Of? And the answer is usually: Hit It Really Hard. 

The Ultimate Photo a Day Project

Do you think it a bit much to post a photo a day for one semester? Check out this guy’s work. Jamie Livingston took a photo a day for 18 years, from 1979 until he passed away at the age of 41 of cancer in 1997, all on one of a kind Polaroid SX70 prints. http://photooftheday.hughcrawford.com/. Here’s another article about him with some biographical information: http://mentalfloss.com/article/18692/he-took-polaroid-every-day-until-day-he-died

What do you think the significance of this was for him- and for those who knew him? He kept up the discipline of taking a photo every day even on his deathbed. What do you think he wanted to leave behind? What was it like for you to see images from the daily life of this man? Was he ordinary, or extraordinary in some way?

April is #sexualassaultawareness month, and to help spread awareness about #sexualassault, my team is doing the #redmylips selfie challenge. #redhotidp #damsel4life

Wanna #helpmefight ? Place an order T http://www.yourdamseldiva.com, book a safety workshop, #joinmyteam , or join the challenge by taking a #redlipselfie every day in April, tag me in your photos, and use the hashtags #redlips4awareness and #radgirl