take a photo every day

Đinh Bảo Ngọc - Chatham University, Pennsylvania

This is a graduation photo of my high school class. In the photo, the girls wore Vietnamese traditional costume which is called “Ao Dai”. The white Ao Dai is considered the basic and original one and is usually worn by high school girls in Vietnam. Ao Dai represents the most precious qualities and beauty of Vietnamese people in general and women specifically. Some girls are holding lotus, often considered Vietnamese emblem. Lotus is believed to represent Vietnamese people’s characteristics. Lotus grows from mud and dirt but are always beautiful. Like lotus, people try to keep their honesty and discipline in any circumstance. 

It is a tradition for university and high school students to wear Ao Dai and take photos around their graduation time. Every April and May, it is common to see groups of people walking around campus in traditional costumes. At such time, we usually receive invitations to take photos with close friends and relatives who graduate. I think this customs help create and also store good memories of academic life. 

beautiful-as-southern-skies  asked:

Have you been documenting your physical transitioning in any degree? Taking photos every other day or anything? Excuse me but I'm a little curious about your voice and appearance changing.

I’ve been taking short videos every month or so, and I’ll be putting them together at 1-2 years on T! but nothing that I’m posting as I go.

360 Day Photo challenge

Soooo my New Years resolution back in January was to take at least 1 photo every day and I have been mostly keeping that, but I want to put them all in one place to keep myself accountable, so starting right now on July 24th at 10:02 pm I’m starting a 365 day picture challenge

Almost a Month

Creeping up on the 25th quickly, and on my first set of before and after photos. I plan to take them every 30 days since I know how I look and feel matters more than a number on the scale. This month has definitely been a great way for me to figure out what kinds of workouts I enjoy most, and to begin to get into a routine. During this time I haven’t seen any weightloss, but definitely more muscle mass and loss of inches. I’ve been doing more HIIT routines, trying to do them 3 times a week, because fuck running.

Today I researched recommended food plans for maintaining and building muscle while losing fat, and in the most basic of terms it’s low/no carb on cardio days, and more good carb intake on weight training days, all with only good fats, low sugar and loads of veggies. This works for me since it’s not a ban on carbs, which your body needs. This alternation between low carb days and muscle building days allows for muscle maintenence and fat burning. Well, nothing goes into fat stores. Weee. Let’s see if changing up my diet kicks this up a notch. Feeling great, though!

July 14th, 2016

I’m so in love with my new camera and I can’t wait to take new photos every day wherever I go. It still feels surreal to me that I made such a big purchase with the money I saved up and worked hard for (and I got a little bit from my parents).

After I bought the camera I met with my boyfriend and we watched Central Intelligence - it was so hilarious!