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What do you think the boys would be like as photographers?

MJ: the children’s photographer (for the bratty toddlers that don’t want to smile -S)

Jinjin: a professional with aesthetic photos

Eunwoo: likes to take candids of the other members, or just random people; he sometimes photographs models

Moonbin: has an Instagram where he posts photos of the buildings he breaks into and explores (lots of dark, lots of spiderwebs)

Rocky: landscapes everywhere, mostly cityscapes and those are photos taken from vantage points others don’t usually get to

Sanha: takes photos of every day life but his angles are always horrible



Seeking Inspiration Midair with @manonwethly

To see more of Manon’s artfully captured images of #flyingstuff, follow @manonwethly.

For Dutch designer Manon Wethlij (@manonwethly), the contents of her arresting #flyingstuff photos are less important than the conversations they provoke. “People are free to see or feel whatever they want in the shapes,” Manon says. “I love that they make people talk to me and ask questions.”

“I studied architecture for two years, then graphic design, but the thing that has always made me happy is photography.” When she found Instagram, Manon says, “it was exactly what I needed to keep my photography enthusiasm alive. I was taking lots of photos every day and just storing them in my computer for no one to see.”

These days, it’s the response to her photos on Instagram that keeps Manon evolving creatively. “Everybody’s enthusiasm encourages me to try new things,” she explains, “It’s sort of addictive.”


Woman Takes One Photo Of Herself Every Day For A Week

Wow. Just incredible.

This woman took a photo of herself every single day for a week, and the results will blow you away! As the pictures go by, the photographer undergoes a spectacular transformation that serves as a beautiful reminder of just how profoundly we can change over the course of seven days. It’s a moving testament to life’s impermanence.

Just finished my second year of my photo a day averaging project. See here for year one’s result.

I take a photo every day at the same angle with the same blank expression, and then at the end of the year I average all of the daily photos together. The blurring in the final image is the result of the small deviations from picture to picture from my head slightly turned or eyebrows slightly raised/lowered, changing hair length, etcetera.

There are a few different averaging methods, the one I’m using here is the arithmetic mean, or simply the image data all added together and divided by the total number of images. Averaging methods such as the harmonic mean, geometric mean, and median all produce different results with the median being the only other aesthetically pleasing result.

Stay tuned for monthly averages and the year in review video.

brought this to school for a project but I decided to take it back and just submit a picture instead, cause I could never replace it if it got lost. c:

{narusasu collab fic} “Birthday Boy”

A/N: @fangirlandiknowit101 and I have been trying to write a collaboration ever since she got this awesome pic from @maneki-n-e-k-o. So finally it begins! Dedicated to our precious duckbutt on his birthday <3.

Birthday Boy {a collaboration with @fangirlandiknowit101}

Naruto had scrupulously avoided using the word ‘birthday’. For all Sasuke knew, Naruto had forgotten all about it. It had been a mission and a half just to get Sasuke to agree to meet up at all; he would never have agreed if he knew that Naruto had a reason to make an even bigger deal out of the day.

He stood fidgeting by the station gates. If Sasuke had taken the correct train as instructed, he’d be here in less than 4 minutes (three and a half, actually). He shifted from foot to foot, balancing a salted-caramel latte in one hand and an iced chocolate frappuccino with extra cream in the other. He hoped Sasuke liked his drink; Naruto really wanted to share the wonder of Espresso House with him. Wanted to share lots of things, in fact. A ride around the harbour, exploring Old Town, walking across the countless bridges. He ran through his meticulously-planned out schedule once more. It was gonna be great. If only Sasuke was on time. If only Sasuke actually showed up.

Of course he’d come. Wouldn’t he?

Naruto hadn’t seen him since High School. He’d had to survive on photos from Itachi or Shisui’s facebook; the bastard didn’t have one of his own. Their universities were on opposite ends of Japan, but now here they were, both studying in Europe at the same time- it was fate! It’s just an hour flight to Stockholm, Sas, Naruto had begged. And so cheap! Just come over. I’ll show you around!

One minute left.

His fidgeting grew worse. Sasuke’s latte was getting cold. Jagged pieces of memory flitted through Naruto’s mind; feathery shivers ghosted up and down his arms. He held his frappuccino to his heated cheeks. Don’t blush in front of Sasuke, loser, Naruto told himself firmly. Look, we’re just friends, okay? That’s all we ever were. Don’t blow this chance.

Alright, it was time. Naruto plastered a smile onto his face and waited. And…waited. And waited some more.

…the train station wasn’t that big. Sasuke couldn’t have possibly gotten lost.

Right, he just missed that train, and he’s on the next one, Naruto thought. That was all. It wouldn’t be long and then Sasuke would be here, right in front of him, finally. Just wait a little longer. I’ve waited this long, haven’t I? I can survive another ten minutes.

…*cough* Okayyyy, over to you Emi~~ *blows kisses*. Ohhhh I wonder what you’ll write? And how we’ll find a way to make this NSFW-


Cosplay time!
So we decided to go from Overwatch this year to the AX.

4 ½ cosplays to make in less then a month’s time.  
Started on May 19th… minus the time I have to go home to visit family from this post, I have 26 days left.

Going to try to make:
Reaper- WIP
Genji - WIP, WIP, WIP,
Zenyatta - WIP
Soldier 76- forgot about him in the last post, but just the mask - WIP

- Due to the lack of time, I am kinda rushing things, there are a bunch of things I wish I did different for Genji’s helmet, but all well. XD
- I also ended up cutting a bunch of his helmet down after it was all glued together, the first template is way big, looked so goofy on my head.

- Also I got my copy of Overwatch yesterday… so I hope I don’t get to distracted in the cosplay building.

I will try to remember to take photos and post progress shots every couple of days.

Cutting knife
Foam mats
Contact cement (Side note, bought some barge online but it is going to take a week to get to me)
Exacto knife
Hot glue gun
Heat gun


I made an impromptu Max cosplay… for an anime rave. I am the master of forethought. (To be fair, the comic seems to have recently become a sports anime.)

Max is from Paranatural. Great comic. You all should read it.

When Cas discovers the camera on his smartphone, Dean is ninety percent sure it’s the apocalypse all over again. He thinks this for a couple of reasons:

  1. With the discovery of the camera comes the curiosity of social networking sites (who the hell is Cas gonna ‘friend’ anyway???)
  2. He has the fucking thing in his hand 24/7
  3. He takes pictures of everything

Yes, Castiel has discovered the selfie.

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So I’m going bare-legged for BFRB awareness week and I’m going to try and take photos every day and keep you updated on how things are going. Only one person asked me about my skin today because I think most people find it awkward so I have to try and think of a way to encourage people to ask me questions. Also sorry for the shockingly ugly photos.
If anyone wants to join me in showing some skin then let me know and tell me how it goes!!


Cosplay time!
So we decided to go from Overwatch this year to the AX.

4 ½ cosplays to make in less then a month’s time.  

Going to try to make:
Reaper- WIP
Genji- WIP
Zenyatta - WIP
Zarya - WIP
Soldier 76 (just the mask, if time then the gun as well)

- Whoops should of finished this main build yesterday and posted, but I kinda played games all day. XD

- Still debating if I should clue the glasses on before paint or after… Before means I have to cover it all up and that sounds like a lot of work, but after might mean I can’t bend the foam as well to get the right shape.

- For the tubes on the side of the mask, I cut some wire and put it in some tubing, so I could bend it to the right shape and glue in place.

I will try to remember to take photos and post progress shots every couple of days.

Cutting knife
Foam mats

Contact cement
Exacto knife
Hot glue gun
Heat gun
Extra stuff for Soldier 76
Red glasses
PVC cutter (not the model I use, but pretty cheep online)