take a photo every day

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why is it that we can take almost professional quality photos of literally every mundane thing in our lives these days but the second someone spots a UFO suddenly every camera on earth becomes a mid 90's low res grainy camcorder that's about to run out of battery.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @supercorptrashed !!!!

Remember when we were talking about our headcanon that Kara takes photos of Lori every day with different Snapchat filters, and I asked you which one you thought would be her favorite?? I was being super sneaky so I could commission @lesly-oh to do draw this for you! XD

You are such a sweet, caring, and generous person, and an amazing friend who’s always there for us. I wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

@lena-lipbite-luthor @lesly-oh and I wish you a happy birthday!!!!!!! 🎂🎂🎂

The ‘Eternal Hope’ of Photography and Fatherhood with Rob Yaskovic

To see more of Rob’s portraits, follow @robyaskovic on Instagram.

As the dad of four children ranging in age from 15 to 5, photographer Rob Yaskovic (@robyaskovic) enjoys untold opportunities for capturing informal family portraits — with “enjoys” being the operative word. “Every day, I’m taking photos,” Rob says. “Every day, I’m thinking about photos, and my children end up in my pictures because I’m around them so often. When you have four kids with crazy schedules, that’s your life. Fortunately for me, it also happens to be pretty exciting.”

At 38 years old, Rob has been a working photographer — five years at a New Jersey newspaper, then freelancing for magazines, shooting weddings and other gigs — for almost half his life. Explaining his passion for the craft of picture-taking, Rob cites another longtime pastime that has given him pleasure through the years: fly fishing. “It’s about the decisive moment. When you’re trout fishing, drifting a dry fly, you hold your breath, waiting for the strike. It’s like that with photography, too. It’s about eternal hope. You’re always hoping something amazing is going to happen on the river, or in front of your camera. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, it does.”

30 Day Studyblr Challenge

Hello everyone! So in my time here I haven’t really come across a studyblr challenge other than the great “100 days of productivity” meme which I know is really helping a lot of people! I know there are probably some out there but I decided to contribute too!

However, I know some people struggle with what to post and when, and 100 days is a huge commitment! So I designed this short(er) “30 Day Studyblr Challenge” that anybody can participate in if they want to! The 30 days don’t have to be consecutive because I understand that people are busy and can’t always find time in the day to come on tumblr! So I invite you to take part in this little activity, and please feel free to tag me in your challenge uploads - If I see that I’ve been tagged I’ll check the post out.

Here are your challenge questions:
Day 1: A photo of your supplies
Day 2: A photo of your study space
Day 3: Your favourite motivational quote
Day 4: A photo of your most recent work
Day 5: A photo of your favourite book
Day 6: A photo showing how you relax
Day 7: The best advice anyone’s ever given you
Day 8: A photo of your to-do list
Day 9: A photo of your desk in use
Day 10: Who is your favourite teacher/professor and why?
Day 11: A photoset detailing your routine for the day
Day 12: A photo of your favourite study snack
Day 13: A photo of your textbooks
Day 14: Send your favourite studyblr(s) an uplifting message!
Day 15: A photo of your handwriting
Day 16: What music do you like to listen to whilst studying? If you don’t listen to music while you work, what do you do?
Day 17: Find a new/different study spot to your usual one and snap a photo!
Day 18: A photo of your favourite pen(s) to use
Day 19: A photo of your study space featuring a glass of water. (It’s super important to stay hydrated while you study!)
Day 20: Talk about your favourite fictional character
Day 21: A photo of your diary/planner/journal
Day 22: A photo of your dream school/university
Day 23: A photo of your favourite character from TV (Because it’s important to relax sometimes too)
Day 24: Write the sentence “I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it.” in all of the languages that you speak and take a photo. Tell yourself that every day!
Day 25: A photo of the work/notes you’re most proud of
Day 26: Try out mind-mapping and photograph the end result
Day 27: Try out a printable and take a photo of it in use
Day 28: Try going for a walk before you start studying today. Take a photo of something interesting you see while you’re out.
Day 29: Describe your study technique. Is it different for different subjects?
Day 30: You made it! Reward yourself by doing one of your favourite things to do and snap a photo!

Please don’t forget to tag me in your posts, and/or tag them with #studyblrchallengehayley so that I can make sure I see them!

Have fun :* xo


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Could I get a scenario and/or headcanons of the chocobros with a chubby s/o? Sorry if it's a weird request;; I need the self-esteem after being called fat a lot recently :,)

Noctis wouldn’t mind your size at all. If you take away the fact that he’s royalty, he’s acutely aware that he’s a total dork. So the fact that someone likes him for being himself amazes him. He knows you adore him completely, and he’s totally devoted to you. He always makes sure that you’re showered in love and attention and makes sure that people acknowledge you when you’re in social situations or meeting newcomers. 

Prompto used to be bigger, so he knows the societal pressure that people put on you and he thinks it’s totally unfair. He loves every bit of you––your stomach, your thighs, your arms, and he tells you so every day. He loves taking photos of you and showing them to you so that you can see yourself through his eyes, and so you can see just how beautiful you truly are. 

Gladio enjoys physical activity, but he never pushes you if you’re not into it. He doesn’t mind if you’re on the chubbier side, it’s just more of you to hold onto when you’re being intimate. He’s fiercely protective of you when it comes to your self-esteem issues and he’ll be the first to go after someone who says anything sideways in your direction. He just wants you to be comfortable in your own skin.

When Ignis goes blind, you get a little more self conscious because he’s touching you constantly. But he assures you that he absolutely loves your curves. He didn’t care either when he could see, which he reminds you of constantly, and enjoys indulging in rich foods with you whenever it suits your fancy. You enjoy food and Ignis enjoys cooking––really, it’s a match made in heaven.

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Imagine Yurio waltzing into Victor's apartment in St. Petersburg because he can and saying "WHAT'S UP FU-" and Victor goes SHHHHH and points to the couch where Yuuri is sleeping, curled up with Maccachin.


There’s a hand clamped over his mouth.

His eyes go wide and he glares at Victor, who has a finger pressed firmly to his own lips, his expression grave. Then, slowly, he lowers his hand from Yurio’s mouth, points towards the couch, where Yuuri is sleeping with Makkachin snug against his side. His hair is messy, lips parted, and he shifts slightly in his sleep, burying his nose in the dog’s fur.

Yurio blinks at Victor, asking him if he’s seriously going to ask him to stay silent so that Yuuri can sleep at two in the afternoon, but then he sees Victor take his phone out of his pocket and snap a photo. “You’re really taking photos of him? Doesn’t this happen, like, every day?”

Instantly, the hand is back on his mouth. “Shhh,” he urges, his voice barely a whisper. “You’ll wake him.”

“if I haven’t woken him yet, he’s not going to wake up,” Yurio points out, his voice muffled by Victor’s palm. He nips at it and Victor pulls his hand back, yelping.

“He’s so peaceful,” he says dreamily, then, as though it’s an afterthought, takes another photo of him.

Yurio rolls his shoulders back. “Let’s draw a mustache on his face.”

Victor thinks for a second. “No, we’ll draw hearts on his face. I don’t want him to have a mustache.”

“Hearts? No, ew. We’ll draw glasses on him.”


My “things to do” on summer holiday.

- Get a tan.

- Get a hella tattoo.

- Say yes for a whole day.

- Leave a note on somebody’s car window.

- Have a big sleepover.

- Buy a pair of converse.

-  Have a water balloon fight.

- Go by a different name for a day.

- Be hippy for a day.

- Watch sunrise and sunset.

- Maybe get a boyfriend.

- Learn how to skateboard.

- Go on a thrift store shopping spree with friends.

- Hold a “free hugs” sign in public.

- Make an inspiration wall.

- Write a song and sing it in public.

- Get a piercing.

- Talk to a stranger.

- Reach 2K on Instagram.

- 24 without any electronics.

- Destroy a watermelon with your friends.

- Have a paint fight wearing all white.

- Fry an egg on the road.

- Create a quote book.

- Play messy Twister.

- Buy flowers an give it to a stranger.

- Burn old schoolwork.

- Maybe get fit (?)

- Kiss someone.

- Make a blanket fort and sleep in it ( maybe do it in your backyard? idk, just be original ).

- Get a pennyboard.

- Wear pajamas in public.

- Go to as many concerts as you can.

- Take a photo every day.

- Go to a record shop.

- Go to the zoo.

- Go to a fair or carnival.

- Buy a cute little fish.

- Go bowling.

- Make Vlogs.

- Jump into a pool fully clothed.

- Ikea adventure with friends.

- Make a summer movie.

- Make pinterest recipes.

- Get on a roller coaster.

- Go to the amusement park.

- Start a wish tree.

- Make a bonfire party.

- Make a selfie album.

- Fly a kite ( I’ve never done that )

- Make a bonfire party.

- Crave names in a tree.

- Make a lemonade stand.

- Buy a disposable camera.

- Play catch with eggs.

- Leave notes in books on a book shop.

- Get a construction cone ( I think it’s gonna be fun ).

- Make a Instagram account and take photos of everything that you do this summer.

- Have a lot of fun.


been sick with the flu all weekend, but the soup is nonstop

inloveamateursatbest  asked:

“You’re not gonna cry, are you?” and "You won't miss me." one fluffy and one angsty, your choice :D

you’re cruel, claudia. i’ll post the other one in a separate post!

you’re not going to cry, are you?

Liv raised an eyebrow as she looked between Aaron and Robert, both of them clearly emotional. “You’re not going to cry, are you?” She asked, concerned. “Because that would be really embarrassing. My weird gay brother dads, sobbing down the back of the school hall.”

Aaron glared at her, hands on hips. “Are we not allowed to be proud of your or summat?”

Liv snorted, her brother’s offence too funny. Aaron was a grown man, and here he was, practically pouting at her. “Be proud,” She shrugged. “But don’t be embarrassing about it. I’ve got a reputation to uphold, you know.”

Before Aaron could reply, Robert thundered down the stairs, a bright grin on his face. “I’ve found my camera, crisis averted.”

Robert was wearing a suit, going a whole step further than Aaron, who’d settled for a nice pair of jeans and a shirt. Liv couldn’t help but groan, slamming her head down on the kitchen table.

“Why do you two make it your aim in life to embarrass me?” Liv asked, raising her head an inch or two so she could look at Aaron and Robert.

“Because, Olivia,” Robert smirked, messing with the settings on the camera. “As your weird gay brother dads, it is our job.”

Aaron laughed, pulling at face as his husband pointed the camera at him, taking a photo. “Plus, it’s not every day you win an award, y’know. Student of the year for art, nothing to turn your nose up at.”

Robert grinned. “First Dingle to ever win an award at school for something other than truancy, you should be proud of that - ow! What was that for?”

“You’re a Dingle these days, don’t be so snarky.” Aaron responded, turning to look at Liv, a look of genuine pride on his face. “We are really proud of you, you know that, yeah?”

Liv sighed.

He was definitely going to cry.

send me a starter and i’ll write you a 300 word fic

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ikon as your roommates? 😀

they’d prolly make the biggest mess ever not clean up lmao I shall put this under college!au I’m dropping hints that i love college!au I love college!au hehe thanks for requesting!! have a great day/night!

- admin em


  • okay i lied he prolly does all the cleaning
  • gets super fussed if things are out of place
  • it’d be like “hey, did you see my comb” and you’d be like
  • “oh yeah I put it on the table”
  • he’d be all nice but inside he’s plotting murder
  • apart from that, just keep everything clean and he’ll be a cool roommate
  • “hey, you want Chinese take-out tonight?”
  • always order take out
  • sometimes if there is a shortage on things, lets you have them
  • “it’s okay, i’ll sponge of bobby or donghyuk”
  • studies 90% of the time
  • helps you with your work even if he doesn’t even do it
  • “jinhwan, how the hell do you know about chemical formulas, don’t you take english?”
  • :)))


  • okay unrelated but he smokes that good herb
  • grows them in the basement 
  • most of the time he’s high
  • the only other times you see his eyes all bloodshot is when he got shampoo in his eyes
  • helps you with the cooking
  • “wow, this is super good! what did you put in it?”
  • he’d probably smile and say it was a secret, but he found out that combination when he was high
  • has a movie collection that are weird and even banned in some countries
  • you both are on the couch eating leftover pizza and watching some crappy b-movie horror and having deep discussions on life
  • fun roommate


  • okay he’s not as bad
  • he just likes to lounge about and not take any responsibility
  • leave crumbs EVERYWHERE
  • “look, i didn’t mean to leave Dorito crumbs in the bath tub”
  • did i mention he just sleeps everywhere
  • no sense of personal space
  • “what’s yours is mine, that what we agreed on when we moved in”
  • “yes, bobby that does not mean you can eat mY FOOD”
  • walks around in his underwear sometimes or nothing at all
  • has tried to hit on you multiple times
  • “come one baby~ what’s yours is mine~”


  • clean freak
  • constantly ‘cleaning’ after you
  • “why didn’t you put my hairbrush were it belongs??”
  • you’d be like “umm, I did?”
  • “No” *grabs brush* “you put it here when it should have been,” *moves it two inched forward* “ HERE!”
  • sings in the shower
  • uses up all the hot water up
  • writes down all the bills and who pays them on a massive whiteboard
  • “okay this month you used 63% percent of that gas”
  • screams when there is a spider in the shower 
  • make you tea after a long day
  • tsundere about it but you’re his bff


  • when donghyuk first moved in, so did his whole entire wardrobe
  • “it’s only a few coats” :)
  • that guy who takes photos of his outfits every day before going out
  • your trip over his shoes at the door
  • “it pays to look good~”
  • even though he is a student, he always has money
  • “I just bought you something, not too expensivee~”
  • “donghyuk, we can afford caviar, hOW DID YOU GET THE MONEY”
  • he won’t tell, but people constantly are at your door asking for donghyuk’s charity
  • “I told you junhoe, I am not buying you skin cARE AGAIN!”
  • probably the ideal roommate out of the bunch
  • decorates the place with fancy furniture
  • y’all be living fancy :))))


  • accidentally spent the money for rent on some shoes
  • “what? they were limited edition”
  • His skin products slowly fill up the bathroom
  • he has a bad habit of leaving cotton pads everywhere
  • dyes his hair constantly so the bathroom is always in a mess
  • you help him with the back of his heads and hit roots
  • “thanks~ it’s nice to have a servant!”
  • bringing home girls all the time
  • also sings in the shower but is actually good at it
  • scratch that he sings aLL THE TIME
  • sometimes you join in
  • give him compliments and he’ll do anything praise kink


  • sat in front of the TV or computer 24/7
  • playing video games
  • eats only junk food
  • “do you want some pasta?” you ask 
  • “nah, i’ve got doritos”
  • when you’re asleep, you can sometimes hear him screaming at some person who beat him on LOL 
  • when he’s not play video games, he’s studying like a good kid and constantly inviting people around
  • “this is yunhyeong hyung~”
  • “chanwoo its 6 am, why is that druggie here”
  • cries at dank memes when he’s supposed to be helping you clean up
  • can’t DIY for shit

balancemylove  asked:

I don't know why but I am so scared. I have many questions.. I started today and I am doing so well, but the whole "bad metabolism" thing scares me. Will water fasting actually make me appear smaller.. Many people say you just lose weight and its not visible. Also will i begin to smell? How long should I fast? How should I break my fast?

Hello again! I’ll try to answer those questions as best I can, though bear with me because it’s going to be a bit of reading. 

Bad Metabolism Will my metabolism slow down/drop from fasting?

——Yes, your metabolism will slow down (don’t worry, I’ll tell you the solution). Your body is trying to make up for the lack of nutrients, and therefore is telling your digestive system to calm down and not rely on an outside source of energy to pump through the body. Metabolism is responsible for the way you digest your food: people who can eat a ton and hardly gain anything have a fast metabolism, while others who eat normal amounts of food but gain easily have slower metabolism. During fasting, your metabolism pretty much does the same as a bear during the winter – it enters a state similar to hibernation. The good side of this is that you enter ketosis, a state where your body begins to nibble at fat deposits (stomach, thighs, etc.). This hibernation-like state is not permanent. You can either gradually work yourself into a healthy exercise (weightlifting, jogging, etc.) after your fast, or you can do simple exercises during your fast to prevent it from slowing down too much. The safest exercises to do during a fast are light dancing and taking a 30 min. to an hour stroll (not jogging). Metabolism is controlled by your thyroid, and also by the amount of exercise you do. The more exercise you have in your lifestyle, the faster your metabolism will be. Please be aware that doing heavy exercise during a fast is not safe, so please be gentle on yourself. It only takes a few days of exercise to bring it back up after you end your fast. ^^

Visible Weightloss / Smaller Body Mass Will I be noticeably smaller / thinner after my fast?

——This depends on a lot of factors. It depends on how long you fast, how much you are trying to lose vs. your actual weight, and how well you stick to it. Everyone’s body works a bit differently, so I can’t say for sure which fat deposits will disappear first. Usually it’s most noticeable in the face and arms. As you continue into your fast, it becomes more obvious in the ‘troublesome areas’ (thighs, stomach, love-handles, etc.). Most people can lose 5 to 10lbs from a week of fasting, and 10lbs is a BIG difference. The question though isn’t whether or not other people will notice, but will you as the faster notice? A lot of times, people will lose a considerable amount of weight, but due to self-image issues and looking in the mirror all day, we don’t notice the changes unless they’re immediate and extreme. If you’re worried that may be the case, it’s probably worth it to take a photo of yourself every 2 days (with good posture and a pretty smile of course), and get an electronic scale that will tell you exactly how much you’ve lost since your last weigh-in. That way if you can’t see progress in the mirror, you can at least see it on the scale.

Smelly Will I start to smell from fasting?

——Yes and no. If you eat during a fast, or immediately after the end of one, it is common to smell like what you ate (you are what you eat, as they say). This doesn’t happen to everyone though. From personal experience, don’t eat fish unless you want to smell like salmon (lol). If you eat, just make sure you eat something like fruit. It has tons of vitamins, has a natural sugar that will give you energy, it’s gentle on your tummy, and you’ll smell like fresh strawberries. The smell is very faint though, and can easily be covered with deodorant, perfume, or even the smell of your shampoo after taking a shower.

Time-Length How long should I fast?

——If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with a 1 to 3 day fast. Some people experience negative reactions such as headaches and nausea, and some can become faint on their first day. This is not typical of all people, and if you’re worried about such side effects, then you should only take it one day at a time (see how far you can hold out for and stop when you need to). If you are just naturally a nervous person, it’s best to distract yourself by hanging out with friends, playing video games, chatting online, tumblr-ing, dancing to music, etc. to avoid tricking your body into thinking it has these symptoms. It’s really not a scary thing, so try not to worry yourself over it. More experienced fasters can go anywhere from 10 to 60 days (though anything above 20 days isn’t recommended without some break in-between). Know your limits, and don’t push / punish yourself if you can’t fast for as long as other people. It’s a learning experience, and takes time for some people to adjust to.

Breaking A Fast How do I end / break my fast?

——At the end of the fast, you need to think of your digestive system as a new child born into this world (sounds cheesy, but bear with me here xD). Your stomach will be sensitive to food, so it’s best to slowly reintroduce solids into your diet. Many people start by replacing water with tea. 2 days later, tea gets replaced with juice. Another day or two after that, juice is replaced with smoothies and milk, and maybe some gentle foods like fruits, rice and soups. The duration of time it takes to break a fast again depends on the faster’s experience and how long you’ve been fasting. If you’re new to fasting and held out for 3 days, you could get away with drinking juice and eating soup on your first day off of your water fast. If you go for a long period of time, you may want to ease yourself back into solids over a longer duration as I mentioned above. Just so you know, you may have some diarrhea when you reintroduce solids (not the painful, gassy kind, if you ate proper foods), but this usually only lasts a day. Don’t panic when this happens, your tummy was just a little surprised is all. ^_^

I hoped this helped in some way, and don’t forget, a lot of members in the fasting community are open to helping others get started! If you ever have any concerns, don’t be afraid to reach out, alright? We’re all here to support each other. 

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Hey! Can I have something with Jumin? Maybe Jumin being really romantic and hugging MC after she acted really cute in front of him? BUT it was in a RFA's party. In front of a lot of people. OuO Thank u <3

Thank you for your request!!And i hope you like it!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

  • MC was so cute that day, you’re always running around and kissing Jumin cheeks, but he loses it when you say “meow”.
  • Now Jumin is like glued to MC, you’re all blushed, and this makes him think that you’re even cuter now, everybody is looking at you guys, Jumin is like, all cute, all romantic, kissing your head while hugging you.
  • Seven’s laughing, taking photos, it’s not every day that you see A blushing MC and a romantic Jumin.
  • Yoosung is jealous, he wants a girlfriend too!
  • Zen is angry, Jumin doesn’t deserve you! You should be with him MC!
  • Jaehee doesn’t care,  it’s weird…But ok…
  • V’s isn’t seeing shit.
  • And Saeran’s ignoring all of this.
  • The other guests are looking like ??? This was the men that made those work proposals ??? That serious guy ???
  • Everybody is surprised, Jumin Han, smiling, hugging you tightly, wanting to give food to your mouth, kissing your cheeks, he’s even a little red?!
  • He doesn’t care about those eyes on you two, that moment is especial.
  • “Sorry for being so sweet, love…” He laughs and got close to you “I’ll be rougher when i get home…” He whispers in your ear.
  • He really can be anything that he wants, but right now he wants you close to him.
  • You’re so cute to let anybody else look and touch you, yes, he’s possessive now.
  • “What are you looking at Zen? A thing that you’ll never get? A girlfriend?”
  • “ZEN! VIOLENCE IT’S NOT THE ANSWER” While Jaehee is trying to hold Zen, Jumin’s just hugging you, kissing your head, resting his head at yours after that,he doesn’t even listening to Zen.

biology notes// so i have decided to put a pause on 100 days of productivity because it is getting suuuuper difficult to take photos every day, but i am still going to take pictures of my notes and post them, don’t worry, it’s just taking photos every day was stressing me out, and i want studyblr to be fun, not an extra stress.

anyways, these were some notes i made for an in class test, the test was stressful, but i managed to get through it without panicking, so i’m okay

hope you’re having a lovely day ♡


When I was in Florence I didn’t want to take photos of buildings because such photos are taken every day in millions. It’s much more interesting to take pictures of someone, but I was there alone. So, I made me a doll of Edgar Allan Poe and he became my companion. He enjoyed this trip that he didn’t do during his life. We spent some time looking for a bride for him but had no luck. And actually, he was quite a good company. You naturally become a cheerful one compared to him.

Well, that’s my way. Travelling alone. Making dolls of writers. Nice.

{narusasu collab fic} “Birthday Boy”

A/N: @fangirlandiknowit101 and I have been trying to write a collaboration ever since she got this awesome pic from @maneki-n-e-k-o. So finally it begins! Dedicated to our precious duckbutt on his birthday <3.

Birthday Boy {a collaboration with @fangirlandiknowit101}

Naruto had scrupulously avoided using the word ‘birthday’. For all Sasuke knew, Naruto had forgotten all about it. It had been a mission and a half just to get Sasuke to agree to meet up at all; he would never have agreed if he knew that Naruto had a reason to make an even bigger deal out of the day.

He stood fidgeting by the station gates. If Sasuke had taken the correct train as instructed, he’d be here in less than 4 minutes (three and a half, actually). He shifted from foot to foot, balancing a salted-caramel latte in one hand and an iced chocolate frappuccino with extra cream in the other. He hoped Sasuke liked his drink; Naruto really wanted to share the wonder of Espresso House with him. Wanted to share lots of things, in fact. A ride around the harbour, exploring Old Town, walking across the countless bridges. He ran through his meticulously-planned out schedule once more. It was gonna be great. If only Sasuke was on time. If only Sasuke actually showed up.

Of course he’d come. Wouldn’t he?

Naruto hadn’t seen him since High School. He’d had to survive on photos from Itachi or Shisui’s facebook; the bastard didn’t have one of his own. Their universities were on opposite ends of Japan, but now here they were, both studying in Europe at the same time- it was fate! It’s just an hour flight to Stockholm, Sas, Naruto had begged. And so cheap! Just come over. I’ll show you around!

One minute left.

His fidgeting grew worse. Sasuke’s latte was getting cold. Jagged pieces of memory flitted through Naruto’s mind; feathery shivers ghosted up and down his arms. He held his frappuccino to his heated cheeks. Don’t blush in front of Sasuke, loser, Naruto told himself firmly. Look, we’re just friends, okay? That’s all we ever were. Don’t blow this chance.

Alright, it was time. Naruto plastered a smile onto his face and waited. And…waited. And waited some more.

…the train station wasn’t that big. Sasuke couldn’t have possibly gotten lost.

Right, he just missed that train, and he’s on the next one, Naruto thought. That was all. It wouldn’t be long and then Sasuke would be here, right in front of him, finally. Just wait a little longer. I’ve waited this long, haven’t I? I can survive another ten minutes.

…*cough* Okayyyy, over to you Emi~~ *blows kisses*. Ohhhh I wonder what you’ll write? And how we’ll find a way to make this NSFW-