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BTS As Best Friends

A/N: Jen and I were chilling on my couch when I thought of this lil thing. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to send in requests or just come talk to us :) Much love, Alex xoxo

Jin: He’d be the best friend to always take you out to eat at your favorite restaurant, ordering what you usually get before you can even utter a word to your waiter. He’d be the friend to listen to your problems and wait to see if you want advice. If you did, he would be honest and help you decipher the right response or course of action and if you didn’t he would be totally fine with just holding you or helping you take your mind off of things. He’s the type of friend to tell you the shitties jokes just to get you to laugh at how pathetic his attempts are but hey at least he’s trying.

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Yoongi: He’s an asshole tbh but the type of asshole that only he’s allowed to be an asshole to you. If anyone else tries to be rude to you or hurt you lol good luck to that bitch. He complains a lot about helping you/doing things for you but he’s always got your back right away. (”Yoongi, I’m lost. Can you come help me?” “Jfc you idiot *rolls eyes; is already out the door*). He’s one of the those friends who acts like he’s real chill but then will get you the *thing* you mentioned that you have always wanted in passing for you birthday and just shrug like “well.. I knew you’d like it.”

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Namjoon: Lowkey always tries to touch your a$$ but he’s like “what?? me? never pffttt.” But he loves you a lot (as well as your ass). You also have to play nurse like 25/8 since he’s always hurting himself??? Like, no Namjoon put that dow—*CRASH*  Uh… Y/N can you get the first aid kit *facepalm* Besides his awful clumsiness he’s still a very sweet and caring friend and he would never judge you for your thoughts or actions. He’d be the type of person you could discuss ANYTHING with (even touchy subjects) and it would never get heated or awkward. 

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Hoseok: SUNSHINE AND SPARKLES AND GLITTER AND ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THIS WORLD>>>> no seriously though, you’d be still asleep bc shit you’re tired aND HErE CoMEs ThE SUn (aka Hobi) ACTING LIKE HE’S GOT RAINBOWS SHOOTING OUT OF HIS ASS BC WAKE UP Y/N LETS ADVENTURE… but he’d also be a very serious friend when you needed him to be, always caring for you and making you smile with his silliness. He’d love to make you dance for him and try to teach your choreos; he’d be so proud no matter how good (or bad) you are.

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Jimin: cute, shy eye smiles for daysssssss.. especially whenever he makes you smile or happy. He’s a cute lil mochi when it comes to you but when you tease him about his height or his smol little hands shittttt, watch out bitch.. tf did you just say about my hands you little, come here! which results in you screeching and running away from the tiny little muscle man. He’d tackle you cute, soft bear hugs and use you as a personal pillow alllllll the time

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Taehyung: do you think stars have feelings?? or do you think they realize that they’re falling when they become falling stars? what if they’re not falling by choice I mea– Tae, shut the fuck up. Calls you at the most ridiculous hours about the most ridiculous things. Never lets you pay for your food/coffee/ice cream when you go out together. I’m a gentleman and gentlemen never let the lady pay… Tae, it’s 201–shhhhhhh Somehow convinces you to adopt a puppy together???? (it’s good practice for when we have kids together—whoa what?) The cutest lil bean ever

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Jungkook: *pulls up in his car* get in loser, we’re going shopping. Judges your outfits constantly cause you can’t be clashing with him!!! a sweetheart , but he’s still a little shit. Asks your advice on EVERYTHING: appearance, romantic interests, plans, etc. He can’t be 100% sure of something until he’s got your input. Never wants to let you down and refuses to. If you were cold he’d tell you you’re stupid for not bringing a jacket but then make you put your arms through his sleeves so you’re both waddling around like some weird Siamese penguin.

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Paper Hearts (Part 5)

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Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

♡ Length: 4.5k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

Part 1 ♡ Part 2  ♡ Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

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So this is something I’ve been working on over the weekend. It’s dirty so if you don’t like spanking and dirty talk, this isn’t for you.

WARNING: Mature content

You were being ignored and you were also extremely horny and needy which didn’t go good together. Harry was in the home office doing god knows what and you had barely seen him all day apart from the quick breakfast together this morning and then he had locked himself in those four walls. You had agreed with yourself to give him time to do what he needed and then you would interrupt after a couple hours. You had given him plenty of extra time to deal with business and now you were just growing increasingly impatient by the second. You had checked your emails, read a book, cooked- everything you could think of but nothing could take your mind off the throbbing discomfort between your legs.

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Chance Meeting

Title: Chance Meeting

Summary: The reader unexpectedly runs into Dean.   

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Demon!Dean x female reader

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex, rough sex, tiny bit of angst

Author’s Notes: #72 - no foreplay with Demon!Dean, written for the 100 Kinks List,  - requested by @aprofoundbondwithdean

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Going through this, I’ve realised how little I’ve actually done!! I’m a slow writer (so sorry!!!) I promise I’ve received all of your requests, working on them right now!



Takes My Mind Off Things

Family Gatherings

I’m Not Drunk, You Are

First Time

Sing Me To Sleep


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Take Care of You

Colour Me Blue


The Less I Know The Better


I’m Yours (NSFW)

Tongue & Cheek (NSFW)




Please, Stay (Pt. 1)

I Always Knew (Pt. 2) [Please, Stay]

If You Go (Pt. 1)



Say My Name (NSFW)

Chips (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hey, could you do a imagine of (tom holland) Peter having a study date with the reader and things get a little frisky😏

A/N: Happy New Year!!! Hope this 2017 brings you great things and you are happier than the year before!!! :)

‘’All of this studying is driving me mad’’ you said as you got up from Peter’s bed. ‘’I’m going to get some food. Do you want anything?’’
He looked briefly at you and furrowed his brows, thinking for a second.
‘’Some chips, please.’’
You nodded and walked to his kitchen, bobbing your head to a random song stuck in your head.
‘’Do you mind if I take off my shirt? I’m kind of melting’’ Peter’s voice called from his room.
‘’Yeah, whatever’’ you told him. ‘’It’s your house, after all.’’
Coming back to his room with your hands full of food, trying not to drop anything, you opened his door with your foot.
‘’A little help?’’ you asked.
He chuckled and got up, taking some of the stuff from your hands. When you finally looked at him, you let out an strangled sound.
‘’Since when are you hot?’’ you said without thinking. You blushed and tried to cover it up, embarrassed. ‘’I mean, since when do you have muscles?’’
Peter blushed and looked at you, scratching the back of his neck.
‘’The spider’’ he said and quickly turned around, sitting on his bed to continue studying.
You observed him and nodded your head, sitting next to him and grabbing your books, but not concentrating. You looked at his lips, something you had done multiple times before without him realising. You then looked at his ruffled hair and pink cheeks, admiring the way he looked handsome without putting any effort.
In a moment of bravery, you took his face in your hands and turned it so he was looking at you. Before he could ask what was going on, you kissed him, eyes closed, waiting for him to return the kiss. It took him a few moments, but he finally put his hands on your hips, his tongue finding its way between your lips.
You threw your books across the room so you would have space on the bed and lay there, running your hands over his abs. He groaned and then moved his lips to your neck, leaving soft kisses and a few hickies. You messed with his hair as you moaned, enjoying the feeling his lips gave you.
His lips kissed yours again and you wrapped your legs around his hips, making him groan once more.
When he finally pulled apart, he rested his forehead against yours, his lips touching yours as he spoke.
‘’This is definitely better than chips’’ he said, a soft smirk on his lips, shocking you for a second before you two bursted out laughing.

Mental Break

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Featuring: Namjoon/Rap Monster (BTS)
Genre: Smut
By: Admin L

A/N: This took almost my entire life to write lol I apologize. Warnings for smoking, so if you’re not about that, don’t click!

‘You know what you need?’ you began. ‘You just need something to take your mind off of everything.’

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Green eyes and Honey hair - Newt x Reader

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Disclaimer: it’s been so long since I’ve written fanfiction (4 years? Atleast) but I have been working on a much bigger writing project (my novel) which at the moment I’m getting stuck/writers block, but I still want to write, and after seeing fbawtft and loving newt– hence, I’m going to try and write something.Hope you enjoy it~

Note: if enough people like it, i’ll write part 2

Part 2

It had been a rough day. You just had been fired from your office new job. Third one this month, you counted. You had never liked being cooped up in a tiny office. Office-work didn’t suit you much either. But one thing you did love, was animals. To take your mind off being fired, you decided to go to the one place that you always went when you were feeling down; the zoo.

You leant on the fence of the meerkat enclosure. The cute little creatures were scurrying around without a care in the world. Sun rays broke through the clouds, shining down upon the enclosure. The meerkats all lined up, trying to catch the rays. You took a photo and moved onto another enclosure.

As you stumbled around the zoo, you found yourself drawn to a room with platypuses.You were watching them lazily swimming around when one in particular caught your attention. It was cute, but it looked different compared to the rest of the platypuses. It seemed to be staring at you. Not you, your necklace, you thought. Suddenly, the strange platypus jumped out over the glass enclosure. It lunged straight at you. Afraid, you closed your eyes and squeaked.

‘A-are you okay?’ You heard a British accent come behind you.                                    ‘N-no! Some platypus lunged at me!’ You grasped for your pendant, but it was gone. ‘It stole my pendant, the bloody thing stole my pendant-‘ you paused, transfixed on the man before you. He was dressed smartly with his vest and jacket, bright green eyes, hair the colour of honey; he was beautiful. And he was the only other person in the room. ‘Did you see which way it went? The Niff-platypus.’ He asked, looking as though he was about to run off. ‘How could I when my eyes were closed?’               The man smiled, ‘Don’t worry miss…’.                                                                          ‘Y/N.’                                                                                                                                 ‘Don’t worry miss Y/N, I’ll get your pendant for you.’ And with that, he ran off.

You searched everywhere for the man and the platypus. From one end of the zoo to the other. There was no sight of either. Sighing, you sat down on a bench with a half melted ice cream. You had hoped that a sugary treat would cheer you up. But after the day you had been having, the only good thing was meeting that man. But he had disappeared before you could even catch his name. You looked at the ice cream melting into the pavement, wishing that you too could disappear.

That pendant was the last thing you owned of your mother. She had been a wonderful woman. She had been so kind to everyone, whether they were human or an animal. Your mother had been a great inspiration to you.In fact, she had been working over in Africa with wild lions. She was the reason you too had once wanted to work with animals, until that fateful incident. The thing she had loved most, killed her. They say it was an accident, the lion had been protecting it’s babies. Your mother had gotten a little too close for the lion’s comfort. Ever since the passing of your mother, you had given up on working with animals. Now you only observed them from afar.

You chucked what was left of your melted ice cream into the rubbish bin and left the zoo. Head down, you dragged your feet along the footpath. You had almost made your way to your apartment when you felt something brush past your neck. Spinning around, the man with the honey hair stood holding your pendant. He was covered in little claw marks. He noticed you staring at them and handed you your pendant, placing it into the palm of your hand, ‘I hope it’s not broken. It took a bit of coaxing to get Niffler to let go.’                                                                                               ‘Niffler?’ You asked. He looked away, afraid to make eye contact, ‘It’s nothing to worry about, if you’ll excuse me, I better get going…’                                                     ‘Wait!’ You blurted, holding onto his sleeve. You blushed a little, ‘Let me thank you a little, at least come in for a cup of tea.’

You both sat in silence around your tiny table. ‘So… you’re a long way from home, Mr…’                                                                                                                          ‘Newt Scamander. My name is Newt.’                                                                    ‘Newt?’ You repeated, stifling a laugh. You had never heard someone being named after a lizard before. He blushed a little, finishing off his tea. So many questions filled your head, yet you didn’t want to scare him off. You were just about to ask him a question when he rose from the table. ‘Well it was nice meeting you Y/N, but I really should be off…’ it seemed he had lost his train of thought. You looked in the direction he was staring at. ‘Is this your mother?’ He asked with interest, fixed on the only photo in the room. ‘Yes, that’s her in Africa. Actually, the pendant you returned to me, belonged to her. Is something wrong?’                                                                      ‘N-no, nothing wrong! I’ll be going now…’                                                                   ‘You see it too, don’t you?’                                                                                               He turned to you, shocked. His mouth hanging slightly ajar, ‘I’m sorry? See what?’      You felt your face go red. You had pointed out the creature in the photo before, but no one ever believed you. They couldn’t see it, but you had a feeling that he could. ‘The creature in the creature in the left corner. It looks a bit like a mop with beady eyes…’                                                                                                                          ‘You can see the demiguise?’                                                                                          ‘What’s a demiguise?’        

‘What’s a demiguise?’ You heard yourself ask. He placed his hand over his mouth as if he had just said a swearword. ‘Uh, its nothing really. Being a muggle and all, you shouldn’t be able to see it…’                                                                                  ‘A muggle?’ half of the words came out of his mouth made little sense, you thought.   ‘Y-yes,’ he stammered, ‘Someone who has no magic… I really shouldn’t have said that…’                                                                                                                   ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ You couldn’t help but feel a little insulted.                  ‘I’ve already said too much. I’m sorry Y/N, but its best if you don’t remember any of this,’ he said pulling out a long piece of wood. You looked at the thing in his hands, what was he going to do, poke your eye out?

As he took a step closer, you took a step back. He looked like he really didn’t want to do whatever he was about to do. You could see his face straining. That’s when the piece of wood in his had began to float out of his hand. Both of you cried out in surprise. The stick, floated over to the table and stopped in midair. ‘I have to, now hand it back, please.’ Newt said talking to the floating stick.

A creature just like the one in the old photo appeared out of thin air. So is that a demiguise? You thought. It grasped tightly to the piece of wood, that Newt was so desperate to get back. The next few minutes consisted of Newt chasing the creature around your apartment. You burst out laughing at how silly this all was. A grown man, jumping around, the creature holding the stick just out of his reach. They both stopped and turned to you. You were laughing so hard now, that tears were rolling down your cheeks.

Newt sighed and sat on the floor, ‘Fine, you win,’ he said to the creature, ‘I wont use obliviate on her.’ The creature seemed satisfied with his answer, handing back the stick. ‘You’re a wizard, aren’t you Mr Scamander?’

To be continued…?


Jackson x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: hints of smut

“Leave me alone.” You snapped as your skirt was tugged at and lewd jokes were thrown around.

“Guys come on… let’s just go.”  Danny mumbled and grabbed someone’s hand before they could slap your ass, he jerked his head and you smiled before hurrying off to the library where Matt was reading.

“I hate Jackson and his friends.” You huffed and slammed your bag on the table.

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Darkness - (Newt Scamander x Reader)

(A/N: Well I decided to combine two prompts into one. :) Here’s an obscurial!reader x newt AND abused!reader x newt fic! I figured they’d go well together.)



You could feel it welling up inside you, the black tendrils of forbidden power slipping in between the cracks of the wall you had erected around your heart. “No, please, no more. Not again.” You whispered, fighting off the mist that was slowly taking over your mind. Feeling your eyes begin to film over, you clawed at your arms in a sort of self-hating desperation. Fighting the whole way, you felt your body begin to dissolve into the deadly red and black mist that hid inside of you.

As if from a great distance, you could hear your father scream, something you had never heard before. Completely detached, you idly reflected on the sound. You had heard him yelling before, most of the time directed at you, but never a scream. Catching glimpses out of the roiling black and red being that was you (you experienced a feeling of mild shock), you could see your father’s face – or what was left of it. Now horribly mangled and disfigured, you watched as if in a dream as his body (no, his corpse you idly corrected yourself), fell to the ground.

A memory shot into your numb brain like a bolt of lightning. A scene of your father beating you flashed into view, replaced with him finding the tattered spell book you had managed to steal and him ripping it apart before his arm raised to hit you – the blackness heaved as if in pain, red lines of rage flashing.

The mist rushed you along out of the house, flowing through the streets like some sort of silent black snake. Darting through and over any obstacles, you reached a park. It was completely unfamiliar, but the mist didn’t seem to care. You were the mist, you realized, and a shudder of revulsion passed through you. As the anger faded, the mist sucked back into you, and you were lying on the dewy ground.

Rolling to lie on your back, you let a dry sob heave out of your chest. You had killed your father. It hit you like a ton of bricks, and you felt bile rise in the back of your throat. It was tearing at your insides again, and you fought to push it back down with all your might. The mist began to eat at your mind again, and your awareness went black.

Finally opening your eyes and snapping back to reality, you found yourself curled in the fetal position, shaking. Slowly unfolding your body, you saw the pale glow of the moon above you. How long had you been here?

Gradually your mind came back to you, and a thought wandered into your consciousness. What just happened to me?

Shrugging it off, you turned to see the silhouette of a man standing in the nearby tree-line. “It’s alright.” His voice was strangely soothing. One of your hands crept up to your face, and when you pulled it back your fingers were coated in a mixture of tears and blood.

“Please don’t hurt me.” You whimpered, and the blackness shifted deep inside you.

“Shhh, shhh, I wouldn’t ever hurt you.” His voice was soft, and you noted that it sounded somehow different than any other you had ever listened to. He took a slow step forward, and the blackness leaped.

“Stop!” Your voice cracked. “I’ll hurt you, just like everyone else.” It was beginning to fog up your mind again, and you clenched your hands into fists. Feeling your long nails digging into your skin, as tendrils of the blackness began curling out of you. You wanted to stop it, but you just couldn’t-


Your eyes flew open, and your mouth opened in a silent gasp. “Newt?” You clutched frantically in the dark for the magizoologist, sweat running down your feverish forehead.

“Right here love.” His arms were around you now, and you sank back into him, eyes closing.


You nodded, pushing the memories of your past to the back of your mind, where they belonged. The blackness was gone. Gone. You fiercely reminded yourself. You were safe now, and he had saved you.

BTS reacting to seeing their S/O crying for the first time


Jin would be very comforting, he would sit you down and ask you what is wrong. He would definitely treat you to lots of hugs and would take you out or prepare you something to take your mind off whatever is bothering you. He would be very worried about you.

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Yoongi never shows much of his emotions I feel he would be very worried and concerned but would give you space and not bug you as to why you are crying. He would either give you space and leave you alone completely or would maybe sit with you and hand you tissues without asking any questions. He wouldn’t be touchy.

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Rapmon might be a tiny bit awkward at first but would probably just try to calm you down and get you to stop crying. He would then (once you had stopped crying) ask why you were upset and either comfort or give you advice as to what you should do (depending on the reason as to why you were crying).

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This boy would be very worried and wouldn’t really know what to do. Depending on your relationship with him. The first option: I imagine he would be very calm and alike Suga would sit with you handing you tissues maybe while rubbing your back. The second option: he would hug you very tightly and just stay like that for a while. He would definitely try to cheer you up by pulling weird faces, doing weird voices and telling jokes.

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Jimin would be very sweet-but-awkward-but-worried he would ask things like “you ok jagi?” and then seeing that you are not would go hug you and maybe kiss your forehead. He would ask what is wrong and see if he could do anything to help.

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I imagine V to hold your hand and actually be very serious while talking to you. He would ask what the matter is and then would give his personal opinion and advice he would be very calm and would try to keep you calm. After he is done trying to help you that day he would try very hard to cheer you up and would be very kind to you.

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With Jungkook it would either go two ways depending on your relationship with him. The first way being he would be super awkward but worried he would probably leave you alone not knowing what to but would bring you tissues to show you that he cares then leave. The second way: he would just walk over and hug you tight, he probably wouldn’t ask what is wrong and would only give his opinion if asked.

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This is my opinion on how I think they would act NOT fact and I’m sorry if you don’t like what I have written

The Fine Print

Coffee shop AU for the first day of the 2016 Carry On Countdown! If you’re interested, it’s not too late to join! You can find all the information here. 

“When you asked me if I wanted to go do something today, I was thinking you meant something more interesting than helping you study for finals,” Simon said as he walked side by side with Penny towards the coffee shop at the corner.

“Oh, will you stop whining so much?” Penny answered as she stopped in front of the door. “I’m doing great in all my classes and I don’t want to ruin that by not studying and flunking my exams. Besides, you’ve done nothing but mope over Agatha for the past week. Getting out of the house might help you take your mind off things, even if it is just to help me study.”

“I’ve not been moping over her,” Simon muttered.

“You’ve barely gotten out of bed and you’ve skipped all your classes this week,” Penny reminded him. Simon ignored her.

Though he would never admit it, Simon was happy that Penny decided to take him along. He hadn’t been feeling great since Agatha broke up with him, and maybe a bit of overpriced coffee and leafing through several textbooks with Penny would lift his spirits.

The pair entered the coffee shop, the bell above the door tingling as the door swung shut behind them. The warmth of the shop was a stark contrast to the frigid, early-December weather outside. Simon removed the scarlet scarf around his neck and shoved it into the pocket of his gray peacoat.  The room was empty save for the two baristas behind the counter and a man sitting in the corner, completely absorbed in a book. The smell of roasting coffee beans wafted through the air, while soft jazz music played over the speakers.

Simon and Penny plopped down into a booth in the back of the shop that was situated beside a window and had a nice view of the snow-covered street outside. Penny deposited the books in her arms onto the table, and immediately got to work.

Simon seated himself across from her, awkwardly watching her work for several minutes before deciding to make himself useful by getting them drinks.

“Do you want anything?” he asked.

“A peppermint mocha, and a cake pop,” she answered without looking up from the textbook in front of her.

Simon slid out of the booth and approached the counter. Just as he was about to reach the register, he stopped dead in his tracks. There, leaning against the countertop, was the most gorgeous human being Simon had ever seen.

The barista had high cheekbones that casted shadows over his face and a sharp chin that matched the widow’s peak in the center of his forehead. The man’s piercing gray eyes sharply contrasted with his ivory skin and long, silky black hair. He looked like a dark prince from a fairy tale instead of a mundane barista working at a Starbucks.  

After several moments of Simon staring, the barista said, “Take a picture, it lasts longer.”

Simon blinked, snapping out of his stupor. “I’m sorry, what?”

The barista sighed and rolled his eyes, “How may I help you?”

Well, he certainly isn’t one for politeness, Simon thought. “One peppermint mocha, a cake pop, and a flat white mocha, please.” While the barista punched Simon’s order into the register, Simon allowed his eyes to trail down to the man’s nametag. In neat cursive script, the barista had written, “BAZ.”

“You’re holding up the line,” Baz said.

Simon’s head snapped up, “Right, sorry about that.” He awkwardly shuffled away from the counter and back to the booth where Penny was studying.

“What took you so long?” she asked, looking up from her laptop.

“Nothing, everything was fine,” Simon said as he slid into the booth.

“You’re blushing. Something happened,” Penny insisted.

Simon felt his face grow hot. “I’m not blushing!” he retorted, his face becoming even redder.

Penny pushed aside her laptop. She must’ve been very interested in what was making Simon flush if it caused her to set aside her studying. “Yes you are! Come on, spit it out, what’s gotten into you all of a sudden?”

“It was just the barista. He was being rude and I got worked up, I suppose,” Simon muttered.

Penny looked over to the counter, where Baz was preparing their drinks. “That one? With the dark hair?”

“Yeah, yeah, him. Look Penny it isn’t a big deal,” Simon replied, hoping to get her to drop the subject. Unfortunately, when it came to Penny, once she was interested in something, she wouldn’t let go of it until she had all the answers.

“Well, he’s awfully cute, Simon, I’ll give you that, but I didn’t think you were gay. Are you gay? I mean it’s fine if you are, but you should tell me these things,” Penny continued.

Simon cradled his head in his hands. By now, he was so red, he rivaled the special holiday cups the coffee shop was serving drinks in.

Thankfully, he was temporarily excused from the conversation when Baz placed their coffee on the counter and called out, “Simon!”

Simon leapt to his feet and collected their order from the counter. “Thank you!” he called to Baz, who was standing a few feet away.

Baz looked up and flashed a devilish grin, “Don’t thank me, it’s my job.” Just as Simon was about to turn and head back to his booth, he could’ve sworn Baz winked at him. But when he whipped around, the handsome barista had already returned to his post at the register.

Slightly disappointed, Simon strode back over to the booth and sat down.

“You’re red again,” Penny remarked as Simon passed her her coffee and cake pop.

“Okay, fine, it’s the barista. It’s that stupid fucking barista and his stupid fucking face!” Simon exclaimed. He sighed and lifted his mocha off the table. But, just as he was about to bring it to his lips, he noticed something scrawled on the side of the cup, right next to his name. He turned the cup in his hand to get a better view. In elegant penmanship, Baz had written, “If you were words on a page, you’d be what they call FINE PRINT!

Simon felt all the heat rush to his face, “Erm, Penny?”

“Yes, Simon?” Penny said.

“Take a look at this.”

Penny looked up from her laptop. Simon turned the cup so that she could see the writing. He watched as she adjusted her glasses and read the message. A grin spread across her face.

“Go talk to him!” she exclaimed. “He’s interested, you’re interested, don’t let the opportunity go!”

Simon ran a hand through his hair nervously. “Yeah, I suppose I should,” he muttered in agreement.

He stood from the booth and approached the counter. He spotted Baz leaning against the coffee dispensers, lazily scrolling through his phone.

“Uh, Baz, is it?” Simon said.

Baz looked up from his phone and spotted him. The corners of his mouth lifted into a smile as he strode over to where Simon was standing and leaned against the counter. “Yes. Simon, correct?”

“Yeah, yeah, Simon,” Simon answered. He shifted uncomfortably, “Were you the one who, uh, wrote the pick up line on my cup?”

Baz’s grin grew even wider. “Indeed I was. You’re cute, but you seem awfully thick headed. I figured you needed a bit of help.”

Simon fiddled with his fingers, “Er, thanks, I suppose.”

“Simon?” Baz said.

“Yes?” Simon answered.

Baz smirked, “My shift ends in half an hour. On a scale of one to America, how free are you?”

1. Relax

Relaxing is one of the most important parts. It helps you take your mind off things, and will help you become more motivated to do your work. Read a book, take a bath, watch a movie, anything!

2. Go over the notes from the week before, and if possible, rewrite/type them for easier reading.

It doesn’t matter whether if you don’t have homework in that certain class. Going over the notes will help you in the long run, and will also prepare you for any upcoming pop quizzes or tests that the next school day.

When I have time on the weekends, I do rewrite my notes to make them neater. It helps me retain the information and mark any important information I forget to add during class.

3. Update your calendar for any upcoming events/update bullet journal or planner

Just a way to make your life more organized the next week.

4. Do your homework

For my classes, homework doesn’t count as an academic grade, but it plays an important part for citizenship.

DO NOT SKIP YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. I REPEAT, DO NOT SKIP YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. You have homework to go over what you just learned, and also provides you with harder problems that may come up on a test. Doing your homework also means you can study off from it when there’s an exam coming up.

Overworked - Jimin Scenario

Anonymous said: Hi! I’ve been under some stress lately and I wondering if I can request a fluffy Jimin where he helps the reader relax? Thank you in advance 💞

Of course sweetie! I hope you’re feeling okay, please make sure to rest and eat well, and take time for yourself to do anything that you enjoy doing, it should help take your mind off the stress :)

(Also, I suck at naming stories/scenarios ;-;)

Word count: 1,054

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by bwipsul

“I can’t do this…” You mumbled to yourself, rubbing your forehead as a tired sigh escaped from your lips. “I really can’t.” You glanced up at the forever growing mountain of paperwork you had yet to even start on, groaning as you realised it would likely take you all night. This was the fourth or fifth, possibly sixth night in a row - you had lost count at this point - that you had spent sleepless, desperately catching up on missed deadlines and big projects. You had often fallen asleep at your desk, your back uncomfortably bent over in your chair, your figure slumped in an awkward position. And yet every morning, without fail, your alarm would go off at 6am, signalling another tedious day at work, another day of your boss reprimanding you in front of everyone for missing yet another deadline. It was a vicious cycle that you were desperate to get out of, despite having no idea how.

Every time Jimin came over to your apartment, he would always find you in the same position: slumped at your desk as always, furiously scribbling away. He had grown accustomed to the sight, always stopping by the little shop down the corner to pick up snacks, knowing how little you had been eating recently. It was always the same routine; he’d come round, having to let himself in because you were too focused on completing whatever project you were currently working on to even notice the doorbell ringing; he’d spend a few hours, exchanging a few brief conversations here and there; he’d try and coax you into actually spending time with him, and yet you’d always turn him down, insisting that your boss was going to chew your head off if you didn’t get everything done in time. A deep feeling of worry settled in his stomach, constantly gnawing at him, as he watched your condition get worse by the day, heavy bags beginning to appear under your tired eyes.

Until one day, Jimin decided enough was enough, as he let himself into your small apartment for what seemed like the millionth time, only to find you in the same position he always found you in; slumped over your desk, tapping your pen impatiently on the desk as you tried to work out what to write. He stood by the door, his mouth curled downwards in a worried frown, as he debated whether to do something about the situation. He hesitantly walked up to you, kneeling beside your chair as he studied your face, noticing how you practically looked like a walking zombie at this point. Peeling a sticky note off your forehead, he sighed, gently taking your face in his small hands to face him.

“Jagiya? What’s going on?” He gazed at you, his eyes soft with concern. “This has been going on for way too long now.”

You felt your heart melt slightly at Jimin’s troubled expression, sighing as you fully shifted your body to face him. “I…” You started, but words would fail you, as you felt a single warm, salty tear rolling down your face. 

“Come here, babe.” Jimin held his arms out in a welcoming stance, pulling you in for a tight hug, as you leaned against him, feeling the emotions you had bottled up for so long pour out, as you sobbed against his shoulder. He loosened his hold around you, only for him to gently put his arms beneath you, picking you up, your face still buried in his shoulder as your tears continued to flow uncontrollably. He sat down gently on your soft couch, setting you down on his lap. Wrapping his arms around you protectively, he said, “Now, tell me what’s been going on.”

For the next hour, you poured your heart out to him about everything, work, life, and everything that had been stressing you out. You told him about how your boss picked on you every single morning without fail for the smallest of things, and how your co-workers simply sat by their desks, seemingly working, but sending you a fleeting glance every now and then. You told him about how your family wouldn’t help, simply turning up their noses at you, disapproving of your lifestyle. Jimin listened to you the whole time, genuinely concerned about you. He noticed how you wouldn’t smile as much as you used to, how you had lost that spark that you once had. He wasn’t just going to let you deteriorate like this, however. He was determined to restore your enthusiasm, restore you back to the happy, lively person he fell for in the beginning.

Once you finished your rant, you felt much better, like a weight had just been lifted off your shoulders. The tears had long since stopped, and you looked up at Jimin with a grateful smile, as he wiped away the remains of your tears, his eyes lighting up at the sight of the smile he loved to see so much. “Now that’s how I like to see you jagiya. A smile on your face.” Jimin pressed his soft lips to your forehead, lingering for a few seconds before withdrawing, jumping up to switch on the TV. 

“Now, what do you want to watch, babe? It’s all yours today,” Jimin asked, his head tilted to the side, lips jutted outwards in a pout, causing him to look like an adorable puppy. You giggled at the sight, your cheeks flushing as some colour was finally restored to your face. Jimin’s eyes turned into crescent shapes, a grin on his face as he admired the sight of your happiness, something he hadn’t seen in a while.

You spent the next few hours, wrapped in several layers of blankets, the floor covered in pillows as you cuddled together, laughing every now and then when something funny would happen in the movie. Jimin glanced down at you every now and then, a grin permanently etched on his face as you endearingly laughed, your smile shining brighter than the sun. Jimin always found you the most beautiful when you were smiling or laughing, when you were genuinely joyous about something. He pecked you on the cheek, his arms still protectively wrapped around your waist, wishing the two of you could stay in that position forever and always. 

Canon is shit, so have some AUs (Pt. 1)

An addendum to AUs (Pt. 1) and AUs (Pt. 2) – Some more of my fave Ian x Mickey AUs, guaranteed to take your minds off the shitshow that is Shameless s7.

Adult Education by romanticalgirl
Mickey thought he found a one night stand. Ian thought otherwise.
Mickey certainly didn’t think his one night stand was his son’s teacher, or that Ian had a few lessons for Mickey as well.

All the places we’ve been by melissmallfic
The story of Ian and Mickey, told in two alternating timelines. In one, how they recover from a traumatic event. In the other, how they start to fall in love.
Mickey is an emergency room nurse and Ian is a high school teacher. They meet by chance in the ER, and they’re immediately drawn to one another.

amas veritas by echo1317
Everyone knows that the house at the end of Trumbull has magic.
A reimagining of seasons 1-5, in a world where the mysterious Milkovich matriarch was a modern middle-of-the-city witch who passed the tricks of the trade in to her two youngest children. While their world falls down around them, Mandy seeks solace in the family gift while Mickey rejects the notion that he is anything other than Terry Milkovich’s son. This is not a crash course in crippling power; it’s series of snapshots into the way that taking the long way around doesn’t mean you end up where you started, and that all roads lead home.
(or: The Practical Magic AU No One Asked For)

and i hope there’s someone by hubrisandwax
Mickey and Mandy move across the country to NYC and open a coffee shop on Bleecker Street. AKA 10k worth of that coffee shop AU no-one asked for.

another taste of divine rush by kissteethstainred
Ian didn’t know what was wrong with his magic, but it liked to create random hexes out of anything. So when Mickey Milkovich showed up, Ian truly did know: Ian himself was cursed. He must be.

blindsided by BeckyHarvey29
Ian and Mickey are best friends and roommates. What happens when one of them wants to be something more? (friends to lovers AU)

blood cells pixelate and eyes dilate by kissteethstainred
The worst part about loving Mickey wasn’t the fact that Mickey (might have) slept with other guys or the fact that Mickey doesn’t love him back or that Mickey and Ian will only ever be fuckbuddies. No, the worst thing is the moments where Ian thinks it will be more. (friends to lovers AU)

Bon Appétit by romanticalgirl
Ian can’t stand the new chef at the restaurant he works at. Until he gets to know him. Then things really start to heat up.

Brand New by LanJevinson
He may not want a boyfriend, but he does have a weird, creepy crush on this dude on his morning train.
Mickey calls him Red, in his head. It’s a pretty lame nickname, but he doesn’t have much else to go on, aside from the fact that- well, the guy’s a ginger.

Clifford by hypernomad
Ian is a secretary for a corporate douchebag and Mickey is an irritable delivery guy.

Company Man by magneticdice
Mickey never expected to start living life to its fullest AFTER he died. Or, the grim reaper AU you didn’t know you needed.

Devil Inside by romanticalgirl
Sometimes being an incubus is harder than it looks.
No pun intended.

Disassemble and Restart by MeganWrites
Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
Mickey learns this the hard way.

Eighteen by jaxington
Mickey never had A Master Plan.
His only plan in the last decade has been Find Ian.
Instead, he’s basically raised a kid, accidentally started a slow burning revolution, and failed everyone he actually cares about. (dystopian AU)

Flyboy and the Gearhead by the_rat_wins
“I’ve got a fight tomorrow night. Maybe I’ll come by after?” His eyes are fixed on Mickey’s face.
“Yeah, sure,” Mickey says after a second. “Bring me whatever you’ve got.” (space AU)

going the distance by unbrokengibberish
Mickey glanced around the hall, making sure it was empty. It was, since they had just got out of practice and always lingered longer than most people. He stepped closer to Ian and moved his hand to rest against Ian’s cheek, stroking his thumb back and forth.
“Everything’s gonna be fine. You gotta stop worrying,” Mickey said gently, smiling up at Ian. He could still see the worry behind Ian’s eyes, but he saw him visibly relax at the touch.
OR the high school sweetheart graduation au that peyton kind of asked for

I Only Came For The Free Beer by townpariah
Ian and Lip fight bad guys to keep the city safe. And then Mickey shows up toting a gun. (Batman AU)

Imaginary Numbers by missmichellebelle
As it turns out, Mickey Milkovich is nothing like Ian thought he might be. (high school AU)

Is There Somewhere by andchaos
In a universe where everyone has their soulmate’s first words to them on their hip, Mickey is born with no Words at all. He grows up confused, scared, and committed to a life of loveless flings - and then he meets Ian Gallagher, a mute boy that won’t stop getting under his skin.

Kaleidoscopes and Mirrors by ArtsyAfrodite
He never backed down from a fight, usually prevailing as the victor to the onlookers, but later suffering as the loser in the confines of his room when he was alone. Pain he could take, but the emotional aftermath always hit harder than any fist could.

Lending Pencils by MeganWrites
Ian is just trying to survive his first University math class, Mickey sits behind him and can never remember a pencil.