take your life


Two years. Two years, gone. I should’ve fucked off when he messed around with someone else. I should’ve ignored it when he said my name. This is personal, yes, with names and everything, but how many Juans and Ashleys are there in the world? Maybe he’ll see this, maybe not. Probably not. If you do, don’t you dare contact me, say anything about posting private things. Private things was her posting hickeys and bruises that got you caught. Private things are things that are now gone and trying to be forgotten. I’m tired of hurting. I’m so fucking angry, because I was hurt and broken before and now I’m just dust. I’m dust, and it’s the kind that I talked about in that one piece I wrote that I wanted you to read, and that you never will. You didn’t want to do anything to take me out of your life? You wanted to be honest? Ironic, because how often did you really lie to me? Then again, life likes to fuck me over with every ounce of irony it can find. You know, you didn’t talk to me on my birthday, you were ignoring the question I asked you the previous night. I have no one left. I have no one else. Everyone, every single fucking person I ever love and care about fucks me over somehow and somehow I’m not used to it. I’m just done hurting, I’m done opening up to people. I’m done, because it’s been proven over and over again that I’m not enough and never will be. You were my best friend. You were my only person. You know, I hope you see everything I did for you and you hurt. I hope you hurt half as much as I’m hurting right now.

I worry about a lot of my followers. My inbox is always open for y'all. If I message you to check if you’re ok, I’m genuinely checking. I’m not sliding into your DMs, I’m not doing it because I want something. I genuinely worry about y'all health and safety and I know what it’s like to be isolated (intentionally and unintentionally) and some of these posts on this site make jokes out of being depressed and wanting to take your life, but it’s not a joke and I genuinely worry about y'all. So message me if you need to talk. About anything. I’m here.

hey, shoutout to non-passing trans boys/mlm who:

-constantly have to deal with being misgendered

-have long hair!! (either bc theyre in the closet or by choice)

-have big hips/a large chest and feel like they can never pass

-are unable to transition currently (either because of financial or family situations)

-feel like they’ll never be seen as a man

-have high pitched “feminine” voices!

-get told theyre just straight girls

-feel like theyll never be accepted

-are scared theyll never find a boy who loves them

I promise that things will get better for you!! you’re just as much of a boy as any cis dude, and in time you will be able to transition and you will find a boy who loves you!!!

Just slow down.

Everything takes time. 

Stop putting pressure on yourself to do everything so quickly. 

Stop trying to lose the weight so fast. 

Stop beating yourself up for spending 10 extra minutes in the bed. 

Stop trying to hit every relationship milestone in the first few months. 

Life isn’t a race. 

You can take a second and simply breathe and enjoy what you have in that moment.

Give yourself flowers. Take yourself out for lunch. Enjoy your own company. A date is a date, regardless of who it’s with.
Don’t rush yourself. Give yourself the time you need to heal. Then, continue once you’ve regained your strength, and feel ready. Don’t be rushed. You have time.
At the end of each day, take each and every one of your worries, and allow them to blow away in the breeze. The day is over. Tomorrow is a new day. Until then, rest easy.

As exciting as life can get, and how amazing it feels to get things done, its important to stop and notice the beauty that’s around you every now again. Stop and listen to the chirping of the birds. Feel the breeze against your face. Take moments every now and again.

also, cole sprouse looks like he hasn’t slept. like, ever. not once in his entire life. like every time jughead is onscreen i just want to jump into the TV and be like no, stop. stop it, jughead. stop talking, stop writing your novel, stop narrating and Go To Bed. Sleep, My Son. please, for the love of god, sleep.

A successful novel should erase the boundary-line between writer and reader, so they can unite.
When that happens, the novel becomes a part of life – the main course, not the dessert.
A successful novel should interrupt the reader’s life, make him or her miss appointments, skip meals, forget to walk the dog.
In the best novels, the writer’s imagination becomes the reader’s reality. It glows, incandescent and furious.
—  Stephen King, preface to The Lord Of The Flies
Please Eat

Yes, you should eat. You should always eat. No more of this sitting around for an hour with your cup of coffee trying to decide. You should always eat. There is never a time when skipping a meal is the right answer. Go eat, because you need to. Go eat, because you have a life to live.

So here’s a question: the Galra commander who captures Sam, Matt, and Shiro flat out says they’re primitive and don’t know anything useful. If that’s the case, why did Zarkon order that they be interrogated by the Druids? Why was this Galra ship specifically ordered to be in the solar system? I feel like if Zarkon knew that the Blue Lion was on earth he would have gone straight there and not bothered with interrogating random humans. So was it just standard procedure? From what we’ve seen, it looks like the Druids are a pretty small group and generally busy doing evil space magic things, so why would Zarkon pull them away from the Komar experiment just to talk to some Earth hillbillies?

Basically what I’m getting at here is: Zarkon knew there was something on Earth that he needed, he just wasn’t sure what, and he probably didn’t even suspect that it was the Blue Lion or he would have gone in guns blazing a lot sooner. So who tipped him off to keep an eye on this planet, and why?

Never give up.
It’s like breathing—once you quit, your flame dies letting total darkness extinguish every last gasp of hope. You can’t do that. You must continue taking in even the shallowest of breaths, continue putting forth even the smallest of efforts to sustain your dreams. Don’t ever, ever, ever give up.
—  Richelle E. Goodrich