take your drama somewhere else

let’s ride this hiatus out in peace

there are between 5-10 carylers chillin in the tag during the hiatus, but we are getting blamed for harassing showrunners, actors and directors oh and apparently telling other people to kill themselves …. 
Honestly, what that actual fuck?!?!?!?!
How sad do you have to be to rome into the tag seeking drama from a handful of people. Take your pathetic crap somewhere else, because this tag is drama free right now, so you best have some receipts if ya gonna start throwing shade..otherwise you are just lookin like a salty brat with too much time on ya hands. We are not here for you to use in you pity party.

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anonymous asked:

I love all of ur writings!! But ur angst are my favorites!! Have you ever thought about writing a angst series?? Also, what inspires you to write??

an angst series? hmmmmm……*cough *cough  you might see one in the near future. But usually I do sprinkle angst in stories - some more, some less. But I don’t know who would want to read an entire angst series - that’s just emotionally draining. AND MAN! It’s not every day that I get a request to write more angst. I like you. haha (most people like my fluffier stories which is perfectly fine. but the people who like pain are rarer)

what inspires me to write? hmm..It’s for sure the motivation to finish and see my ideas come into fruition. People say ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’ and I do really love writing but when I finish there’s just something so GLORIOUS! I’m like ‘fuck yes! i did it!’ *punches the wall* *slams head on keyboard*. Even if it kills me, I will crawl to the ending. There’s something about the final product that I’m almost obsessed with.  

There’s also just something about having a tiny, measly, useless idea that pops into your head……and when you put in effort, you can make it tangible. Sure, anyone can come up with ideas but not everyone can make it real. 

When there’s a crazy plot in your head…a crazy idea..when you verbally explain it in a frenzy, people just think you’re bat shit insane (trust me. I know. the times ive barged into my sister’s room speaking nonsense). It’s when you’re able to explain that idea, draw people along in the plot so they understand, write it eloquently and put in suspense. That’s when you can maniacally laugh at your desk. “see fools. the story is so good, right?! i wasn’t crazy after all!”